Jill Scott Weight Loss Journey: Diet Plan, Workout, Before & After (2023)

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Are you struggling with weight loss? Chances are that you are not the only one facing this problem. Celebrities all over the world have at one time or another faced this challenge at some point in their lives. Since celebrities usually have a huge following both offline and on the internet, there is a need for them to look more beautiful and attractive.

Too much weight is a great impediment towards this goal. Moreso, women who feel that they need to remain in shape usually look for ways to reduce their weight. One of those celebrities who have undergone the weight loss journey is Jill Scott. Since she was conscious about her overall appearance, she was candid enough to undergo this journey.

In this article, we shall take a closer look at how it all started, her experiences, and so much more.

Who Is Jill Scott?

Who Is Jill Scott?

First and foremost, Jill Scott was born on 4th April 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a celebrity who wears many hats. To put this into perspective, she is a singer, poet, songwriter, and an actress. Generally, she is a multi-talented artist.

Her music career started quite early as it all began when she was a teenager. In fact, she used to perform on stage in different restaurants and bars located in Philadelphia and beyond. Ever since that moment, she has been in the public domain. As a result, she earned herself the title of the most original female performer of her generation.

She later relocated to Los Angeles, where she started acting in movies. This further made her more popular in the United States. She went on producing different albums, and as she did her third one, she garnered more attention.

It was at this moment that she was listed as one of the 50 Greatest Female Singers of all time. She has then received many accolades ever since, and she is still getting more by the day, thanks to the numerous albums and movies she has featured in.

Besides being in the entertainment industry, Jill Scott is a humanitarian. In fact, ever since she became a celebrity, she has not lost touch with her community. She has actually made a point of helping the young people in the Philadelphia area through her foundation, commonly known as the Blue Babe Foundation.

Jill Scott Weight Loss Journey 2021

Besides being an artist, she is also a health consultant and a trainer. In fact, she was one of those people who appreciated the fact that both men and women should reduce their weight in the 1980s. Ever since, she has even written books such as ‘No Woman Should Manage Their Body Like a Man’. This book was the bedrock of her personal trainer career which she is still pursuing till date.

Jill Scott weight loss program, commonly known as the ‘The Jill Scott Fitness System’ is a great inspiration to many. In this program, she outlines how both men and women can successfully lose their weight. There are so many insights to learn, and we shall cover them comprehensively as we proceed.

Jill Scott Diet Plan

When it comes to weight loss, an individual’s diet plan plays a critical role. Jill Scott is not an exception. Since she used to walk 9 steps and start panting, there was a need for her to adjust her diet. As far as this diet is concerned, she used to take 4 low-fat meals and 2 snacks on a daily basis. Generally, she used to take a leaner diet so that she could reduce her weight significantly. This diet was a game-changer as she was able to shed 63 pounds at her own pace.

Jill Scott Workout Plan

Apart from the diet plan mentioned above, Jill Scott used to engage in a number of exercises. After all, exercises play a major when it comes to weight loss. To put it into perspective, she does cardio and strengthening training exercises for about 60 minutes three times a week. The good news is that she has a trainer known as Scott Parker. Some of the exercises she engages in include;

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Biking outdoors

Since some of these exercises are strenuous, she opted to do them at her own pace. As a result, she has stayed motivated while reducing her weight.

Jill Scott Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Jill Scott Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Weight Loss


If you want to reduce your weight, there are a number of e-books such as Before and After Weight Loss that can help women reduce their weight safely. The good news is that Jill Scott has actually combined her experiences as an individual and the many years of research in order to create valuable products that can help people reduce their weight.

Here, you will be able to find a guide that is easy to follow. From the diet that you should take to how you can remain motivated as you reduce your weight, there are many facets in this guide. Since these guides have combined humor and science, you have every reason to read and see what they entail.

What Has Jill Scott Said About His Weight Loss?

Scott Said About

Jill Scott weight loss journey has not been an easy one. However, the most interesting thing is that ever since she got her first baby, her lifestyle changed by a great margin. Her diet now consisted of 2 snacks per day and 3 low-fat meals. Also, she started doing some workouts such as the ones we have mentioned above.

Although she had a trainer to help her lose weight, her success of weight loss can be attributed to the fact that she was committed and resilient. Dedication also played a major role towards this success. In fact, she had to do these exercises for more than one year so that she could reduce her weight by 63 pounds.

Unlike other celebrities, she did not go for surgery to lose her weight. A few changes in her lifestyle made her who she is today. In any case, a new mom would be able to take 2 snacks and 3-low fat meals on a daily basis. Coupled with regular workouts, you can be sure that even a new mum can reduce her weight considerably.

Finally, her bosom relationship with her son amplified her desire to remain healthy. This is the reason why she considered shedding her weight after she welcomed her first baby boy.

This further inspired most of her fans to reduce weight. They did not have to consider extreme measures for them to reduce weight. Just consider leading a healthy lifestyle, and one is good to go.

Other Strategies That Can Help You Reduce Your Weight

Besides the methods mentioned above, there are a number of strategies that can help you reduce your weight significantly. These include the following:

1. Take Plenty Of Proteins

Proteins usually have a significant effect on the appetite of an individual. You will realize that they normally make one feel full for longer periods. As a result, your hunger will reduce and thus reduce the number of times you will need to take more calories.

To put it into perspective, proteins usually affect a number of hormones that play a critical role in hunger and fullness. These include GLP-1 and ghrelin. For instance, if you eat eggs during the day, you will feel full and thus will reduce the intake of other foods that may lead to weight gain.

2. Keep Junk Foods Out Of Sight

If you want to reduce weight, you should try to keep junk foods at bay. Since these foods are usually sweet, most people usually find it hard to resist them. The good news is that they may satisfy your cravings at the moment but make you gain more weight in the long run.

To be on the safe side, you should keep these foods away from your kitchen shelves and instead invest in natural foods. For instance, you can buy fruits and keep them at home. Fruits are healthier than junk foods, and this can help you reduce your weight.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water will not only help to keep your body more hydrated but can also help you reduce your weight. If you want to shed a few pounds, you should try to drink water before taking a meal. Here, you should aim to take about half a liter before taking your meal.

Preferably, this should be 30 minutes before your meal is served. By doing so, you will reduce hunger and thus reduce the intake of calories.

4. Keep Electronic Distractions At Bay During Meal Times

Although you can choose to watch TV as you take your meals, chances are that you will end up losing track of how much you have managed to eat. Consequently, you may end up overeating and thus gain more weight.

This is the reason why you should try to avoid any form of distraction whenever you are having your meals. Be it breakfast or supper, you will be able to keep track of what you have eaten and thus keep your weight in check.

5. Ensure That You Sleep Well At Night

A good night’s sleep will not only help your body to relax but also enable you to reduce your weight. Also, sleep can help regulate the release of the hormone, cortisol which is responsible for making one feel stressed. Remember that stress can cause one to gain weight over time. However, if you have adequate sleep at night, you will be able to keep your weight within the normal ranges of fluctuation.


How Did Jill Scott Lose Weight?

How Did Jill Scott Lose Weight

Jill Scott lost more than 63 pounds by changing her lifestyle. First and foremost, she had to change her diet. She used to take a low-calorie diet and a few snacks a day. This actually made her shed a lot of fat fast. Besides this, she used to do cardio and strength-training exercises at home for 60 minutes. She used to engage in these exercises 3 times a week.

Some of these exercises include boxing, biking outdoors, and kickboxing.

How Much Weight Has Jill Scott Lost In Two Years?

As far as weight loss is concerned, Jill Scott has actually lost 63 pounds. However, she was able to shed this weight at her own pace.

How Long Does It Take For One To Notice Weight Loss?

For you to witness a significant weight loss and muscle gains, it may actually take you about 8 weeks or thereabout. At first, you may not see the muscles on your body. However, they will start forming and thus enable you to look leaner and more attractive. Your clothes will fit well, and you will have a better posture.

What Does Losing 30 Pounds Do For Your Body?

If you lose 30 pounds, there are a number of chances that you might experience in your body. One of them is that you will have a thinner face and a smaller waist. These effects are noticeable, and thus, you may even have to change your wardrobe. However, your body will benefit more as you will be able to improve the health of your heart, improve your mobility and reduce incidences of joint and muscle pain.

Can You Look Good After Weight Loss?

Good After

Yes. You will look more attractive. If you have been engaging in regular workouts, you may have more muscles in your body than before. As a result, your esteem will be boosted and thus have a better appearance in public.

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When it comes to weight loss, Jill Scott has led by example. She is one of those celebrities that have managed to reduce their weight through a lifestyle change. From changing her diet to engaging in workouts, she has managed to reduce her weight by a great margin.

However, her commitment and determination have made her achieve her current look. Since she believes that everyone can lose his or her weight, you can also follow suit and reduce yours as well. Jill Scott’s weight loss story is not only encouraging but also inspirational.

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