Twice Jeongyeon Weight Loss: The Health Struggles of K-Pop Star

After a hiatus from the group, ONCEs received a delightful surprise when TWICE’s Jeongyeon revealed her remarkable weight loss journey. Recently, the idol shared fresh photos of herself on social media, leaving the K-pop community showering her with admiration and love.

TWICE Jeongyeon has taken K-pop fans on a rollercoaster ride with her inspiring weight loss journey. After experiencing health issues and a brief hiatus from the music scene, Jeongyeon made a triumphant return, leaving fans in awe of her transformation.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Jeongyeon’s weight loss journey, the challenges she faced, and the overwhelming support she received from her dedicated fanbase, ONCEs.

Quick Facts

Full Name Yoo Jeong-Yeon
Nickname Jeongyeon
Age 27 Years
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Profession American Singer
Sexuality Straight
Nationality South Korean
Date of Birth November 1, 1996
Place of Birth Suwon-si, South Korea
Parents Yoo Chang-jeon
Siblings Gong Seung-yeon, Yu Seo-yeon
Relationship Status Unmarried
Height  5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 50 Kg (110.2 Lbs)
Net Worth $2 Million

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Jeongyeon’s Health Struggles And Fans Admiration For Her Weight Loss

Jeongyeon's Health Struggles And Fans Admiration For Her Weight Loss
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Jeongyeon’s road to weight loss was marked by several health challenges. In 2021 and 2022, she had to step back from her activities due to neck disc problems and panic disorder. During this period, she gained noticeable weight, which drew the attention of fans and the public.

According to a former entertainment reporter turned YouTube insider, Jeongyeon’s weight gain was primarily a side effect of the medication (steroid) she had to take for her neck disc surgery. Her struggle with health issues added a layer of complexity to her weight loss journey.

Despite her health concerns, Jeongyeon made her comeback in November 2021. Fans noticed that she appeared with a paler complexion, but they were quick to express their unwavering support for her. ONCEs, TWICE’s dedicated fandom, reassured Jeongyeon that she remained beautiful in their eyes, regardless of her physical appearance.

While some fans hoped for Jeongyeon to regain her healthier appearance, they understood the importance of her well-being and applauded her efforts to regain her health.

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Jeongyeon’s Incredible Transformation And Her Healthy Lifestyle


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On January 1, Jeongyeon made a powerful statement about her journey by posting various photos on her Instagram. In these images, she showcased her impressive transformation, appearing slim in a black suit. Despite her short haircut, which typically gives the illusion of a rounder face, Jeongyeon’s face appeared noticeably slimmer.

In other photos, she donned a stylish black mini-dress, highlighting her angular beauty, slender arms, and legs. The change in her appearance was evident and left fans stunned.

Jeongyeon’s weight loss journey wasn’t just about shedding pounds but also about embracing a healthier lifestyle. She took up sports, including tennis, to maintain her physical well-being. Her tennis coach even acknowledged her dedication by celebrating her victory during a game.

Fans were equally surprised to see Jeongyeon’s natural beauty without makeup in an unedited photo captured in natural lighting. It was clear that her focus was on health and happiness rather than conforming to external standards.

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Jeongyeon’s Supportive Fanbase


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As Jeongyeon’s weight loss photos spread online, the outpouring of support from fans was heartwarming. Many fans expressed their relief at seeing Jeongyeon’s healthier physique and complexion. Some comments included:

  • “I genuinely wish for your continued good health.”
  • “I look forward to seeing you in great shape for a long time.”
  • “It’s heartwarming to see her doing so much better. I’m a fan of another group, and I had concerns about her well-being during their recent activities. I’m relieved to see her managing well now.”
  • “It’s heartening to see Jeongyeon receiving such an outpouring of support and positive comments.”

Jeongyeon’s weight loss journey not only transformed her physically but also showcased the incredible bond between idols and their fans.

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