How To Stay Healthy With a Non-Traditional Work Pattern 2023

The traditional working day of nine in the morning until five in the evening is becoming less and less popular in the working world. How to stay healthy with the biggest catalyst being the pandemic forcing many people to change their location of work, society is gradually realizing the different ways a productive work system can be structured outside of the norm.

If you are someone with a non-traditional work pattern, it can be tough to keep your health at a steady level. Here are a few tips for combating the difficulties of working and maintaining good health when you don’t work the basic nine-to-five.

Night Shifts

Night-shift-How to Stay Healthy

Many different types of career involve working overnight and sleeping during the day. Warehouse workers, freight drivers, transport professionals – these are just some examples of the roles that often demand nocturnal habits.

To work the night shift, you are asked to unlearn this, but it is still vital that you allow yourself time for quality rest. Quality rest promotes cellular senescence and if you’re not getting enough, it can create shifts in many health functions. A high quality supplement can help with senescent cells removal if you’re not getting enough quality rest.

Irregular Shifts

Irregular-shift-How to Stay Healthy

Not all irregular shifts are overnight. Having a work pattern where you are expected to remain flexible and you aren’t able to construct a consistent routine can be equally damaging to your sleep and, therefore, your overall health.

If you can’t impose a structure on your work life due to these expectations from your employer, do your best to put a routine in place where you can. Try to eat meals at the same time each day and don’t neglect your leisure time. Fortunately, many roles that require flexibility can be easier to take time off from.

It will depend on your employer and the company policy, but if you’re finding that certain shift patterns are making it more difficult to work, let your boss know. They might be able to arrange an alternative.

Opportunities for Travel

Opportunities-for-Travel-How to Stay Healthy

Speaking of leisure time, giving yourself opportunities to break free from your work pattern can ultimately help you adjust to it better. Sometimes these opportunities even come with work, for example, CNA jobs in California that emphasize your ability to travel.

If your work routine is either too rigid or too unpredictable, it might be time to find something better suited to your personal wellbeing and needs.

It isn’t easy to decide that a job is no longer right for you, so take your time and look around before handing in your notice prematurely.

Working from Home

Work-from-home-How to Stay Healthy

Whether you are self-employed or have been asked to work from home in recent years due to the pandemic, working from home has become a more widely accepted way to work.

Just because you are in the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean there aren’t still health risks. Make sure your working setup is safe by paying attention to ergonomics and potential hazards. It’s also easier to feel isolated at home, so take time to connect with coworkers and friends.

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