A Complete Guide to Shooting Workout Videos at Home 2023

Do you wish to produce online fitness videos available on demand? Do you enjoy watching celebrity fitness videos?

Be at ease. We’ll demonstrate to you how to make excellent exercise videos like an expert. Making films without a pricey camera crew and expert producers might be intimidating for beginners. We’ll demonstrate how you can produce compelling content using basic tools.

Genuine, heartfelt content is preferred by many viewers to over-elaborate, polished productions because people value simplicity. You don’t require high-end equipment and a well-known makeup professional.

Wear your regular workout attire, pull out your phone, and begin shooting. We’ll demonstrate how to make a fitness film that won’t break the bank. You don’t even need to go to a fancy place for this. Shooting can take place in your living room.

Preparation for the Shoot

Preparation for the Shoot - Workout Videos at Home
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Determines the areas you wish to work on and keep track of your workout duration. After gathering the workout’s technical information, determine what you want to convey.

To ensure proper form and to practice demonstrating both the proper and improper ways to perform the exercise, you can work alongside friends. When writing your script, keep the plotline concise. The video becomes dull if there is too much discussion, and unclear if there is not enough.

Get comfortable being yourself. Make the camera a companion. Make eye contact and treat it like a person by speaking to it directly. Never undervalue the value of practice. The video will appear more naturally as you practice.

You should get familiar with your camera and pick a relaxed angle. You might ask your friends and relatives to take care of the camera or to stay nearby to provide you with a glass of water or a towel.

Actual Shooting

Actual Shooting - Workout Videos at Home
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Your films can be taken with a phone camera just fine, but you should utilize a phone stand to ensure a steady image. Always capture horizontal video because it is compatible with the majority of video systems.

It will be difficult to adjust the movie within the frame if you record vertically. The possibility of the phone ringing while taking a picture is a drawback of utilizing a phone camera. Set your phone to airplane mode as a quick fix to prevent this.

To avoid copyright violations, it’s crucial to ensure there is no branding in your video. Quickly look around the space and take away any bottles, labels, or logos. You have the option of recording with your phone’s built-in microphone or just the visuals.

Ensure that you are in a calm area without any background noise if you are filming directly from your phone.

It is worthwhile to spend money on an external, high-quality audio device and to combine the audio and visual elements afterward, during post-production. If financial restrictions prevent you from doing this, find a peaceful area and record.

The most crucial component of filming a fitness video is to have fun while being on camera. It’s obvious if you’re having fun. Instructors that make exercises fun are more popular.

Obtain Suggestions and Iterate

Obtain suggestions and iterate - Workout Videos at Home
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Show your family and friends the final video after it is completed. Listen to their advice, and if necessary, make changes.

If you are designing a workout program for new mothers, locate a member of that target demographic that you are familiar with and ask for their opinion.

Depending on the criticism, you might need to modify your storyline or reshoot some of your videos. Never be afraid to iterate.

View the video on a variety of platforms, including TVs, desktops, and mobile devices. Ensure that your video displays properly on each of these. If there is room for improvement, go back and shoot again.

Video Post-Production

You will require assistance if you are not tech-savvy at this point. To edit your videos, use a quality video editor. After the video has been shot, you might need to edit it. The footage may need to be edited with minor adjustments to reduce or improve its quality.

You must edit the video if you need to fit it inside a specific amount of time.

Graphics may occasionally need to be added. A stopwatch is a frequent visual representation of the appropriate training length.

If an open mic is utilized in an uninsulated space, audio clarity may need to be adjusted. The editor will need to combine the sound file and the images if you utilised a different audio source.

If you use music throughout your workouts, it needs to be properly layered.

Without upbeat training music, fitness videos become monotonous. Keep in mind that you will need to abide by the music’s copyright requirements. Before publishing any video content, make sure you are familiar with the specifics.

Publish the Video

Publish the video
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Making the video viral is the next step after the post-production phase is complete. You should post the video to all of the well-known social media sites.

Your workout videos can generate income in two different ways. Run the videos either for a fee or for free and monetize them with adverts.

If you want to create more training videos at home, set up your website. Having a website will provide you the freedom to select different monetization techniques afterward. Social media is a fantastic tool for marketing. Use it to raise awareness of your videos and draw in new viewers.


To film a fitness video, you don’t need to be a pro. You’ll need a simple phone, some help from a few friends, and simple editing abilities.

Well before your shot, get ready. Be confident in your writing, and do not be scared to be you. Make sure your form is proper during practice. To establish the final quality, give the video some time for editing.

Enjoy the video’s production process. Utilize your web presence and social media to distribute the video to your audience.

Think about other options for monetizing your work. We hope that these pointers will teach you how to make professional-caliber fitness videos at home. Happy exercising!

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