How to Make Your Child Care Center Stand Out 2023

Due to an increasing number of working parents and children needing child care, more and more daycare centers are being established in the U.S. As a daycare owner, you want your business to stand out.

Promoting your daycare helps reach out to possible clients, but it shouldn’t be your primary way of attracting attention. To lead among your competitors, you must offer a reliable, high-quality service to gain parents’ trust.

In this post, you’ll learn some tips on how to make your daycare stand out.

Keep your Facilities Safe and Clean

Safe and Clean child care center

Cleanliness and safety are closely associated with one another regarding health. With the pandemic still happening, parents are being extra strict regarding their children’s health. So, invest in your daycare center’s security and keep the entire area sanitary.

Moreover, since there is always a possibility of accidents happening, be at ease knowing you are financially protected. You can do this by keeping your daycare insured to protect yourself against business-related loss. A daycare insurance usually includes several types of coverage that you can choose from depending on your needs. The most common are commercial property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance. You can get a daycare insurance quote on this site.

Create Consistent Policies

Creating a clear outline of your policies helps address parent concerns and protect your business. So, make sure to prepare an updated parent handbook. The parents will need to review and agree to it before enrolling.

The licensing agency of the state will dictate some of these policies, but you can also add your own guidelines. Explaining them clearly to the parents creates a positive impact.

Going Digital


People now live in a digital world. There are 58% of working parents relying on child care services to keep their children attended to while they are busy with work. Modern parents prefer the most convenient ways to do things, including paying for childcare fees. They also look for digital content they can read at home.

Contactless payment methods, mobile applications, and contactless check-ins can help your daycare attract attention. For parents, convenience and quality matter most.

Good communication

Communication is also an essential factor in making your daycare center stand out. Although you utilize advanced digital systems for contactless payment methods and check-ins, having good communication with the caregivers or parents is still important.

Interact with the caregivers or parents in a pleasant, conversational way. Moreover, clearly and professionally communicate the concerns that need to be solved. Parents appreciate it knowing you are personally in touch with their children.

Invest in your Staff

Invest in your Staff

Most parents want to entrust their child to a daycare center with low turnover. It is primarily because infants and toddlers require predictable, consistent care. So, invest in your staff and treat them well. You can do so by recognizing their hard work, providing support, rewarding them for success, including them in your policies, and more.


You now know how to make your daycare stand out. The next thing you need to do is apply these tips to attract and make parents at ease with your service.

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