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How To Get Rid of Sunburn Fast? (Simple Steps To Follow In 2023)

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Most people have stories of their bad sunburns of the past, some much more gruesome than others. While it can be a big laugh to see the photos of t-shirt tans and the video of your friend whimpering as the aloe vera is applied to their deep red skin, a bad sunburn can last a lot longer than you realize. DNA cells can be severely damaged, leading to wrinkles at best and cancer at worst.

As UV rays become stronger due to the thinning ozone layer, it is more important than ever before to defend your skin from burns. The below plan should be put into action early and regularly to give your skin the best protection.




Of course, sunscreen is an obvious line of defense against the sun’s UV rays, but there are so many different varieties now available to choose from, and of course, in different sun protection factors.

Sunscreens range from an SPF level of 15 to 50. While many people believe that if they have darker skin, they can get away with only 15 or nothing at all, this is a myth.

There are many more factors that come into the SPF level required than skin type. Shade, the calculated UV index, the time of the day, and how much sunscreen is applied are all important variables.

You can apply pure sunscreen regularly to exposed skin and add protection from the sun’s rays into your regular facial skincare routine. Your face is exposed to the sun’s rays more than any other body part, so it makes sense to provide the most protection in this area.

Increasingly, skincare and cosmetic companies offer creams and makeup that offer an SPF benefit. Murad offers a face moisturizer with spf to allow a base coat of sun protection to your daily facial care routine.




Reducing the amount of skin directly exposed to sunlight will reduce your chances of being burnt. A sun hat is an obvious must-have to protect you from burning and preventing heatstroke.

When it comes to other garments, while any protection is better than nothing, there are fabrics that have been tested for their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), and now specialist fashion brands are making these special materials into stylish clothes that have a dual purpose.

Brands like Cabana Life offer outfits for men, women, and children that are made from smart fabrics that are rigorously tested to provide high UV protection.



Many antioxidants in our food, such as lycopene found in tomatoes and watermelons, can be important in recovering and preventing sun damage.

There are several fruits, vegetables, and legumes that you can introduce into your daily routine and increase during the summer months to provide you with extra sun protection.

Keeping hydrated with at least three liters of water per day will also help prevent both sunburn and heat or sunstroke problems.

These are all simple changes but are extremely beneficial in keeping the sun rays at a healthy distance from your skin cells, so you can enjoy the weather in peace.

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