How to Get Rid of Neck Fat: Causes, Diet Plan and Double Chin Exercises 2023

Do you overdress your neck when you step out to hide the fatty, saggy skin? Henceforth, that should not be a problem while you dress. Today, you will discover how to get rid of that embarrassing neck fat. The neck is a delicate area of the body where several vertebrates connect from the head to the torso.

The pile-up of submental fat layers below your chin should not be the end of the world for you. Therefore, to regain self-esteem and feel free while in public, you need to remove neck fat. There are safe and comfortable natural methods that you can use. First, find the cause before you can get a lasting solution.

Keep reading to explore more about this exciting topic.

Ten Causes of Puffiness around the Neck

Your double chin can be extra big because of various health-related issues. Here is a list of ten common causes of such stressful discomfort.

1. Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle: Eating an unbalanced diet, junk foods with inadequate water can lead to submental fat on your neck. A perfect example is the Celine Dion weight loss program. It includes living a mindful lifestyle and eating healthy to manage her body well for tours. Hence, you will notice no neck fat on her!

2. Cardiovascular Conditions: Those with heart problems suffer neck enlargement.

3. Aging: Older persons suffer more than the younger generation. They lose their muscle strength while aging.

4. Eating Too Fatty Foods: Consuming greasy and oily foods will lead to being overweight and storing excess fat in your body.

5. Lack of Exercise: Sitting all day without active movement can bring a double chin. However, you need not worry because there are comfortable and healthy neck fat exercises.

6. Bad Posture: When you stay for long in a bad posture, you weaken chin and neck muscles. 

7. Obesity-Related Conditions: Being overweight can increase the chances of double chin. Once you eat in excess with no balanced diet and the correct quantity, you carry extra body fat.

8. More Calorie Intake: To fight neck fat and obesity, reduce your calorie intake. Health experts recommend men’s calorie intake to 2,500 and women 2000 per day.

9. Cushing’s Syndrome: Certain medical conditions can cause overweight; hence, you develop neck fat. Therefore, ensure your body does not keep excess hormone cortisol.

10. Inherited Generic Features: Generics can also play a significant role in causing double chin. When your family has elastic skin, then that means you are prone to develop neck fat.

Now, you know what may have triggered the neck fat build-up. Next, find the best and safest secret about how to get rid of the double chin. It is vital to work on excess fat around your neck before it triggers other complex health issues. Read on to discover fantastic methods on how to get rid of neck fat.

Natural Tips to Remove Neck Fat

As always in our articles, some fantastic news awaits you! You can now remove neck fat naturally using comfortable, safe, affordable, simple, and healthy techniques. Hence, there is no more disproportionate look as you age. Here are a few original tips.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Besides being a hair food product, this powerful ingredient is common in most kitchens and bedrooms. Since the 1890s, Coconut oil has been the main cooking agent in the US until 1940. Hence, it has medium-chain fatty acids to boost metabolism in the body.

Therefore, to stay fit, here is an impeccable product for eliminating excess fat from your neck and body.

How to Use:

  • Assembly some extra virgin coconut oil
  • Every morning digest one tablespoon
  • Perform a daily massage of your neck using this stuff

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Suppose you want to benefit from the strength of the antioxidant element, use lemon juice. It mends your body’s metabolism; thus, resulting in weight loss and acts as a fantastic way to remove neck fat.

How to Use

  • Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of warm, clean water
  • Stir well with some honey
  • Take it every morning on an empty belly

Chew Gum

Chew Gum

Here is an enjoyable and non-time-consuming style on how to get rid of neck rolls. Apart from stimulating your neck muscles, it prevents neck fat. Practice this tip once a day to stay the professional way in public.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Here is one unique way of how to lose face fat, including the neck. Taking green tea makes you stay safe and healthy from artificial ingredients. Hence, it contains catechins with high antioxidant properties.

How to Use

  • Mix water and one teaspoon of green tea
  • Bring the mixture to a boiling point for five minutes
  • Strain off the tea residues
  • Add some honey and drink 3-4 times daily



To reduce your daily calorie and fat intake, eat fresh melons. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals. Eating this fruit 2-3 daily will arrest hunger and lose body weight the natural way.

How to Use

  • Buy a fresh melon and cut it up
  • Eat it daily, or you can use melon juice



Drink clean and adequate water every day. This procedure helps to hydrate your body and reduce weight within a short time.


Flaxseeds neck fat

Older adults struggle to find natural forms of how to get rid of neck fat. However, these simple guidelines will now make their life easier. Flaxseeds are rich in several vital body needs but have more omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce body mass.

How to Use

  • Get one tablespoon of flaxseeds in a glass of warm water
  • Mix the two items and add some honey
  • Drink it every morning and discover how to get rid of neck rolls in a short time

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera neck fat

This pure plant saves money, time, and energy in most homes in America. Hence, it is a rare commodity to miss in any kitchen. Aloe vera helps to reduce weight and especially double chin.

How to Use

  • Grab a cup of fresh aloe vera juice
  • Take it every 1-2 times daily for effective results

Skip Fast Foods

Skip Fast Foods neck fat

Are you embarrassed about your belly fat? Here is a quick-fit solution for your condition. There are varieties of foods that burn belly fat fast. However, you need patience and discipline to succeed. They burn calories, and they have the proper nutrition for your body system. For example, pumpkin, fish, coconut oil, oats, eggs, berries, and yogurt.

Besides using the above natural ingredients to fight submental fat, the online market has some excellent double chin exercises. Try these exciting, fun-packed actions at the comfort of your home.

Blowing Air

Blow some air from your mouth while tilting your head back as much as possible. Do this for 10 seconds to bring your neck and face muscles working as required.


Cardio neck fat

If you want a straightforward tip on how to get rid of neck rolls, this is it. Take 20-30 minutes and keep the heart active by jogging, walking, or running. However, you still need more vigorous neck fat exercises and a balanced diet to drag that neck fat down.

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Pucker Up

Pucker Up neck fat

Take a standing position to pucker up as though you are whistling at the ceiling. Stretch your lips as far as possible away from your face in a pouting position. Stay still for 5-20 seconds; repeat this incredible process 10-15 times a day. In addition, this way, you flex your neck muscles without pain.

Jaw Release

If you desire a smooth jawline and fatless neck, spend only 5-10 seconds a day. Start chewing slowly and open the mouth wide enough.

Fish Face

It is ideal for practicing some double chin exercises every day. The fish face workout will need only 5-10 seconds of your free time. Find a comfortable posture and suck your lips and cheeks inwards. Relax for the required interval to get neck and face muscles active.


A straightforward method of how to lose face fat is to pout. Take a comfortable position standing or seated. Put the lower lip out far to form a pouting face for three seconds. Turn your head down towards the chest while the lip is still out.

Relax in that position for three seconds. This way, you keep the neck muscles and jaw rigid. Repeat this therapy 10-20 times daily.

Chin Lift

Do you know how to get rid of a double chin within seconds? Tilt your head looking at the ceiling for 10 seconds. This move will tone the muscles of your jaw, neck, and throat.

All said and done! You can now walk freely without hiding behind an exhausted neck scarf. Whether you take the stairs or chew gum, it is up to you to learn how to get rid of neck fat in the simplest form. Eat healthy, stay healthy and keep that sagging neck off the streets!

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