4 Quick Ways To Gain Muscle Safely And Sustainably – Expert Advice 2023

Hitting the gym regularly and gaining muscles are often more challenging than it sounds. You have to break physical and mental barriers to get the desired results. It can take months or even years to get there, and even after that, you’ll still need to maintain your training.

Best Ways To Gain Muscles

Unfortunately, not all people manage to keep their training plan until they achieve their goals. Some give up, some don’t eat well, and others get injured because of the wrong training techniques. If you want to gain muscles safely and sustainably, here are different tips to help you to gain muscles.

Use Legal Steroids


Having to train hard every day to gain muscles is overwhelming and the training itself can even be worse. Most people give up midway before they reach their goals. As a result, some opt to use steroids or performance enhancement drugs to help them gain muscles faster. However, there are side effects and illegalities to using steroids. Thankfully, there’s the option to use legal steroids.

You can find a wide selection of legal steroids to help you gain muscle fast. They are made with natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption and provide the same benefits as anabolic steroids without adverse side effects.

The best part is that they are entirely legal as they don’t contain any banned substances. You can check the best legal steroids post from HealthEd Academy, among other resources, to learn more about legal steroids.

Find A Good Coach


This might not be possible for everyone as it depends on where you live and what type of person you are, but finding someone who knows what they are talking about makes a huge difference. If you have gone to the gym for six months thrice a week and still got no results, there may be something wrong with your approach.

Usually, people don’t get results because of other factors such as not eating enough, but not because they don’t train hard enough. So, while they train, they still lose muscles instead of gaining them.

A good coach will help you avoid injury, build muscle safely and effectively, and make sure your nutrition is on point. This will allow you to make the proper progress, thereby making you more committed over time. If you’re more experienced, getting an expert opinion about your technique and someone to hold you accountable for your training and diet can be useful.

Focus On Your Diet


Your diet plays a massive role in how much muscle you put on, so it’s essential to focus on what you eat if you want to build some lean muscle mass. You should be in a calory surplus, meaning you eat more calories than you need.

This will allow the body to create new muscle cells and adapt. Eating a diet rich in protein will help your muscles repair themselves after weight training sessions and give them the necessary energy to perform the exercises without fatigue setting in too quickly.

Moreover, carbs are critical for building muscle mass and strength—especially if you’re active during the day and if your training sessions last longer than 60 minutes. However, limit your carb intake to only after workouts to achieve the desired results. Some of the recommended food to eat includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Likewise, avoid white carbs.

Don’t Overexert Yourself


Building muscle takes time. It can take at least two months of intense training to gain one kilogram of muscle mass. You should work out at least three times a week and follow a diet that’s rich in protein. Don’t overdo it, though. Start with two workouts per week and gradually increase them as your body gets stronger.

Furthermore, when lifting weights, start with lighter ones that you can comfortably lift without straining your body too much. Once your muscles strengthen, you can gradually increase the weights.

Building muscle is just as much about recovery as the training itself. Your body needs enough rest between workouts to heal and grow new tissue. If you don’t take enough time off after a hard workout, you risk injury, which could mean weeks off from the gym.

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Gaining muscles safely and sustainably will take time before getting it right. Therefore, you shouldn’t be in a hurry unless you want to use legal steroids. If you go for the natural way of training and proper diet, make sure you’re consistent, eat well, rest, and work with a coach. Let the tips presented here be your guide in your fitness journey.

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