Effective Things You Should Do to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy 2023

The thyroid helps in regulating the heartbeat, metabolism, and temperature. A person who doesn’t have any thyroid problems doesn’t spend much time thinking about it. But thyroid disorders are common. One female out of eight will develop a thyroid problem in her lifetime.

An autoimmune disorder can throw your glands out of order. But, lifestyle factors such as diet can also play a role. An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) causes a fast heartbeat, weight loss, and anxiety. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) causes extreme fatigue, weight gain, and constipation.

If you ever suspect that you have a thyroid problem, consult the best thyroid specialist in your area. Apart from medical treatment, you can make some lifestyle changes and keep your thyroid on track. Some of these lifestyle changes include:

Eating a well-balanced diet enables you to maintain a healthy diet. 70% of the autoimmune system can is found in the intestines, known as gut-associated lymphoid tissue or GALT. If the intestinal lining becomes inflamed, it triggers an immune response. Various studies have shown that this causes the development of thyroid disorders.

To keep the inflammation in check, you can follow the following Mediterranean diet:

• Aim for four to five vegetable servings a day.

• Three to four fruit servings a day.

• Fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon, and anchovies.

• Plenty of lean proteins and healthy fats such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, nut butter, etc.

Being Wary of Certain Foods

Processed foods with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, refined sugar, and MSG can cause inflammation of the intestines. This in turn triggers autoimmune flare-ups. Eating high doses of raw cruciferous veggies such as kale, cabbage, and kohlrabi can mess with your thyroid. Raw cruciferous veggies contain goitrogen chemicals. The chemicals can interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis.

Taking Supplements Under Thyroid Specialist Instructions

Taking Supplements under Thyroid Specialist Instructions
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Iodine deficiency causes enlargement of the thyroid gland and hypothyroidism. But, it’s rare to find an iodine deficiency case in developed countries due to supplementation in table salt and foods like bread and dairy.

If you suspect your thyroid needs a boost, visit the best thyroid specialist near you. The thyroid specialist can direct you to take selenium and vitamin D supplements. Selenium reduces anti-thyroid antibodies while vitamin D helps in regulating the immune system.

Avoiding Some Environmental Toxins

Exposure to endocrine disruptors for a long time can cause endocrine problems. For instance, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) can cause thyroid disorders. Long-term exposure to phthalates can trigger disruptions in thyroid hormone levels. Some antibacterial soaps contain triclosan, which alters the hormone regulation in animal bodies. Studies on humans are still ongoing.

Although it can be impossible to avoid exposure to these products completely, try to reduce the exposure. The most vulnerable to the effects of these products include children, infants, and pregnant women.

To maintain a healthy thyroid, you can also:

• Choose more frozen or fresh foods over canned ones.

• Keeping the home well ventilated.

• Storing food in glass or porcelain rather than plastic.



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