10 Top Promising Jobs in Healthcare You Can Find on Jooble 2023

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Healthcare combines a wide range of job opportunities and knowledge fields. One can work with patients, develop diagnostic tools, or create prosthetics.

Whether looking for new professional opportunities or choosing a college major, Jooble is a perfect place to start your research.

It is an online job aggregator that collects postings from all over the internet (73 countries) in one place.

One can search for work from home public health opportunities or pharmacists’ career options.

If you are interested in learning about the most promising salary and professional development positions, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Healthcare Jobs on Jooble



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This is one of the best non-physician careers in Healthcare regarding predicted employment growth and salary.

Licensed professionals prepare medications for clients and offer instructions on properly taking them.

They may also offer other advice for patients, for instance, on lifestyle and wellness screenings. To get a job, one needs relevant college education and license.



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Another profession that is in high demand in the industry is a nurse. There are several types of nursing specialties to consider, such as:

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse:

  • Nurse Practitioner;
  • Registered Nurse;
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse;
  • Nurse Anesthetist;

Nursing Assistant

All of them offer decent salaries and great professional development prospects. One will need a proper education in the field as well as a specific license. Nurses work at clinics, hospitals, and physician offices.

Dental Hygienist

These specialists work at dental offices. They take care of patients’ teeth, clean them, and check for any issues.

The main focus for dental hygienists is taking preventative care measures. They also educate clients on proper oral hygiene at home.

The minimum educational requirement is an Associate’s Degree.


Physical-Therapy-Healthcare Jobs

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It is a prestigious career that demands a lot of time and effort. One will need to invest their time and money into getting a college degree. And in many cases, physicians need to have 10-15 years of postsecondary training.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, its median annual salary starts from $208,000. Such specialists can work both in a clinical and non-clinical environment.

Laboratory Technician

Biotechnology-Healthcare Jobs

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There is also a steady demand for medical and clinical laboratory technicians. Such professionals work in a pristine environment and with relevant technologies and tools.

They help senior employees perform various analytical and practical tasks or conduct research. Such positions are open to adults with a postsecondary nondegree award and higher.

Health Information Technician

This job does not require an advanced medical degree or working with patients. But one needs strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

These specialists work with medical records and files. They organize them, maintain the registry, and prepare them in case of a review.

This is an administrative type of position.

Biomedical Engineer

Advantages of Recombinant Proteins-Healthcare Jobs

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This career lies between Healthcare and Engineering. Such experts create, design, or upgrade specific tools for patient care.

They need to be excellent both in medical fundamentals and science as well. They might work on software solutions, computer systems, or specific equipment.

The minimal educational requirement is Bachelor’s Degree. This is a prospective field as technology is quickly advancing.

Speech and Language Pathologist

These experts work with patients that experience communication disorders. For instance, they can help children or adults that struggle with speech after an accident, brain injury, or stroke.

Speech pathologists also assist people with autism, or developmental delays overcome communicational challenges.

They often work in schools and educational institutions as well as hospitals. You’ll need a Master’s Degree to apply for this position.

Prosthetics Professionals

As the title suggests, these experts create and produce orthotic and prosthetic devices for patients.

They might design artificial limbs, dental appliances, or braces. They help people to live comfortable life despite their health problems. To start in this career, one will need at least a Master’s Degree.

Bottom Line

Working in Healthcare is demanding, but it also comes with a lot of fulfillment. It is an opportunity to help others and make a positive change, no matter what position you choose to apply for.

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