6 Health Benefits of Wearing Cotton Clothing

Whether you have sensitive skin or allergies or want a more sustainable wardrobe, there are many reasons why people prefer cotton-only clothing. But aside from preference, did you know there are health benefits to choosing this fabric as the foundation for your closet contents? We’re all familiar with the slogan “the fabric of our lives,” but there’s a good reason – cotton is used in our clothing, bedrooms, kitchens, reusable shopping tote bags, and even vehicles. Keep reading for the health benefits of wearing cotton clothing, not just for ourselves but the planet too.

1- Avoiding Skin Concerns

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People with allergies and skin concerns benefit from avoiding chemical sensitivities that come with wearing polyester or other fabric blends. Cotton feels better on your skin than other materials and can help if you’re dealing with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or even body acne that can be painful. So while the cotton won’t heal your skin issues, its breathability and softness make it the only choice to wear when battling skin disorders.

2- Moisture Control

No natural fabric will allow for breathability and moisture control like cotton when it comes to moisture control. If you opt for cotton nowhere else in your wardrobe for the health of your body, always opt for cotton undergarments. A delicate balance of flora and fauna can be protected through cotton briefs, a cotton thong, or cotton boxers for men. This same attribute can prevent infection. Moisture control benefits of cotton go beyond your underwear, though; if you’re prone to overheating, a cotton undershirt or tank is a must, cotton socks to keep your feet from feeling sweaty, which can lead to athlete’s foot, and cotton exercise clothing to keep you comfortable. Moisture control is easily one of the best health benefits to the fabric of our lives.

3- Comfort is Key

A mental health benefit of cotton clothing is your comfort. When we’re uncomfortable in our clothing, it’s like being uncomfortable in our own skin. The most important thing you can put on each day is confidence, so instead of focusing on fashion and purchasing items made from synthetic materials, the comfort of cotton is an instant confidence booster. When you feel good, you look even better, so don’t underestimate the power of comfort regarding what’s in your closet.

4- Better for the Planet

Organic cotton that is sustainably farmed is one of the best textiles to grow for clothing, linens, beauty products, and more. Additionally, the average American adult throws away close to 100 pounds of clothing each year! If you think about that, it’s eye-opening, and throwing away synthetic textiles is harmful to our environment as they take forever to break down as opposed to cotton, which takes anywhere from weeks to a few months.

5- Built to Last

Another mental health benefit of opting for cotton clothing is its durability. Textiles made from cotton can almost last a lifetime with proper care and storage, which means that the cotton dress you purchase, you can wear for a lifetime instead of investing in cheaper fast-fashion pieces. The money saved on clothing that lasts can add up to financial freedom and earlier retirement, both of which impact your emotional health and quality of life – you can’t put a price tag on those things.

6- Deeper Sleep

Deeper Sleep
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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so finding ways to achieve the most restorative and deep sleep possible should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind – and cotton can get you there. Cotton keeps you cool during the night, and studies show that sleeping in cooler temps and breathable cotton clothing impacts our sleep quality. If you really want to up your sleep game, opt for 100% organic cotton sheets for optimal sleep.

Cotton benefits everyone, from newborns to the elderly, when it comes to their health and comfort, so making it a staple in your wardrobe and throughout the rest of your home is a smart decision. While other textiles exist, like silk and linen, cotton is the easiest to care for and will not wear out on you the way those other two will. Include cotton throughout your home for a more sustainable lifestyle centered around comfort and health.

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