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5 Ways To Use Healing Crystals For Wellness (Complete Guide 2023)

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New age beliefs include the use of crystals, and you can find real ones in metaphysical shops. While they look pretty with varying colors, sizes, and mineral content, they also have healing properties that you can attain for your wellness. There are many ways to harness their energies, and you’ll find that working with them doesn’t require you to be an expert. The following are different methods of using crystals for your well-being.

Carry Crystals With You

Carry Crystals With You

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The simplest and most practical one is to carry crystals with you. When you bring them wherever you go, you have more time to spend with crystals, allowing your energy to align with the crystals’ frequency. If you want to know what kind of crystals and gemstones you should have, here’s a healing crystal guide.

The healing benefits gradually enter your body and give you energy when you’re having an off day. You can carry crystals with you during days when you will feel stressed, such as a job interview or when on a date. Place it inside your purse or pocket if you have a palm stone. You can even insert one in your bra for closer contact.

Meditate While Holding a Crystal


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Meditation is a practice wherein you focus your mind on scenery, feeling, and awareness. It’s also a proven way to improve emotional well-being and allows you to get a healthy sense of perspective by observing without judgment.

Meditation is also a good way to use crystals. You can begin by holding it in one or both of your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breathwork. Allow your body to sink deep. It’s the grounding effect that allows you to feel the present moment.

After that, you may feel lightness surrounding you. It’s also possible to not feel it fast because there are crystals that don’t resonate with your energy. Some will feel different that they give you goosebumps. Your body will act differently depending on the crystal, so exercise patience and continue experimenting.

Use As a Massage Tool

use crystal as amassage tool

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Shiatsu is based on traditional Japanese massage therapy. You can do Shiatsu massage on yourself using crystals to apply pressure. Hematite is a crystal that you can use with massages as it has oxygenating properties. Use it to remove puffiness around the eyes, improve blood circulation and energize at the same time.

To start:

  • Apply eye cream or oil around your eye or the orbital area.
  • Be careful not to get any topical product into the eye to avoid irritation.
  • Apply light to medium pressure and use hematite to massage the entire orbital area in circles.

You can also give yourself a gentle facial massage using crystals. Press gently on the side of the nose and breathe. Then take the hematite down to your collarbone in the lymphatic area and press. You should feel a lightness or clearness around the eyes and the sinus area.

Sleep With Your Crystals

Sleep is essential to help your body repair and gain energy for the next day. It can be challenging to focus on your schoolwork or job if you don’t get enough sleep. You can use crystals to get eight hours of rest. Crystals might help you get more sleep by calming nighttime anxiety or enhancing dreaming.

Using lepidolite, place it inside your pillowcase to help ward off nightmares and bring a calming effect. For reducing stress and gradually setting you for deep sleep, use lithium quartz instead but keep it by your nightstand.

Use a Crystal Grid


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You may have heard about crystal grids and how you can use them for a specific intention. Crystal grids use sacred geometry that’s said to carry energetic patterns that create and unify all things. Placing crystals on grids is also said to amplify their energies.

You can buy or create your crystal grids. Choose the pattern specifically for healing and use a crystal point at the center of the grid to activate it and other crystal shards or tumbles for healing to surround the central crystal. Crystals for healing that you can use on the grid are the following:

In Conclusion

Crystals have been used in the olden days for healing, and they’re making a comeback in this day and age. Many people have sworn that they do work. Whether you believe in their properties, your wellness is still essential.

Practice self-care, eat a balanced diet, get enough rest, and learn to manage stress. Crystals are the only tools you can use to improve wellness, but the decision to be healthy is entirely up to you.

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