Harris Faulkner Weight Loss Is She Going Through Any Illness

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss: Is She Going Through Any Illness?

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Harris Faulkner, the well-known American journalist and Fox News Channel presenter, has been making headlines not just for her notable career but also for her apparent weight loss.

Let’s delve into the details surrounding Harris Faulkner’s health, career, and the factors contributing to her fitness journey.

Quick Facts

Full Name Harris Kimberley Faulkner
Age 58 Years
Zodiac Sign Libra
Profession American Conservative Newscaster and Television Host
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth October 13, 1965
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Father Bobby R. Harris
Mother Shirley Harris
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Tony Berlin (m. 2003) 
Children Bella Berlin
Height  5 feet, 9 inches
Weight 56 Kg (123 Lbs)
Net Worth $33 Million

The Reason Behind Harris Faulkner’s Worsening Health


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Contrary to the alarming title, Harris Faulkner is in excellent physical condition. Her commitment to health advocacy intensified after her mother’s battle with breast cancer, prompting lifestyle changes and increased involvement in cancer activism.

Faulkner actively raises awareness of breast cancer, participating in events like the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer in 2015. In 2017, Faulkner faced a temporary setback when she broke her ankle while vacationing in Paris. A video documenting her recovery highlights her resilience.

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Harris Faulkner’s Net Worth And Financial Status

Harris Faulkner’s Net Worth And Financial Status

Source: edition.cnn.com

Harris Faulkner, born in October 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, has carved a successful career in journalism. With a $33 million fortune, Faulkner’s journey includes roles as the Fox Report anchor, Outnumbered co-anchor, and Outnumbered Overtime anchor.

Her impressive career trajectory began with articles for LA Weekly, leading to positions in KCOP-TV, Minneapolis, and beyond.

Faulkner’s accolades include six Emmy Awards, highlighting her excellence in news reporting. Notably, she authored “Breaking News: God Has A Plan – An Anchorwoman’s Journey Through Faith” in 1999 and even took legal action against Hasbro for a toy featuring her likeness, settling outside of court.

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Harris Faulkner’s Health Report

Harris Faulkner’s frequent appearances on Fox News have sparked discussions about her weight loss. Fans have observed her toned arms and well-defined waist, drawing attention to her transformed physique. Despite the speculations, Faulkner maintains an active and healthy lifestyle.

Why Did She Lose Weight?

Why Did Faulkner's Lose Weight

Source: Canva.com

Faulkner’s weight loss has not gone unnoticed, particularly during her hosting duties on Fox Report Weekend and Outnumbered. Fans wonder how she manages to balance her career as a news anchor and journalist while undergoing a noticeable transformation.

Faulkner attributes her radiant complexion to natural cosmetics and regular spa visits, enhancing her on-screen presence. Her Instagram account sheds light on her passion for horseback riding, a regimen she credits for her weight loss.

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Harris Faulkner’s Remarkable Career

Harris Faulkner’s Remarkable Career

Source: perrymuse.com

Harris Faulkner’s career trajectory is as intriguing as her health journey. Starting as a freelance business writer, she progressed to roles at KCOP-TV and WNCT-TV. Her significant tenure as the sole network news anchor for Fox Report Weekend and coverage of the 2018 midterm elections showcase her versatility.

Faulkner’s career highlights include filling in for various personalities on different shows, underscoring her adaptability in the fast-paced world of news reporting.


While Harris Faulkner weight loss has become a topic of discussion, it is essential to appreciate her multifaceted career and commitment to health advocacy. The journalist continues to inspire audiences through her work and dedication to important causes.

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