Gucci Mane Weight Loss: Workout, Before & After, What He Said About It?

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The complete story behind the ultimate Gucci Mane weight loss journey.

Here is a look at the unique weight loss journey of one of the most controversial rap music figures of the 2010s. Learn the details of his 100-pound weight loss story.

The Hollywood lifestyle can become difficult to handle for a lot of people. Fame, recognition, and money can ruin many lives. That is why multiple celebrities become addicted to a plethora of things as they become popular.

Different people have different vices but all of them have the same fate in the end. Drugs and alcohol can ruin your life and make it impossible to do anything properly. They can also cause you to gain a dangerous amount of weight which can put a major hindrance in your everyday life. The weight gain as a result of addiction is even more difficult to lose.

Alcohol and drugs make your life spiral out of control. That is why a lot of celebrities end up having serious addiction issues. Most of the people who have these addictions end up gaining a lot of weight. This weight can make their lives difficult. It can also become dangerous and life-threatening if it is not taken seriously. That was the case for Gucci Mane.

But despite all these problems, the rapper still managed to work on his health. Different life events forced him to make tough decisions that ended up saving his life. His incredible effort and hard work helped him to lose close to 100 pounds (How Long Does It Take To Lose 20 Pounds). This transformation also helped him in cutting out his bad habits and becoming a better person. But before we get into detail about Gucci Mane weight loss journey, let us talk about who he is;

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Who Is Gucci Mane?

Who Is Gucci Mane

Radric Delantic Davis is a popular American rapper and record executive. He is credited with pioneering the trap music genre in the world. He along with other Atlanta-based rappers Young Jeezy and T.I transformed trap music to what it is today.

Early Life

Davis was born on the 12th of February in 1980 in the city of Bessemer, Alabama. He was born to parents Ralph Dudley and Vicky Davis who had a strong military background. The early years were tough for Davis as his father was on the run from the police because of crack cocaine possession charges. His father fled to Detroit so he took his mother’s last name.

Davis was raised by his grandmother as his mother attended college to finish his degree. He also received his early education from his mother. He taught him how to read and write. Davis attended Jonesboro Elementary School for a few grades before eventually moving to Atlanta.

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Initial Life Struggles

When Davis moved to Atlanta with his mother, they did have a proper living arrangement. They moved around from house to house which made their lives difficult. They ended up moving to a Knights Inn which was an area with a high crime rate. This is where Davis spent much of his childhood and teenage years.

Time As A Drug Dealer

At the age of 13, his living conditions were extremely poor. Davis and his mother had problems making ends meet. So, he decided to sell drugs to keep his family financially stable. During this time, he also attended Ronald E. McNair High School. While studying there, Davis got good grades and was popular among his peers.

Davis sold drugs without any serious problems for 2 years. Then in 1995, a situation arose that had a huge impact on his life. While riding on his pushbike, Davis was robbed at gunpoint and all his possessions were taken. After that event, he started carrying a gun and getting involved in other life-threatening situations.

At the same time, Davis graduated in 1998 with a 3.0 GPA. He tried to do a computer programming course but was kicked out in 2001 for low attendance. In 2002 he was arrested on cocaine possession by an undercover police officer and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Becoming A Successful Musician

Davis enjoyed writing and poetry since he was a child. He started rapping at the age of 14 and became popular all over his neighborhood. After his arrest in 2002, Davis began taking his music seriously. At this time, he also released two records called La Flare and Str8. His music helped him in gaining some notoriety and he decided to start a music label.

At this time, Davis also became a music manager and began managing rapper Lil Buddy. This led him to create his label called LaFlare Entertainment and move to New York.

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Musical Career

Musical Career

After moving to New York, Davis started devoting more time to his music. In 2005 he released his first album Trap House. The album was an instant hit and even made it into the top 20 of the Billboard Hip-Hop album chart.

He released his follow-up album Hard to Kill in 2006. It included a single called Freaky Gurl which peaked at no 12 on the Billboard charts.

He released his next album in 2007. Back to the Trap House included cameos from a lot of popular rappers including Ludacris. After the dust settled on this album, he decided to go back to making mixtapes.

After releasing a few mixtapes, he began working on then releasing his next album. The State vs Radric Davis was also a major success and garnered positive reviews all across the board.

Throughout his music career, Davis has released 14 studio albums and 71 mixtapes. During this time, he also founded his label 1017 records and worked with other artists. Some of his most famous collaborations include Drake, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, and Selena Gomez.

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Gucci Mane Weight Loss Journey 2022

Initial Struggles With Fame And Addiction

Gucci Mane weight loss journey is incredibly motivating and uplifting. Mane became a successful and popular rapper despite his rough childhood. He overcame all odds and had a successful career in music. However, the rising popularity weighed a lot on his mind and body. Mane had problems dealing with his rising fame and he used drugs and alcohol as means to cope.

He became heavily addicted and it almost reached a point of no return. Mane stated in an interview in 2020 that his addiction had gotten to a point where he was drinking and smoking a lot.

He said he was smoking pounds of weed and drinking pints of lean every day. This severe addiction also had a major impact on his daily life. He became more violent and aggressive and started gaining weight. It reached a point where he was weighing close to 300 pounds. This is also when his legal troubles got worse.

Legal Issues And Run-ins With The Law

Mane always had his issues with the law. In 2005, he was arrested for a murder charge but was released in 2006 for lack of evidence. Earlier that year, Davis was arrested for aggravated assault for assaulting a nightclub owner. He was given a 6-month sentence and was released in late January.

Mane was arrested again in 2008 for a probation violation. He was sentenced to a year in prison but was released after 6 months.

After that, Mane kept having run-ins with the law and he kept receiving small jail sentences. The situation would become serious in 2013 when he was charged with firearm possession. In May 2014 he pleaded guilty to these charges and was sentenced to two years in prison. He served this sentence in the US penitentiary in Terre Haute.

A Life-Changing Incident

This last prison sentence had a major impact on Gucci Mane’s life. After he was sentenced to two years in prison, he decided to start working on himself. He said in an interview in 2017 that he knew he could not keep living this way. This jail sentence made him realize that he had to make some changes in his life.

This is where Gucci Mane weight loss journey truly began.

Quitting Drugs And Alcohol

The first step in Gucci Mane weight loss journey was cutting off drugs and alcohol. He told an interviewer in 2017 that quitting drugs was the most important part of the process. At this time, he was 290 pounds and bloated.

He had difficulty moving around and would get tired easily. So he decided to cut out these vices and start working on himself. Quitting was initially hard but being in a prison made it easier for him to go through with it.

Exercising And Taking Care Of His Health

After quitting drugs and alcohol, Mane started working out in jail. During this time, he also started to take care of himself and devote more time to his health. While he was in jail, Mane worked out every single day.

Combine that with his drive to look and feel better. The prison sentence did wonders for his health. When he came out of prison in May 2016, he was thinner and looked healthier than before. He lost close to 50 pounds in prison and after coming out he kept on working on himself.

Continuing The Hard Work After Prison Sentence

After coming out of prison, Mane kept working on himself. He started a clean and healthier diet and he kept working out. This new regimen and serious attitude helped him lose 50 more pounds in the subsequent years. Mane said in an interview that he is currently in the best shape he has ever been. He weighs close to 170 pounds and looks lean and in shape.

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Gucci Mane Diet Plan

Since coming out of prison, Gucci Mane has followed a strict diet plan. His main achievement after the sentence was to stay away from the drugs. After that he restricted his alcohol consumption, he also followed a fruit-based diet to keep himself fit and active.

His diet plan mainly consists of fruits. He eats fruits like squash and zucchini which helped in his weight loss journey. He also eats cashews, apples, peanuts, and bananas. All these nuts and fruits have the necessary fiber that is required for proper body functioning.

He also eats a lot of protein in the form of chicken and salmon. These meats provide him with the protein that is necessary for muscle growth. He also drinks a lot of water daily to keep his body clean and healthy.

Gucci Mane Work Out Plan

During his prison sentence, Mane developed a solid workout routine that he continued to follow after he was released. While in prison, he worked out for a certain period that helped him get in shape and lose 50 pounds. After coming out of prison, he has carried on with this routine throughout the years. He starts his day by going to the gym and ends it in the gym as well.

His workout routine helped him with gaining discipline. His workout routine consisted of pushups, pull-ups, weight training, and cardio. He said in an interview that lifting weights helps him stay focused and positive throughout the day. It also helped him in gaining some muscle mass and looking better than he ever did in his.Get Free Netflix Now

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Gucci Mane Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Mane Before And After

You can see the difference in the physique in these two photos. These photos show how far Mane has come along in these past few years. They also show you that hard work pays off and consistency is the key to success.

The first picture was taken around 2013 before his prison sentence. In it, you can see that his stomach is bloated and he looks to be in terrible shape. The next picture was taken in 2019. It in, you can see that he is 100 pounds lighter. He also looks much healthier and muscular and looks to be in tremendous condition.

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What has Gucci Mane Said About His Weight Loss?

When asked about his weight loss, Mane stated that before going to prison he was in a dark place. His drinking and drug use had gotten out of control. However, his prison sentence helped him gain some much-needed clarity and perspective. Now he is in the best shape of his life and is happy that people use him as a role model.


What Is Gucci Mane’s Net Worth?

Gucci Mane has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Has Gucci Mane Ever Done Acting?

Gucci mane made his acting debut in 2012 in the film Birds of a Feather. Since then he has also had a featured role in the movie Spring Breakers.

What Is Gucci Mane’s Clothing Line called?

In May of 2016, Mane started his clothing line called Delantic Clothing.

Does Gucci Mane Work With The Gucci Brand?

In 2019, Mane started a working partnership with the popular clothing brand Gucci. He also became the face of their 2020 Gucci Cruise campaign.

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