How Griffin Santopietro Lose 20 Pounds? – Diet, Before & After 2023

Griffin Santopietro weight loss made headlines when he appeared in the second season of Cobra Kai.

It’s apparent that this transformation is a result of puberty but the child star has also worked on gaining better physique.

If you are following the comedy-drama television series, Cobra Kai, you must have noticed the child star that played the role of Daniel and Amand LaRusso’s son, Anthony LaRusso.

His recent appearance in the fourth season of the series left fans astonished.

The kid has grown up big time! And that’s not all! Griffin Santopietro weight loss is too obvious to ignore in this season.

Note that season 4 was not the only appearance where we can see the tremendous shift in the boy’s physique. Instead, this transformation became obvious from his appearance in 2nd season.

This post will discuss all the factors that contributed to this big shift in the child actor’s appearance.

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Who is Griffin Santopietro?

Who is Griffin Santopietro

Before we analyze Griffin Santopietro’s weight loss journey, let’s have a look at the child star’s career.

He was born on 5th January 2005 in Portland, ME. He showed his acting talent for a long time before appearing on TV on his school’s stage.

His first award in acting came when he was only ten years old as Best Overall Child Actor Award which he received at Talent Inc. in Orland, FL.

These days, he lives in Connecticut with his family.

No doubt, Cobra Kai is the most lustrous project in Griffin’s acting career. In this series, he acted as the son, Anthony, of a Karate enthusiast, Daniel LaRusso. Unlike his father, Anthony is not interested in karate and likes to spend his time playing video games.

It seems that he was selected for the role because of his chubbiness to portray his sedentary lifestyle.

As a fat, twelve-year-old, we can see Griffin playing video games and pursuing leisurely activities instead of more physical work of karate and combat.

Season 2 sees a difference in the child star’s personality. But this difference only comes to the limelight in the third season.

Apart from Cobra Kai, he has also worked on other projects including New Amsterdam, The Week Of, Bull, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss Journey 2022


His first TV appearance told a complete story of weight struggles. The kid was obviously overweight. But he didn’t appear to be obese or had weight-related health issues.

We can chalk this excess of fat off to his genetics, upbringing, or lifestyle choices. But none of these factors – either together or individually – cause irreversible harm to the child’s physical health.

Yet, the child needed some changes in his lifestyle or metabolism to deal with his weight.

After his first appearance in the comedy-drama, Cobra Kai in 2018, the kid amazed the viewers in his subsequent appearance in the second season of the series when he showed up taller and slimmer.

His appearance made waves in the industry. Everybody wanted to know what triggered this massive transformation.

Some were interested in knowing the kid’s lifestyle changes that led to this shift. Others noted the age he was in at that time and assumed that puberty must have blessed him with his new handsome look.

Between the first and second seasons of the show, the child star experienced puberty. Puberty acts in amazing ways, you should know.

It acts on the height of the person. Girls experience different symptoms than boys do. Here, we shall focus on what boys experience during this transition.

First, he gained height. This increase in height was rapid and it must have resulted from an increase in metabolism. This change in metabolic rate resulted from hormonal changes that, again, were a result of puberty.

The second effect of puberty on boys’ physique appears as loss of baby fat. In the initial years of their youth boys lose fat. Later on, in young adulthood, they start building muscles.

Between these two phases, a leaner body comes naturally for most boys. And usually, this body has little to do with diet choices or workout plans.

But if a boy develops a healthy lifestyle around his diet and activity level, he will not see the unhealthy weight gain that usually happens in his early thirties.

We can see that puberty was the major cause behind the massive change in Griffin’s appearance. But he also supplemented this change with healthy choices.

Let’s take apart every piece of a healthy weight loss transformation below.

Griffin Santopietro Diet Plan

Griffin Santopietro’s weight loss had a lot to do with the hormonal changes that occur after puberty and little to do with how he handled his diet and workout.

Yet, there are some ways he used to supplement this handsome transformation. And the first one of these ways is his diet.

These days, kids eat all kinds of food. Junk food is more popular among them than healthy, home-cooked meals. They rely on candies, burgers, and pizzas to supply the calories needed by their bodies.

Not only do these sources of food rob them of the nutrients their bodies require but they also end up consuming more calories than their bodies can burn.

It’s a lose-lose situation for their bodies. They end up lacking critical nutrients to stay healthy. At the same time, the excess fat stored in their bodies makes them fat and at risk to become obese.

Fortunately, this risk is not high among most children because they keep a balance between the consumption of junk and healthy food.

When he first appeared on the set of Cobra Kai, we could see that his eating habits weren’t dangerously risky.

He wasn’t overly reliant on junk food and was okay with consuming vegetables, healthy meat, and fruits.

We can safely assume that the child went on to eat healthily. Here are all the ways he might have committed to healthy eating:

He chose healthy sources of proteins. Instead of fried chicken and processed meats, he used lean meat, chicken, and fish.

Indulging in fruits and vegetables is another way to keep your belly filled without consuming lots of calories.

This method also decreases hunger pangs and allows the person to limit their food intake. For a kid like Griffin, it was easier to keep tabs on his food consumption because his habits were in the development phase.

Avoiding junk foods and cold drinks is the hardest part of any diet plan. It’s especially difficult when the person who is avoiding these options is a kid.

We can imagine Griffin being too hard on himself to limit his consumption of these foods.

Although it’s the most difficult part, it’s the most important one of all these. These foods mess up our metabolism.

This impact is more pronounced among children and people going through puberty. Other than disrupting their weight these foods also mess up their moods and emotional health.

It’s only natural for a growing child such as Griffin to replace these foods with fresh options like fresh fruits, juices, and plain water.

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Griffin Santopietro Workout Plan

In the TV series, Griffin’s character didn’t like physical activity much. He sat there on the couch and spent his days playing video games.

The real-life Griffin is a lot different from his on-screen portrayal. He leads an active life. Although you wouldn’t find a lot about him because he keeps his information private, you can see that he is more invested in his health than those people who fall prey to obesity and unhealthy weight gain.

Besides his tough schedule at school, he is actively growing his acting career. With two brothers at home, he has enough physical activity to keep him engaged in the evenings, as well.

Just like any other kid his age, he doesn’t do strength training as it can do more harm than good to his growing muscles. Instead, he engages in moderate to vigorous exercise that is appropriate for his age.

We cannot comment if he has taken up any athletic activity to boost his physical health or not but this assumption has a higher chance of being the truth.

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Griffin Santopietro Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Griffin Santopietro Before And After
Griffin Santopietro Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Griffin Santopietro weight loss happened immediately after the kid appeared in the first season of the TV series Cobra Kai.

Before this weight loss, he was a chubby young lad who was chosen for the role because of his baby-like chubbiness.

The kid transformed immediately after completing shooting for season 1 of this series. This transformation was a result of him experiencing puberty.

It’s evident from his photos taken before and after the shift.

Fans are raving about the kid’s big boy’s look. And they should because the kid has evolved into a handsome teen that will one day earn an admirable reputation because of his superb acting skills and looks.

Most fans are quick to notice that for the most part, this shift is natural and involuntary. It is a by-product of puberty-related hormones.

But some fans still want to know if the kid followed a diet or strict workout plan to lose baby fat.

Apart from this chatter, one theme was apparent among Griffin’s fans. They wanted to know if the transformation will result in Griffin grabbing a major role in the series.

It could be the aftermath of the shift. The production crew could see that Anthony had outgrown the role he was selected for initially.

They could have created bigger engagement from this character on-screen, as a result.

But we have seen from the second and then the third that Anthony remained a minor character in the entire series.

The fourth season was different, though. The character development of Anthony LaRusso did justice to the transformation the actor has recently shown.

What Has Griffin Santopietro Said About His Weight Loss?

If you follow the child star closely, you would know that he believes in privacy. He wants to remain silent about his personal life.

That includes him not commenting about his lifestyle choices, his activities with his brothers and family, and his workout plans.

As a result, you wouldn’t find much information about his views on this transformation. Other than this Griffin Santopietro weight loss journey, the actor is quite open about his character development in Cobra Kai.

The series showed him growing in season 4 where he shows his new side. The upcoming season, season 5 of the series also promises significant growth for Griffin’s character.

We can assume that Griffin’s weight loss transformation has a lot to do with this weight loss accomplishment.

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Here is some more information about the actor that you might enjoy.

How Old Is Griffin Santopietro?

Griffin started appearing in commercials and TV series as a child actor. Right now, he is 17 years old. Technically, he still is a child star but with a major role in a popular TV series.

What Is The Net Worth Of Griffin Santopietro?

Griffin is a much sought-after child star. He plays his character realistically. This realism in his acting attracts most casting directors allowing him to demand a premium salary.

These days, with an experience of four years of acting under his belt, the star commands a salary of $25 to $35k. As of 2022, the actor’s net worth amounts to $1.5 million.

Who Is Griffin Santopietro’s Girlfriend?

As we have noted before, the actor keeps his personal life under the wraps. It means that he doesn’t disclose information about his relations, family, and social circle online.

Some sources claim that Griffin is single. But we can only be sure if Griffin opens up about it.

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