GreekGodx Weight Loss: Diet, Before & After, What He Said About It? 2023

An inside look into the weight loss journey of greekgodx. How did the famous twitch streamer and Youtuber manage to lose so much weight? Learn more about it here.

Who Is GreekGodx?


GreekGodX is a popular twitch streamer and Youtuber. The streamer’s real name is Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos. He was born in England in 1992. He has spent most of his life there and that is where he started his online career. Dimitri started streaming back in 2011 and he has been doing these streams since then. Today, he is considered to be one of the most popular streamers in the world.

He is a partnered Twitch streamer and has 30 million views and 1 million followers on the platform. He mostly does just talking or gaming streams on his channel. In addition to twitch, he has a popular YouTube channel and has 400k subscribers. On Instagram, he has more than 90k followers as well.

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Beginning Of His Twitch Career

Greekgodx initially started streaming in early 2011. During his early streams, he did different streams that included different content. He started with games like Elder Scrolls and Skyrim. These streams initially did not receive any traction. It took a lot of time and hard work before his streaming career took off. That all changed in 2013 when his viewership numbers started to increase.

Making It Big On Twitch

When his viewer count started to rise, he tried to expand his content and moved away from gaming for a bit. He started doing more IRL streams where he would film himself traveling to different parts of the world.

As of today, greekgodx has an average viewership count of 6.7 thousand people. In addition to that, he has twelve thousand subscribers and 1.5 million followers on Twitch. He has added more diversity to his content.

He now streams games like Valorant, League of Legends, and Rust. GreekGodx also does streams where he reacts to different videos. He has been praised by his fans for his personality and unique style of communication.

Becoming A Twitch Partner

Greekgodx established a regular streaming schedule where he streamed 10 hours a day. In 2016, his Twitch channel was at its peak and his streams were getting record viewers. At that time, he was officially made a partner by Twitch. He said it was a proud moment in his career and he felt like his hard work bore fruit.

Launching A YouTube Channel

In April 2011, greekgodx simultaneously launched a YouTube channel along with his Twitch channel. His YouTube channel was created on the 7th of April in 2011.

He posted his first video the very next day and it was a Minecraft walkthrough video. Since then, he has regularly posted videos on his channel. Some of his videos are shorts from his streams while others are uniquely created videos. As of November 2021, he has 400 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has a total of 91.5 million views and his most popular video has 3.9 million views.

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GreekGodx Weight Loss Journey 2022

Since he started steaming, greekgodx always had a problem with his weight. He was always a certain size and shape and he was ok with how he looked. However, on his streams, he was regularly trolled by people for the way he looked.

His loyal fans also wanted him to lose weight for his health and also kept asking him to start eating healthy. He initially did not do anything about his weight and kept eating junk food regularly. When his channel wasn’t a major hit, it was easy to look a certain way without getting trolled.

Becoming Popular And Subsequent Issues

In 2013/14, his streams started to take off. His viewer count saw a large increase and there were more eyes on his channel. With this increased attention, however, his weight issues were there for all to see.

He would get constant donations and comments about his weight (Check the comments). There were also plenty of trolls that were watching his stream just to make fun of him. He still states that he was never bothered by it and it was all in good fun. But it did initially play a part in him wanting to lose weight just to shut them up.

Health Issues

At this time, he also started to suffer from extreme health issues. These issues started to appear in 2014 when he was close to 300 pounds. He would have problems with sleeping and resting because of his huge gut.

He also had issues with moving around in general and was having problems with performing basic tasks. These issues had a major impact on his life and by 2015 they became a huge hindrance.

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Making The Decision To Lose Weight

Greekgodx revealed on a stream in 2019 that he decided to lose weight because of his health. He had trouble moving around and basic tasks became hard to execute. And also had a lot of trouble sleeping. He said that he always felt like his big stomach was getting in the way of his life. He could do anything properly because of it.

It all came to a head in 2016 when he was in the worst shape of his life. At that time, greekgodx weighed close to 370 pounds. His life had become a living hell because of his weight. That is when he decided to do something about his weight. He informed his fans in 2017 that he had started eating healthy and was getting into better shape.

He revealed in a Twitter post that he had lost close to 80 pounds and was now 290 pounds. Since then, he has kept losing weight and is now close to 240 pounds.

GreekGodx Diet Plan

GreekGod attributes his weight loss to his new and improved diet. He said in a stream in 2019 that he did not make any drastic changes at once. He started by incorporating a simple keto diet into his routine. That is how greekgodx weight loss journey started.

Once he started that diet, he slowly worked to cut out all the junk food from his life. He said that he was eating the same amount of food as he ate when he was fat. The only difference this time was that the food he was eating is healthy. Once he started to eat this healthy food, he slowly cut out all the bad food that he was eating from his diet. That is what helped him get into better shape.

It was a gradual process that took a lot of time and effort to get used to. When greekgodx weight loss journey started in 2016, he initially found it difficult to make the changes. However, he kept going at it and managed to cut out all the junk food he was eating. He replaced all that junk food with healthy food and the results became apparent.

Once the results of his diet became more apparent, he decided to up the ante and introduced a keto diet into his routine. Once he started a proper diet, he lost a lot of weight in a relatively short time. A time came in 2017 where he had successfully cut off all junk food from his diet.

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GreekGodx Workout Plan

In addition to his extremely effective diet, greekgodx also included an effective workout plan into his daily routine. Once he started to notice the impact of the diet, he knew that he could lose even more weight through exercise.

GreekGodx initially started by simple walking. He would walk a certain distance daily and made it a part of his daily routine. After that, he added other weight loss exercises to his routine as well. Simple routines like stretching, weight lifting, and cardio exercises helped him along his journey.

When he started his weight loss journey in 2016, he initially did not do any exercise. However, once the results of his diet started to show, he also added working out as a means to get into better shape.

He initially started walking, he would walk a certain distance every day no matter what. Paired with a good diet, it helped him out a lot. Once he saw these results, he decided to add more weight loss exercises to his daily routine as well. He started to work out almost daily. These exercises also played a valuable role in him losing 80 pounds in a single year.

He still does these exercises every single day and they have now become an essential part of his daily routine.

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GreekGodx Before And After Weight Loss Photos

GreekGodx Before And After

Looking at Greekgodx in his before and after photos is genuinely inspiring. The first picture was taken in 2016 while the other one was taken in 2019. These two pictures tell two different stories. In the first picture, he was close to 370 pounds and was extremely overweight and out of shape. In the second picture, he is close to 240 pounds and looks healthier and happier.

The first picture was before he decided to lose weight. However, during 2016 he decided to try his best and lose as much weight as he can. He initially lost 80 pounds in 2017 and was at 290 pounds by the end of it. And did not stop his weight loss journey there. He kept it going in 2018 and managed to lose more weight as well.

By the time the second picture was taken, he had lost almost 130 pounds. He did that in the space of 2 years and impressed a lot of cynics who thought he could not do it. He is truly an inspiration for all his fans.

What Has greekgodx Said About His Weight Loss?

Talking on his stream, greekgodx said that losing all this weight has had a major positive impact on his life. Before he couldn’t properly move and sleep but now he is in a better place. He also told his fans that if you want to lose weight, you should never make excuses. You need to strive and work hard to make your dreams a reality.

He also talked about people making excuses when it comes to losing weight. He said that a lot of people make up excuses. They make up reasons in their minds that justify them staying in a certain shape.

He said that some people have issues with excess skin that gets left behind after a weight journey. People think that it looks extremely unappealing and it ruins their bodies forever. However, this is not even close to the truth.

The skin might initially be a problem but in time you get used to it. He also said that you can get surgery done to get this excess skin removed. This surgery makes it look like you never had any problem.

However, he has never had this surgery done on himself. His loose skin is a reminder of the hard work and effort that he had to put in. It also reminds him that he can do anything in life if he puts his all into it.

Since he has lost all this weight, he also regularly encourages his viewers to do so as well. He said in a stream that if you are not happy with how you look, you have the power to do something about it. It may seem hard at the start and there will come points where you would want to give up. However, if you persevere and stay true to yourself you will get there eventually.

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What Is Greekgodx’s Net Worth?

Greekgodx has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million as of November 2021

How Tall Is Greekgodx?

Greekgodx is 172 centimeters or 5 foot 8 inches tall

How Much Weight Has Greekgodx Lost In Total?

Greekgodx has lost close to 120 pounds in total

When Was Greekgodx Born?

Greekgodx was born on the 6th of October in 1992.

How Many Total Hours Has Greekgodx Streamed?

Greekgodx has streamed a total of 5,445 hours.

How Many Total Views Does Greekgodx Have On Twitch?

Greekgodx has more than 65 million views on Twitch.

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