Grapefruit Seed Extract and Its Health Benefits (Updated 2023)

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit consumed to tackle overweight, high cholesterol, asthma, and many other diseases. In addition to the fruit itself, people use the extract from its seed as a medicine, as well. This grapefruit seed extract is a natural medicine for countless health problems, ranging from skin diseases to infections. Moreover, the grapefruit seed extract has a prominent place as an ingredient in many health care products.

Does it sound too good, does its usage only bring benefits, and is it entirely safe to consume? Today, we’ll glance over the common uses of grapefruit seed extract, its health benefits, and the possible side effects.

Top Health Benefits

The grapefruit seed extract has antioxidant properties thanks to naringenin presence. It helps to protect cells from any damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, it acts as an antimicrobial, tasked to subside or destroy the growth of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it offers various health benefits.

We have compiled the top 10 health benefits of grapefruit seed extract. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

Keeps Blood Pressure Low

Young to middle-aged people experience high blood pressure frequently. The seed extract helps to reduce blood pressure, particularly in these age groups. People who have excess weight and consequently high blood pressure also benefit from the extract.

A recent study involving 29 adults with high blood pressure unveils that a dose of 300mg grapefruit seed extract daily helped bring the systolic pressure down by 5.6% and diastolic pressure by 4.7% in six weeks.

  1. Reduces Oxidative Damage

    A high blood level of LDL (bad) cholesterol anchors the risk of heart diseases. Oxidation of this LDL cholesterol plays a crucial role in the development of atherosclerosis and the inflated plaques in your artilleries. It significantly increases the risk of heart diseases.

    Grapefruit seed extract assists in keeping the LDL cholesterol blood level in check. It also reduces the oxidation to heart tissues at stressful times. It, in return, leads to a lesser chance of heart diseases.

  2. Improves the Blood Flow

    The grapefruit seed extract is of great assistance to those with circulatory problems. Its consumption leads to improved blood pressure and decreases the risk of blood clotting.

    Research involving eight healthy young women consuming 133mg proanthocyanidins from grapefruit seed extract for 14 days revealed that they experienced 40% less leg swelling after sitting for six hours daily.

  3. Keeps Brain Healthy

    Grapefruit seed extract contains a property that keeps your cognitive functions active, despite your age. It includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that keep neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay.

    Another study unveils that grapefruit seed extract improved the language, attention, and memory of 111 adults after they took 150mg of extract daily for 12 weeks.

  4. Improves Kidney Functions

    Like heart diseases, oxidative damage also may be one of the kidney disease symptoms, which can lead to chronic kidney disease. Grapefruit seed extract promotes kidney health by protecting against damage resulting from inflammation and oxidative stress.Problems caused to the kidney due to oxidative damage are often irreversible. Hence, by consuming the seed extract, you can proactively tackle these issues before they occur.

  5. Prevents Cancer

    Undoubtedly, cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, and DNA damage remains a major cause of its occurrence. Grapefruit seed extract shows resilience against cancer in different human cells. Its antioxidant properties have the potential to reduce lung, gastric, oral, liver, and other cell lines leading to cancer.

    When undergoing chemotherapy, seed extract consumption also protects against liver toxicity and oxidative stress without affecting the treatment. Although various studies pertain to seed extract’s role against cancer in animals, we need more researches relating to humans.

  6. Offers Protection for Liver

    The liver works to detoxify harmful substances, included in drugs, alcohol, and pollutants you intake intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, this organ must remain in good health. During toxin exposure, grapefruit seed extract helps protect against free radical damage. It also leads to reduced inflammation and recycled antioxidants.

    In a study, 15 people with high ATL levels caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver consumed grapefruit seed extract for three months. At the same time, another group consumed 2 grams of vitamin C per day. The result showed that the group that consumed seed extracts benefited from a 46% fall in ATL levels. Alternatively, the other group showed insignificant change.

  7. Limits Infections

    Among other health benefits of grapefruit seed extract are antibacterial and antifungal properties. They protect against fungal infections such as candida, bacterial diseases caused by food, and antibiotic-resistant strains. Moreover, they limit the number of microbes, hence reducing the chances of infections.

    A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine further talks about a wide range of bacteria against which seed extract is efficient. The research further examined the seed extract’s effect on human skin. The conclusion of the study showed that seed extracts, upon contact, destroys bacterial strains in less than 15 minutes.

  8. Improves Bone Strength and Collagen Levels

    Flavonoid helps strengthen bone formation and collagen synthesis. The grapefruit seed extract is rich in flavonoids. Therefore, its consumption leads to an increase in bone strength and density.

    Several studies on animals reveal that the seed extract is efficient at promoting collagen health and diagnosing arthritic conditions. However, like the extract’s effect on cancer, we need more research on humans to state facts related to bone strength and collagen levels.

  9. Heals Wounds Quickly

    The final health benefit in our list is the grapefruit seed extract’s ability to heal wounds quickly and make your skin appear unmarred. Not only does it counter wounds, but the seed extract is also a crucial ingredient in anti-aging cream products.

    Several studies show the seed extract’s ability to heal animal wounds. Several other pieces of research also show promising performance on human wounds. Research involving 35 adults who recently went through surgery examined seed extract’s performance. Divided into two, each group used either 2% seed extract cream or placebo. The results showed that the group that used seed extract cream took eight days to heal, while the other group took 14 days.

What Grapefruit Seed Extract Should You Use?

Although grapefruit seed extract is widely available in physical and online stores, they come for both; animal and human consumption. Therefore, before purchasing the extract, make sure it’s for human use. The extract usually comes in the form of pills or capsules.

Nevertheless, you should purchase the products verified by organizations such as NSF International and ConsumerLabs. Although they do not guarantee their safety, you can at the very least be sure that the product uses the ingredients mentioned on the label. Also, do not purchase from a producer who markets the supplement as a cure to an illness, as it’s illegal. The products that promise to inhibit symptoms of sickness are more likely to cause side effects.

Possible Side Effects

Certainly, a grapefruit seed extract has many uses and health benefits. But is its consumption free from any side effects? While the advantages it offers are endless, the seed extract is not entirely free from secondary effects. The seed extract products may also use synthetic chemicals with possible adverse effects.

Particularly, when you consume grapefruit seed extract as a dietary supplement, you must be extra careful. In most countries, authorities do not regulate these products, and hence they remain untested. The actual product might also differ from what the packaging states due to the lack of such regulation.

Moreover, pregnant women, children, and people with ongoing medication should be more vigilant when consuming grapefruit seed extract. In such instances, we strongly recommend seeking professional medical advice before consuming it.


You can use this fruit as a remedy for various diseases. It is also is a key component in many health care products. Furthermore, its consumption ensures healthy life: such as protection from cancer, heart, and liver diseases. However, grapefruit seed extract’s use without prescription can lead to side effects. Whenever considering using the extract, be sure to consult your doctor first.

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