Grace Kinstler Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Lifestyle, and Motivation 2023

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She reached the final round and only came third among all the participants that competed for the award of American Idol. At that time, the star dedicated her songs to her father who passed away in February 2020. After the competition, she moved to Los Angeles to begin her singing career.

Till now, she has reportedly lost more than fifty pounds of fat. But how did she do that? Did she take any drastic measures like gastric band surgery? Or did she pursue the weight loss journey naturally with only diet and exercise helping her? Let’s get these answers in the post below. And we shall also learn a trick or two to lose weight by Grace Kinstler.

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Who is Grace Kinstler?

Who is Grace Kinstler


The student of Berklee College of Music started her American Idol journey in February 2021.

That was a crucial time for the then-teenager because she wasn’t only responsible to bring fame to her college with her participation but she also had to deal with the grief of the recent demise in her family. Her father had passed away only a year ago – an event that made a significant memory in Grace’s life.

She dealt with the two stressors gracefully. If we take the words of her college’s president, we would say her professionalism and poise helped her navigate these trying times. She remembers those days and comments that the biggest takeaway we can have from life – and fast-paced life – is to not worry about the small stuff. But is it that easy?

Grace further comments that her father’s advice helped her sail these stressing events – especially contesting for American Idol. He asked her not to compare herself with others. Surely, this advice must have helped her in keeping her stress levels in check during the contest.

She has been singing and releasing her songs for quite a while. World Doesn’t Wait was the first song that she released in 2015. Most fans of American Idol know that she is a singer and the first female vocalist on this grand platform. But only a few of us know that she is also a model. But her focus remains on her singing talents rather than on her modeling skills.

What’s important here is her weight. During her performances in the 19th season of American Idol, her hips acted as a distraction against her mesmerizing voice. At size 38, her hips prompted the speculations that the star was struggling with weight issues.

Others claimed that she had undergone plastic surgery to achieve her unrealistic hips. In any case, fans judged her for this body feature. The teen appeared to have no time to tend to her weight issues. But after the contest was concluded, she put her foot down and claimed back her power over her body.

She did this proactively as soon as she found some time and continued to commit to it despite her career moves and hard work.

Here is how she achieved her weight loss goals.

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Grace Kinstler Weight Loss Journey 2022

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss Journey


Grace started working on her weight loss quest as soon as she moved from being an American Idol contestant to an independent artist with a promising and demanding singing career of her own.

Her primary motivation behind this commitment was her career. As we all know the entertainment industry follows a set standard for beauty and looks. You can’t be too thin or too fat to qualify for success.

These standards are rather lenient for singers and you will hear more discriminatory stories from actors and models. Still, the former group of artists isn’t immune to such criticism.

Those singers who meet these beauty standards easily wow fans and are approved by them.

Acting and singing talents alone do not guarantee success. We can see this pattern from Grace’s journey on the stage of American Idol.

Initially, she was praised for her quality vocals, but as the season moved ahead, other contestants attracted more praise because of her weight and size.

She didn’t claim it at that time, but she committed to a radical transformation around her weight while going through the competition. She started working on her plan when she moved to Los Angeles for her singing career.

The first thing she did was change her lifestyle. We knew that was coming. After all, she moved into a more challenging role of commercializing her talent. Her hustle at the grand American platform was ended only to open new doors for her.

No doubt, these days she is living the toughest days of her career. Building a career in the entertainment industry is no easy feat, you know.

But she still manages to make time to focus on her health and fitness. She doesn’t believe in a sedentary lifestyle.

She can’t – you know – singers don’t spend their days sitting. But she goes the extra mile by remaining physically active around the house and at social gatherings.

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Grace Kinstler Diet Plan

Grace Kinstler Diet Plan


The success of every weight loss journey depends on the diet the person uses to support this journey. Grace Kinstler’s weight loss journey for 2022 was no different.

The star doesn’t say much about her eating choices. But we can see that – now the pressure is eased – she doesn’t struggle against stress-induced eating.

Stress-induced eating means different things to different people. For some, this unhealthy eating habit means adding more calories than needed.

Others crave processed carbs under stress. And you may find some people who will eat extra fat to keep themselves from stress.

Stress-related eating also manifests in eating at times that can pack calories instead of burning them.

You can see that stress can play havoc on one’s eating choices. And it should be apparent that participating in American Idol is not for the faint of heart.

That’s because the platform demands the best performance from every contestant. And the latter fears that their ratings may go down and prevent them from winning the finale.

They need to work their ass off to compete every week. This stress can easily jeopardize their eating choice especially when they aren’t healthy eaters, to begin with.

For Grace, this stress – and the stress-induced unhealthy eating – may not be the consequence of the competition only. The competition must have worsened the situation but the primary cause of this stress was her father’s demise.

Consequently, we can see Grace approaching the stage of American Idol with a not-so-perfect figure.

This changed immediately after she left the contest. And within a year after the competition, we can see her doing exceptionally good for herself.

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Grace Kinstler Workout Plan

Grace Kinstler Workout Plan


Just like her diet plan, we can only speculate about her workout plan. She doesn’t share much information about her weight loss journey. It seems that the singer is more interested in wowing her fans with her immense transformation and doesn’t want to share the details.

But we are free to speculate, aren’t we? We can see that the singer has worked on her waist and hips. Overall, the focus remained on losing weight on all body parts. The results were significant on her waist and butts, however.

If you see the recent photographs of the singer, you will notice that she has gotten an almost non-existent waist. Did she lose weight on her waist on purpose to enhance her hourglass figure? We have yet to know about that.

Whatever she is doing, she is doing it regularly without fail. You see, routine is the prerequisite of success when it comes to any weight loss quest. Grace Kinstler’s weight loss also benefited most from this simple mantra.

Grace Kinstler Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Grace Kinstler Before


Grace Kinstler Before And After Weight Loss Photos


Grace Kinstler Before And After Weight Loss


When Grace first graced the stage of American Idol as a contestant, she piqued the interest of the public. There were two reasons behind this interest. Once, she had unrivaled singing talent. Secondly, she had a peculiar figure that was enhanced by her unnatural hips.

Throughout the contest, these two features remained the decision factors for her success or failure. Most fans associated her bigger hips with her plus-size body. Others thought that the singer got these hips to make herself look exceptional.

She never commented on the attention she received because of her body and appearance. More importantly, she remained poised and professional during the event and refrained from taking attention away from her singing feat.

But she got the motivation she needed to get a healthier body from that contest. Consequently, we see her – just a year after the conclusion of the 19th season of American Idol – in a different light.

She has recently used her social media handle to boost her weight loss achievement. In these photos, we can see her enjoying her life with a thin frame and lots more body positivity. The best part is that the singer still refuses to comment on her weight loss transformation.

She confidently and contentedly kept her personal life to herself while sharing her appearance with her fans.

What Grace Kinstler Said About Her Weight Loss?

Grace didn’t say anything about her weight loss. In fact, Grace Kinstler’s weight loss was a private affair. She didn’t do it to gain attention or seek validation.

Yes, she understands that appearance matters a lot in the entertainment industry in which she is working. But this matter is completely professional for her. As a consequence, her weight loss is a feat that serves herself and her career.

By not commenting on her weight loss journey, the emerging star has made a point. She has told us that her weight loss is about her and not her fans.

We can see how authentic the emerging star is about her life and her choices.

She has conveyed another silent message through her details about her private life. She unapologetically says that she is all about body positivity.

She doesn’t care about people’s comments about her figure and size. What matters to her is her success.

In the end, she remains true to her mantra to not worry about the small stuff. That’s what she is doing – she isn’t worried about what people are saying about her weight and unusual hips.


Here is more information about the singer and her weight.

What Happened to Grace Kinstler from American Idol?

After she participated in American Idol, the singer propelled her career. It should be noted that the songwriter-cum-singer was releasing her songs years before she performed on the stage of American Idol.

These days, she is working on her album in Los Angeles.

What Disease Does Grace Kinstler Have?

Grace’s first on-stage performance on American Idol sparked interest among the attendees about her weight and her disproportionately large hips. Most people thought that this size was a result of her medical conditions.

One speculation –that was most commonly cited by the masses was that the contestant was suffering from the chronic illness of Lymphedema.

It’s a lymph system disease that is characterized by blockage or damage to the system. This damage ends up building fluid levels in the soft body tissues causing them to swell.

How Far Did Grace Kinstler Make It on American Idol?

Grace reached the American Idol Finale. She was placed third behind Chayce Beckham – who won – and Willie Spence – who was the runner-up.

Who is Grace Kinstler’s Boyfriend?

Grace has been dating her schoolmate Joseph Wheatley since 2019.

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