How to Utilize Fashion and Beauty to Boost Mental Health

People take many steps to boost their physical and mental health, from regular exercise, eating a highly nutritious diet, regular sleep schedules, and maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. And sometimes, even with all that work, we still feel like we’re not where we want to be regarding our self-acceptance, love, and emotional wellness.

While you can’t overstate that working with a mental health expert to address your mental health issues is essential, taking steps to boost your self-love through fashion and beauty is another way to get your mental health back on track.

Countless studies have shown that poor body and self-image lead to anxiety and depression, so keep reading to learn ways to utilize the fashion and beauty world to boost your mental health.

Grooming for Good Self-Image

Grooming for Good Self-Image

You don’t have to be a makeup or hair guru to reap the mental health benefits of regular grooming routines. Whether you keep your hair cut in trendy hairstyles or not, regular appointments with your hair stylist or barber are key. Keeping your nails trimmed and cared for is essential too.

While not everyone chooses to shave their body hair, taking daily showers or baths to keep your body clean is important and may seem obvious, but when you’re struggling with mental health, this can become hard. Investing in your appearance through personal grooming habits that you keep up with is great for your physical and emotional wellness.

Use Makeup and Treatments

Use Makeup and Treatments

While the small differences between us make us special, sometimes we’re unable to see that. Perhaps you hate your freckles, and while you will one day embrace them, use concealer to hide them if it makes you more comfortable. Wrinkles got you down? It’s worth noting that aging is a privilege, and every line represents a smile or memory and should be worn as a badge, but if Botox would make you feel better – go for it!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best possible version of yourself – as long as you do it for yourself and not for the unachievable standards you see on social media or television. You’re beautiful the way you are, but if you want to tweak or conceal, the choice is yours and should be viewed as an act of self-care.

Invest in Quality Pieces

While you can’t put a price tag on self-confidence, owning items that make us feel good about ourselves shouldn’t have a stigma. Personal style is just that – it’s personal – and investing in quality pieces that make you feel confident does wonders for self-esteem. Have you been coveting a men’s Versace watch for years but haven’t pulled the trigger?

Treat yourself! You’re worth it. Perhaps a pair of designer jeans you tried on and felt phenomenal in but couldn’t justify spending that much on jeans has been in the back of your mind for months – chances are you’ll wear those jeans so often for how great they make you feel that they cost less per wear than your cheaper pieces you rarely wear.

Investing in quality pieces you’ll get plenty of use from not only makes you feel good by wearing them, but the beauty-happiness connection is also studied, and real – lovely things improve quality of life.

Another way to utilize fashion and beauty to boost your self-image is through your skincare routine – a glowing complexion is always a confidence booster. Trying new trends you see online or in fashion magazines can help you find your style if you’ve been struggling with something negatively impacting your self-image.

You can also utilize fashion in your home – think of art you hang, the linens you use, and even houseplants as how you “dress your home.” All of these things have a massive impact on your well-being.

It’s worth remembering that the things we see online and in advertisements are meant to make us feel that we’re not good enough the way we are, so recognizing that isn’t true is essential, but there’s nothing wrong with using products and clothing to be the best and most authentic version of ourselves. Here’s to you. Please see your worth and how much you matter.

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