Emma Huntons Dramatic Weight Loss; Here Are The Details!

Emma Hunton is a popular American actress known well for her roles in movies and TV shows like Happy Endings, Good Trouble, and The Drew Carey Show. She has recently made headlines for her drastic body transformation. The actress has gone from 127 kilograms to just 68 kilograms within three years! Fans are amazed by Emma Hunton’s changed physical appearance and are questioning her lifestyle and eating habits. So here are important details about Emma Huntons weight loss journey.

Emma Hunton Early Life and Career

Emma Huntons weight loss
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Emma Hunton was born to her famous mother Erica Hunton, from Gunsmoke and the Waltons, on August 26, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, US. Emma followed her mother’s footsteps and made her debut on television with the family-drama ‘Judging Amy’ in 1999. Her first film ever is ‘Happy Endings’ which was released in 2005.

Emma Hunton married a famous chef named Ryan Duval in 2017 but parted ways with him in 2021. Since then, Emma has been enjoying her single life.

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The Reasons for Emma Huntons Weight Loss

Emma Huntons weight loss
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Though Emma Hunton has made her place in Hollywood, things have not been easy for her. She has always been a chubby girl and has remained body conscious from the very beginning. We all know that the entertainment industry is no place for fat people and many actors face backlash for the slightest weight gain.

It all started with Emma Hunton’s role as Davia Moss in ‘Good Troubles’ where she appeared as a fat girl. But in season 4, Emma Hunton showed a drastic weight loss and fans criticized her as they did not approve of it. But, the truth is, Emma Huntons weight loss was not for the sake of her role, the actress responded to all the negativity in April 2021.

Her answer was quite simple; the 31-year-old actress had recently been divorced and was going through a difficult phase in life. In order to distract herself from the loss and move on, Emma Hunton turned to start a healthy lifestyle. And that made Emma Hunton get in active shape.

How did Emma Hunton Lose so much Weight?

Actors are often spotted losing and gaining weight to fit into their new roles properly. That is not anything new in the world of entertainment. Some get into form by following a proper diet and exercise routine while others opt for quicker surgical/non-surgical methods that are not very safe though.

Emma Huntons weight loss has been the result of her right choices. She changed her food intake and switched to a completely vegetarian diet with an intensive daily workout plan.

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Emma Hunton’s Diet Plan

Emma Hunton turned both her life and diet upside down, in a good way of course, for her weight loss goals. She took non-veg and fast foods completely off the table to avoid unnecessary intake of fat.

Emma Hunton begins her day with a breakfast of oatmeal and berries of any kind. For lunch, she goes for a healthy vegetable wrap consisting of grilled veggies and olives. And when it comes to snacks, to satisfy her cravings, Emma Hunton goes for an apple, almonds, or a bowl of yogurt instead.

Her dinner consists of quinoa and a bowl of green salads. She also opts for whole-grain bread at times.

Eating the exact same things every day is almost impossible; hence the actress makes slight changes in her eating habits to maintain a good appetite. Emma has stopped the consumption of tea and coffee completely. She once shared with her fans that she drinks lots and lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated.

Emma Hunton’s Famous Workout Routine

Emma Huntons weight loss story included one thing at a time. The actress did not run directly to the gym, instead, she started with a 30-minute walk every day to burn her fat gradually.

She then started high-intensity interval training with her personal trainer. Her exercise included jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees, lunge jumps, and weight training. Apart from that Emma Hunton ran on the treadmill for 20 full minutes to burn calories even more than she consumed in a day.

Emma Hunton’s Before and After Photos

Emma Huntons weight loss
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Emma Huntons weight loss struggles ultimately paid off as seen in her before and after photos. Her body used to be curvy with a chubby face but now the actress walks around in a trimmed body shape and a smart face.

She is also much happier and more confident than before as the negative comments have finally vanished. In fact, they are now replaced with praises. Emma Hunton lost a whopping 145 pounds as she went from a body weight of 275 pounds to 130 pounds.

Talking About Body Positivity

Instead of keeping her weight loss journey a secret, Emma Hunton talks openly about her experiences as a fat woman. She shared that she has not seen a single chubby girl who is shown to be happy, healthy, and sexy in movies and dramas. This stereotype was broken by her role as Davia in ‘Happy Endings’ who is shown to be a fat teacher and social media influencer.

Emma Hunton has spread the message of body positivity through ‘Davia’ and also gives credit to the writers and producers for giving her a chance. The actress shared that social media has made the young generation a slave of unnecessary standards and that trolling against fat people has made them victims of self-hate and eating disorders.

Nevertheless, Emma Hunton is a strong promoter of body positivity and tells her fans and followers to follow a healthy routine yet feel happy and confident in their skin at the same time.


Emma Huntons weight loss story is a true inspiration for all the chubby people out there. It takes a lot of effort to go from fat to fit but with a little hard work, courage, and consistency a perfect body can be achieved in some time.

Emma Hunton teaches her fans to adopt good eating and workout habits along with a positive attitude. Accept what you are today and work for a better tomorrow. That’s all!

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