The Effects of Smoking on Your Hair Health Tips For 2023

They say that a person’s hair is their crowning glory. It plays a big role in a person’s overall appearance. A single change in your hairstyle can certainly do drastic changes in how you and other people see yourself. It is one of the reasons both men and women invest a lot in their hair care and hairstyle routine. It is one of the reasons why ladies take a while to prepare because they want to make sure that they will always look their best.


However, did you know that your habits also play a big role in keeping your hair look healthy and shiny? Study shows that your poor lifestyle and bad habits can create a significant impact on the health of your hair. And one of the biggest contributors to your hair’s downside health is cigarettes.

6 Horrible Effects of Smoking On Your Hair

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health and your skin. It has negative impacts on your overall health that will hinder you to do more things in life. But in this article, we will further discuss the horrible effects of this bad habit on your crowning glory. Let’s start.

It Makes Your Hair Grey Early

People who smoke at an early age have a huge chance of having grey hair earlier than 30. While grey hair is certainly adorable and trendy nowadays, this may be a signal of a more cautious health issue. It’s best to start quitting early with the help of a vape prescription.

Simply because a study shows that there is a significant relationship between having grey hair at 30 and smoking. This is because smoking cigarettes decreases the blood flow to your hair follicles, which needs to produce enough oxygen that your hair needs. This oxygen is necessary for your hair so it will have enough nutrients and minerals that will help maintain its natural colours.

It Damages Your Scalp’s Tissue

Another horrible effect of smoking on your hair is damaging your scalp tissue. This is pretty much the same as how smoking can make your skin look and feel dry. But in your hair, it actually causes poor development or transplanting of your hair.

Because of that, heavy smokers are more prone to pattern baldness compared to those who don’t smoke. Each time you smoke, your body goes through oxidative stress which has a lot of negative impact on your hair health. Through time, this stress prohibits the development of your hair strands on some parts of the head, resulting in patterned baldness.

It Promotes Partial Hair Loss

If you are not experiencing baldness, you may be more prone to partial hair loss. Another result of oxidation stress is the lack of hair strength. You may think that those few strands you lose in the shower are natural. However, if you are a smoker, there is a high chance that you are slowly losing hair because of a lack of oxygen. It’s something that you probably will not notice but is already starting even a year after you started smoking.

it Makes Your Hair Brittle

Aside from actual hair loss and baldness, smoking can also result in brittle hair. it means that your hair can easily be broken even when you’re combing it lightly. if you are an avid smoker and you often style your hair, you may notice a couple of strands that are caught in your brush or hair iron. This is because smoking disrupts the transfer of collagen to your hair. Collagen is an important mineral that makes your hair stronger and healthier. Without it, your hair will be as brittle as a dry plant stalk on a hot and sunny day.

It Also Makes Your Hair Dry

One of the most ignored effects of smoking is having dry hair. Certainly, there are more reasons why your hair becomes dry. It can be caused by the shampoo you’re using, it can be because of the weather, or it can be caused by all the styling you do every day.

However, little did smokers know that cigarettes also make their hair dry. It’s the stepping stone to having brittle hair and patterned baldness. It’s something that most people ignore but is actually the first sign.

It Changes Your Hair Growth Cycle

In a nutshell, smoking can kill your hair. To summarize all the horrible effects of smoking on your hair, it will essentially change your hair growth cycle and will stop it in the process.

When you were younger, you’ll probably didn’t notice getting your hair cut because it grows back easily. When you get older, the process becomes slower. If you are a smoker, the process will start a lot earlier than expected and it will eventually end early.

Quit this bad habit now!

There are certainly more reasons to quit smoking. Some people don’t feel like doing it because they don’t see actual horrible things that happen to them. Most of the time, the effects of smoking can only be seen after a few years. Since our hair is an integral part of our personality, may this article help you realize that smoking is certainly bad for you.

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