Drew Scott Weight Loss: Drew Scott’s Illness and Death Hoax

“Drew Scott, of “Property Brothers” fame, is alive and well, dispelling recent death rumors and confirming his good health in 2023.”

In the realm of home renovations and entertainment, Drew Scott, one half of the famed “Property Brothers” duo, has faced a barrage of rumors and speculations surrounding his health.

Let’s delve into the facts, debunk myths, and uncover the truth about Drew Scott’s well-being, transformative experiences, and intimate family moments.

Quick Facts

Full Name Andrew Alfred Scott
Age 45 Years
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Profession American Reality TV Personality
Sexuality Straight
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth April 25, 1978
Place of Birth Vancouver, Canada
Father Jim Scott
Mother Joanne Scott
Siblings Jonathan Scott, J. D. Scott
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Linda Phan (m. 2018)
Height  6 feet, 4 inches
Weight 85 Kg (187 Lbs)
Drew Scott Net Worth $200 Million

Drew Scott’s Current Health Status: Is He Doing Well?


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@Drew Scott, the Property Brother, is in good health as of 2023. Amid swirling rumors, it’s essential to clarify that his older brother, @JD Scott, faced health issues in 2019, not himself. JD, transparent about his struggles, shared his journey of battling a gastrointestinal infection on Instagram, keeping fans informed about his condition.

Both Jonathan and Drew, however, remain unaffected by any sickness presently.

In September 2019, JD Scott revealed his battle with a gastrointestinal infection, unsure about its source. Despite uncertainties, he pursued appropriate treatment, addressing both the infection and mercury poisoning.

By 2020, JD showcased significant progress in his recovery, distancing himself from the health challenges faced in 2019. Importantly, it wasn’t Drew Scott but JD who underwent this health ordeal.

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Drew Scott’s Weight Loss Journey

Drew Scott’s Weight Loss Journey
Source: Canva.com

In 2017, Drew Scott embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey during his participation in season 25 of Dancing With the Stars. Paired with professional dancer Emma Slater, Drew’s vibrant personality and remarkable performances captured both judges and fans.

Despite finishing fourth, the experience became a pivotal moment, leading to a significant transformation with a loss of about 34 pounds.

Drew and his wife Linda advocate a holistic wellness approach, emphasizing elements like sufficient sleep, healthier eating habits, regular exercise, and meaningful relationships. Prioritizing enhanced sleep is integral to their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, creating a harmonious cycle of well-being.

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Rumors Surrounding Drew Scott’s Death

Rumors Surrounding Drew Scott’s Death
Source: fresherslive.com

Recently, a disturbing rumor surfaced online, falsely claiming Drew Scott’s untimely passing. It’s crucial to dispel this misinformation, which appears to have originated from unidentified sources with questionable motives. The Scott family and Drew’s team have urged the public to refrain from sharing and perpetuating this unfounded rumor.

Drew Scott’s Past Health Challenges

While Drew Scott has faced health challenges in the past, including a mysterious illness causing gastrointestinal distress, he successfully triumphed over them. Responsible internet usage demands avoiding the spread of unverified and sensationalized information.

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Latest Update on Drew Scott


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In a recent Instagram post on August 12, Drew shared a heartwarming moment from his family vacation featuring himself and his one-year-old son, Parker.

The unexpected trendiness of Parker’s mullet received warm appreciation from fans, showcasing Drew’s personal life beyond the rumors.


In a world filled with misinformation, distinguishing between fact and fiction is crucial. Drew Scott, an esteemed figure in home renovations and entertainment, continues to inspire through his work and personal journey.

It’s imperative to celebrate his accomplishments, support his endeavors, and, above all else, maintain a narrative about public figures rooted in truth and respect.

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