Top Tips To Care For Yourself And A Disabled Family Member 2023

They say blood is thicker than water and this tie is certainly tested when people are seriously ill or have a disability. It’s easier to pass the person off to a home or some caring facility and continue with your own life. However, this isn’t an option or desirable outcome for most people.

The bottom line is simple, you’re family and you want to look after each other. But, looking after someone who is seriously ill or disabled is a big undertaking. It’s important that you don’t just think about their needs, you need to think about your own as well.

Get Help

Get Help-Disabled Family Member

If you have other family members around you that can share the load then you’re already on the right path. But, it’s more than just caring for someone. You also want to do what is best for them.

That’s why, as part of your support circle, you need a reputable NDIS provider in Sydney. This provides your loved one with somewhere to go, helping them to maintain independence and even gain new skills. That’s important to ensure they have a high quality of life.

But, using this service doesn’t just improve the life of your loved one, it also ensures you have a break. That’s a big part of taking care of yourself.

Giving yourself time off as a carer is important for your mental and physical health. You shouldn’t feel guilty when taking a break. Looking after yourself properly means you can give your loved one the best possible care.

Evolving Goals

Evolving Goals- Disabled Family Member

When someone is disabled it is harder for them to do things. This can be physical or mental. However, just like anyone else, they can still learn and evolve. It’s important, as a carer, that you recognize this and adapt your care to what they need.

You won’t just be helping them to feel better about what they can do, you’ll be encouraging them to do more. That’s beneficial for everyone.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, in which case your aim should be to retain stability.


You will need to invest in various pieces of equipment to make life easier for your loved one. There are usually grants available to help with these costs. Make sure you check out what you are entitled to and claim the help you can.

It will make it easier to buy the relevant items to ensure their comfort and yours. It is important for you to be comfortable when providing care or you could be creating issues for yourself in the future.

Be Positive

It can be hard to be positive all the time when caring for a loved one. That’s why regular breaks are beneficial. But, when you do spend time with a loved one remember that you don’t know how long anything lasts and appreciate the time you have together.

The world is surprisingly volatile and things can change in a heartbeat. Appreciate what you have and it will make caring for a loved one easier.

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