Top Destinations for Mental Health Retreats Mindful Escapes

Top Destinations for Mental Health Retreats: Mindful Escapes

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In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, filled with constant stress and the fast pace of everyday life, it is definitely necessary to make time for yourself and your mental health. Meandering along Tetsudo invites a serene canal stroll, framed by cherry blossoms and ancient temples, fostering a tranquil escape.

The serene ambiance might just spark your creativity, prompting you to pen a poem or paint a picturesque scene. But still, if you compare a mentally rested person and vice versa, tired of life, burnt out from work, sick in psycho-emotional terms – the difference will be obvious.

As we know, travelling is a very important part of our life, you could say it’s like a second psychologist. In this article we will look at 5 destinations that will help you to rest your soul, recover energetically and feel more happiness – which 100% will have a great effect on your physical health too.

From travelling the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, to the ancient temples of Kyoto – get inspired and get travelling! For a more comfortable journey, you can take advantage of airport transfers (, it will also save you time and nerves on organisational issues!



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It is a great destination for mental revitalisation. There are natural corners to soothe your soul and a rich cultural heritage that you should definitely see. Head to Park Güell, the great work of architect Antoni Gaudi. Here, amidst the mosaic figures and unusual architectural forms, you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Reflect on life in silence, where time slows down.

Also don’t forget to visit Barcelona’s waterfront, it’s a really strong energetic place. Savor the essence of the Mediterranean breeze, indulge in the region’s delectable seafood, and let go of life’s concerns—immerse yourself fully in the embrace of these moments on your holiday!

Explore the enchanting Mount Tibidabo, consider ascending its trails for a refreshing experience. Get maximum pleasure and a big release of endorphins during physical activity, make the process of climbing a personal meditation and experience the pleasant sensations when you reach your goal and climb to the top!


Kyoto-Destinations for Mental Health

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The ancient capital of Japan will leave pleasant memories and a sense of peacefulness for a lifetime! You will definitely want to go back there again, it will become your energy base.

Even just walking down the street of this city, you will feel spiritual pleasure, because it is typical ancient Japanese style, with traditional wooden buildings and curved roofs and carefully made detailed gardens with pleasant lighting.

Strolling along Tetsudo offers a tranquil journey by the canal, adorned with cherry blossoms and ancient temples. The serene ambiance might just spark your creativity, prompting you to pen a poem or paint a picturesque scene.

Don’t forget to visit Heian Shrine, try to meditate and think about the eternal. Feel your breath, control it and think only about it. Let the problems leave your thoughts, relax and enjoy the present.

Once you realise what a vibe it is, be sure to visit Ryoanji Temple, reboot yourself mentally so that life becomes many times more efficient and happier. This stone garden will help you a lot in that, as it was created for meditation. Pay attention to the 17 stones and white gravel, which indicate with their location where you should go.


Reykjavik-Destinations for Mental Health

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The capital of Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. What is the Northern Lights alone? (there’s a pretty good chance of seeing it there). This will be a great destination for your mental holiday. Vibe the majestic Atlantic Ocean and realise that harmony with nature has no boundaries.

Start your journey with an excursion to Icelandic geysirs and waterfalls like Gullfoss. This takes you to a mysterious world of natural wonders, here you will have a high probability of seeing the northern lights and then you will definitely rethink all the problems. Because looking at this natural event you realise that there are no problems in the cosmos and you become calmer and wiser.

It’s practically a crime not to visit the waterfront in such a chic place. Don’t deny yourself the beauty and mental well-being, looking at the gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean will stop time and you’ll realise that you didn’t come here for nothing.

Also, we advise you to go to a more earthly place, which will also help you to relax mentally – Blue Lagoon Pools. After almost absolute merging with nature it will be good to mix relaxation with a thermal pool, but on a gorgeous view of the volcanic landscape. In this place your psychological relaxation will be promoted by relaxing your muscles, improving blood circulation, cleansing your skin and generally strengthening your immune system.

Tips to Further Improve your Mental Health While Travelling

  • Breathe deeply: If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable or there is a critical situation, breathe deeply. Take several deep breaths and long exhalations and focus your attention on an object.
  • Give thanks: For some reason we always think more about the bad things in our lives than the good. Our reactions are sharper to the bad. Try writing down the really good and happy moments of your life to reduce your stress levels on a regular basis. Form that positive core of memories.
  • Socialization: In any case, man is a social creature, so laid down by nature and we should get positive and quality experience of socialising with other people. If you have a fear of socialising, try to communicate with people in spite of it, so that it becomes a pleasant routine for you.
  • Go screen-free for a while: Try spending less time on gadgets, this will 100% reduce your poor emotional state over time (there is a scientific basis for this).

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