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David Venable has proved that your weight loss goals shouldn’t prevent you from eating delicious foods. Being a chef on a renowned cooking show, his statement is louder and clearer than many fitness and dieting gurus out there.

Here is his journey of weight loss with all tips for exercising, lifestyle, and eating healthy. But before that, read a brief introduction of the celebrated cook and author.

Who is David Venable?

The 58-year-old author and cook is a renowned entertainment personality on the American television network – QVC. David’s career with the TV network is decades long. He joined in 1993 to promote brands’ products from a station and gradually rose through the ranks and started hosting the show, ‘In the Kitchen with David’ in 2009.

Other than being a successful brand manager for QVC, David has also written books on cooking. His famous books include Half Homemade, Fully Delicious; Comfort Foods Shortcuts; and Back around the Table. All these books are related to his cooking show ‘In the Kitchen with David’ and his book of the same name.

You would remember him as a cook but his primary contribution is bringing fame to the television network for which he works. Primarily, he joined the network as a media person which was a little related to his career as a journalist.

Thanks to his hosting career and sales of cookbooks, he has accumulated $1 million in net worth.

Here is a little about the renowned cook:

Name David Venable
Profession Hosting and authorship
Date of birth November 12, 1964
Height 6 feet, 6 inches
Weight 190 pounds

Family Background and Early Life

Family Background

Source: instagram.com/davidvenableqvc/

David was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 12, 1964. He spent his childhood in his hometown with his mother, Sarah, and went to the University of North Carolina to study journalism. The author remains quiet about his family life and we don’t know about his father.

He has never married and we don’t know about his romantic relationships because of his private nature. Because of this obscurity around his romantic life, many viewers assume that he is a member of the LGBTQ community. These rumors are strong and are being circulated for years but David has never bothered to address these statements about him.

David’s Love for Food

David’s Love for Food

Source: paeats.org

What David never keeps private is his love for food. As a cook, he loves cooking and tasting delicious foods. And he is no stranger to comfort eating either as we can see from his book, Comfort Foods Shortcuts.

Although David was never obese, his love for food resulted in the moderate chubbiness that his fans were accustomed to seeing. It’s a blessing that he knew foods and their properties and could tell healthy food from junk one. Because of his understanding of ingredients and cooking processes, he could choose the right nutrients for every meal which helped him maintain weight to some extent.

At the same time, his profession also allowed him ample opportunity to eat food even when it was not mealtime. He had an irregular pattern of eating which intervened with his daily calorie intake.

David Medical History

David Venable weight loss journey started in late 2021 with a doctor’s visit. On a regular checkup, his physician talked about his family’s medical history. Note that David doesn’t suffer from chronic diseases or pains. Despite his excessive weight, he always led healthy life with active schedule and quality ventures.

Yet, there were certain genetic ailments in his family. The doctor warned him against these ailments quoting that David may fall prey to them if he doesn’t lose weight. This warning became David’s motivation and he devised a plan to lose weight within a year.

David Venable Weight Loss Journey 2022

If you are an avid follower of David Venable, you would know that David was never obese. He only had extra pounds and abdominal weight that can be attributed to his career as a cook. Consequently, his weight loss hasn’t changed his body profoundly. Other differences came incidentally with weight loss which we will discuss later.

The biggest factor that helped him in this journey is his diet and workout plan.

David Venable Weight Loss Diet

Unsurprisingly, the diet was the most difficult part of the whole commitment. It wasn’t easy for David to refrain from eating these specialty dishes especially when he had made them. His motivation to remain free of illnesses as he ages prevented him from indulging in food.

He prepared his meal plan that included an adequate portion of meat, vegetable, grains, and fruits. To keep things interesting, he used his cheat sheet – a book on healthy eating that he wrote – to gain inspiration. This book ‘Half Homemade, Fully Delicious’ includes easy meals that require only a handful of ingredients.

Like any other weight loss diet, David’s diet used reduced refined carbs and increased protein content. Interestingly, he used store-bought ingredients to pack proteins in his diet, reducing efforts to prepare and cook meals.

David opposes any diet that doesn’t give enough macro and micronutrients to the person. His meals were rich yet balanced and small. He also maintained his fat intake level but insisted on unsaturated fats to keep cholesterol under control.

Here is a general plan for the consumption of different nutrients that helps in losing weight:

Nutrient Daily Amount
Protein 80 – 90 grams for 230 to 245 lbs person
Carbs (complex carbs) 225 to 325 grams depending on activity level
Fats (unsaturated) 66 grams
Fiber 25 to 30 grams

David Venable Weight Loss Workout Plan

David is a fitness enthusiast. When he opened up about his weight loss struggles, he also mentioned the physical exercise that stands behind this achievement. For example, one Instagram post from the author celebrates his daily win of running 2 miles on the treadmill.
Plus, he runs and walks for multiple miles every day. His versatile workout routine is as follows:

  • Treadmill: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Walk: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Yoga: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Strength training: 25 to 30 minutes

David Venable Lifestyle

Between his TV show, brand promotions, and book authoring; David has always led an active lifestyle. But most activities were limited to mental work and presentation. It was only after his doctor gave him the ultimatum that he committed to changing his lifestyle for the better.

Attaining a can-do attitude was of paramount importance here. Then, he befriended his love of food and made it work for his body instead of against it. These two changes combined with daily walks helped him shed weight.

David Venable Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

David Venable Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

Source: canva.com

The 58-year-old TV host defied age with his impressive transformation. As he became leaner his facial muscles tightened giving him a more youthful look. Note that this is a rare phenomenon that happened with only a few people in this age group. Generally, when people in their fifties lose weight, their laughter lines become more visible making them look older.

Fans’ Reaction to David Venable’s Weight Loss

David shared a detailed video with his followers on Instagram on July 14th. This video left fans astonished at the progress. Some fans take him as an inspiration for their weight loss goals with the diet he can master with an indulging career.

They praise him for being open about the journey and tools – diet and meal plans – he used to walk it. A part of his followers commented that David’s progress has allowed them to set their weight loss goals again after a period of disappointment. Others are appreciating his positive attitude towards growth.

Some Instagram users also commented that it seems he is aging backward with his appearance getting younger day by day.


Q. Is David from QVC ill?

A. David is not ill. His weight loss is a result of proactive efforts on his part for months.

Q. Did David have Bariatric Surgery?

A. David never underwent bariatric surgery. He lost weight using traditional means of dieting, workout, and lifestyle changes.

Q. How Many Pounds did David Lose?

A. Initially, David planned to lose 40 pounds using traditional methods as suggested by his doctor. But as he saw changes in his quality of life because of weight loss, he ended up losing 70 pounds.

Q. Is David Venable Married?

A. No, David Venable isn’t married. He doesn’t share information about his romantic life with the public.

Take Away

David Venable has recently made headlines with his weight loss achievements. The author lost around 70 pounds of body weight in a few months. This transformation has impacted him positively in his career, lifestyle, and looks. Interestingly, he achieved his perfect, healthy body without resorting to going under the knife.

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