4 Common Cycling Injuries and Their Treatment For 2023

According to Statista reports, The number of bike rides in the United States has increased from 43 million to 47 million in 2017 and has been growing since then. Cycling is becoming popular among all age groups, given the benefits.

Common Cycling Injuries

Cycling is both a sport and recreational activity that release happy hormones; serotonin and dopamine. Not only, it improves physical strength and endurance, but also boosts one’s overall mood. ‘

Having said that, it has also been seen that cycling leads to many bodily injuries. The reasons could be excessive paddling during a day or collision on the road.

Let’s read further to learn about the common damages caused by cycling and what are the treatments available for them.

Lower Back Pain

Riding a bicycle is a fun yet exhausting task. It requires continuous bodily movement. So, continuous cycling can lead to lower back pain problems, because of spending hours curling the handlebars.

To fuel the fire, it is turning into an epidemic because most people skip on working on their core strengths. As a cyclist, you use your core muscles the most. Therefore, you must work on them by doing a specific exercise. In addition, you must increase the cycling time in a progressive manner that does not hurt your health.

The easiest way to prevent and treat the problem is to set the correct position on your bike. It should be the one that alleviates the pressure on your back. Likewise, improve posture at your work desk. If required, you can buy a pillow to support your sitting. Additionally, you can consult a specialist to treat the condition better.

Head and Brain Injuries

Although cycles are one of the most accessible transportation units, the accident rates are equally high. It is because the car, truck, and other four-wheelers do not understand how bikers ride.

Cyclists get hurt in a road accident mostly when they take a turn or when a high-speeding motor vehicle hits them. It leads to severe head and brain injuries. They are treated with medical care, surgeries, medication, and more. In many cases, the victim may even lose their ability to work further or be available for their family members.

For such cases, the states have made laws to protect the cyclist’s rights and provide them the leverage to claim financial compensation from the responsible parties. You can talk to a bicycle accident lawyer and discuss the case. Each state has a distinct set of rules to pursue the claim. It helps get compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages, mental & emotional suffering, and more.

Saddle Sores

Saddle sores are no joke. They are painful and, in some cases, infectious. Some people rub off their thighs while others get boils on their butts. They are caused because of excessive sweating and friction.

Generally, anyone can have saddle sores, but people who cycle for long hours have a higher risk of getting these boils. It is because the skin gets too little time and space to breathe. Also, if you are overweight, have an improper bicycle frame, and do not often change your position while riding, you can get these sores more than others.

The only prevention and treatment for these sores are to let the skin breathe. Wear cycling shorts that fit your body type and choose the right saddle according to the requirement. In addition, when you get it, apply oil and medicated powder and skip cycling for a few days to let the area dry.

Wrist, Forearm Pain & Numbness

Among the most common injuries cyclists suffer from are wrist and forearm pain & numbness. It is because some people ride by keeping their arms locked straight. However, it is the wrong method. Your elbows should be slightly bent because they have to act as shock absorbers when you hit a bump.

The most common syndromes in cyclists relating to wrists and arms are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cyclist’s Palsy. You can avoid these by ensuring that your wrists are not dropping below the handlebars.

In addition, you should practice warming up your hands and wrist before starting to paddle. You can invest in safety gear such as padded gloves, elbow caps, and more. Moreover, many cyclists also opt for shallow handlebars to reduce the distance created when riding. It helps to alleviate the pressure.

Bottom line

Cycling is a great activity toactivityn stay healthy. However, you can ensure that you do not face any of the injuries mentioned above, and you should follow precautionary measures.

These include using safety gear and not ignoring any signs and symptoms of injuries, pains, and wounds. You should consult a specialist to sort out the issue if there is some recurring injury.

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