What Happens During a Chiropractic Treatment? 2023

If you are reluctant to get a chiropractic adjustment for the fear that it will be painful, it may be understandable that you would want to know more about what happens at the chiropractor before deciding to visit a chiropractor. SnapCrack chiropractor Miami wants to reassure you that you should have no fear regarding anything that happens during a chiropractic session, since your chiropractors will take the time to explain everything that will be done before it happens.

Book your appointment and prepare to enjoy the great feeling the chiropractic treatment will provide and prevent you from living with certain pains. In the meantime, here is what you can expect will happen during chiropractic treatment.

Two Main Impacts

Chiropractic adjustments impact two main benefits to those who receive them. These are structural and physiological. Let’s see what happens in each area.

1- Structural Impacts

Structural Impacts

A chiropractic treatment will improve your joint motion and increase your muscle function. To address joint motion, your chiropractor will perform a quick but gentle thrust to the joints in the affected area. Afterward, the joints will be freed and be able to function correctly.

When a joint has been left with a decreased motion for a while, the muscles around it will tense and be unable to function as they should. Through chiropractic adjustment, the muscles will also be able to relax and start performing normally.

2- Physiological Impacts

Physiological Impacts

Any time you suffer from pain in your joints, inflammation will occur. If it is allowed to get out of control, damage to the surrounding area can ensue. A chiropractic treatment will also address the underlying inflammation, decreasing it significantly.

The nervous system will also benefit from a chiropractic treatment since any time that the joints in your spine are misaligned it can result in messages that travel to and from the brain going awry. When the spinal cord achieves its normal positioning, messages can once again flow freely between the body and the corresponding body parts.

What does the Chiropractor do During an Adjustment?

A visit to a chiropractor is like visiting any other healthcare provider, although you may notice some salient differences, starting with the presence of the chiropractic treatment table. These tables allow for the positioning and movement of your body during the adjustment and are an integral component of the treatment.

During the initial consultation, your chiropractor will ask for all of your information regarding your medical history and the condition that has you in pain now. The chiropractor will then perform a physical exam focusing on the spine. During the assessment, they will look at issues such as range of motion, reflexes, muscle strength, neurological and orthopedic performance, and more.

A treatment plan will be developed depending on the extent of your injuries, the state of your health, the condition of your spine, and your personal goals.

What is a typical Treatment?

Chiropractor do During an Adjustment?

Through a chiropractic adjustment, your doctor will use controlled force, leverage, amplitude, direction, and velocity aimed at specific joints.

They may also work on specific areas besides the spine, such as the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, or shoulder to restore structural alignment and improve function.

You will likely require several adjustments, depending on the severity of your condition. Your chiropractor may also incorporate other techniques such as the application of heat and ice, electrical stimulation, rehabilitative exercises, and others.

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