How The Pandemic Has Fuelled Drug Use In The United States

How The Pandemic Has Fuelled Drug Use In The United States 2023

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If you are unsure whether addiction is beginning to make its mark, then read the excerpt below and understand how the pandemic has fuelled drug use in the United States.

More than ten thousand people have lost their lives during the COVID19 lockdown. This is enough data to understand that there is another epidemic looming within the pandemic.

Negative times are always known to induce the use of drugs and other addictive substances, and with a time looming like the pandemic, the consumption went rogue. With people losing their jobs and being locked up inside four walls, depression arrived and fueled drug use in the United States.

There have been several factors influencing drug use. Degrading mental health is an important one. If you are one of the victims of such painful addiction or you want to help a loved one, then try this.

If you are unsure whether addiction is beginning to make its mark, then read the excerpt below and understand how the pandemic has fuelled drug use in the United States.

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Why Drug Usage Increase In Difficult Times

The difficult times are known for suppressing the endorphins release, popularly known as happy hormones. As a result, patients who are even trying to recover automatically become more prone to relapses.

When everyone around them is going through a negative turmoil, it is extra difficult for them to hold the motivation, especially during the pandemic, when the entire world went to a complete lockdown, all sorts of socializing stops.

Alone isolated with their thoughts, drugs become their only companion. Therefore, giving positive support to your close ones who are suffering from this addiction is very important.

The drugs are essentially preventing them from seeing the light, and they will need personal support and professional help to look at the positive sides.

Reasons Behind the Increase Of Drug Usage During The Pandemic

If you find yourself suffering from any of the following issues, then staying away from any addictive substance is advised—especially drugs, since their clutches are stronger than any other substance.

1. A Deteriorating Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are the two common mental problems that patients with drug addiction are facing the most during this pandemic. Unfortunately, any efforts to come out of this situation are lost in the constant negative atmosphere.

There is a surge of people going back to these substances, either out of monotony or boredom. They are finding nothing better to do.

2. Prescribed Medicines

Prescribed Medicine

Prescribed medicines have increased during the pandemic. Either to cure the early symptoms of COVID19 or post diseases curing. Patients who have already suffered from addiction are consuming more than the prescribed amount.

Opioid addiction is one of the dangerous ones which has increased during the pandemic.

3. Isolation


Isolation is dangerous for anyone going through addiction. Patients always need holistic distractions to not think about drug addiction. Patients who have already been in rehabilitation centers have to be sent home, and they have to deal with the worst withdrawal symptoms on their own.

If a person suffering from addiction is left alone with their thoughts, they will find a way to justify their consumption.

4. No Socialization No Distraction

All forms of socialization have either been minimized or eliminated completely from our lives. Social distancing and wearing masks at all times is essential for the pandemic, but it’s definitely putting a damper on socialization.

With friendly distractions and healthy companies gone, people suffering from addiction are finding ‘solace’ in the euphoria of drug use.

5. Everything Online

Technology is definitely a boon, but if you have to use it all the time, it could be a curse. Too much online consumption is one of the crucial reasons for anxiety and deteriorating mental health.

If anyone is controlled by the influence of drugs, this situation can be ten times worse. As a result, they are consuming more drugs to escape this.

6. No Proper Supervision

People staying with supportive friends or roommates helping them get rid of this addiction had to leave because of the pandemic. Even the physical rehabilitation centers were closed down.

For a drug addiction sufferer, it is not easy to hold their willpower at all times. They will definitely need some support and supervision to stop their relapses. Unfortunately, with that gone during the pandemic, people are getting more addicted to such substances.

7. Loss Of Jobs

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Another cause of major depression is the heavy loss of employment. For example, during the pandemic, many businesses and big sectors went through a loss, and as a result, they had to cut down on employment for their own sustenance.

There could be nothing worse than a loss of job during this time, and drug usage has seen an increase to cope with this.

8. Family Feuds

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Many had to leave their rented place during the pandemic and move back with their families. Nothing could be more dangerous for a patient than a family that has some unresolved issues which cause constant feuds.

This will create a negative indoor environment along with the state of the world, and people will keep relapsing to drug usage for a little escape.

9. A Feeling Of Gloom


The pandemic has sucked the positivity out of many, and people suffering from drug addiction are getting the worst side of it.

They are constantly using drugs to cope with it, and drug usage is affecting their mental health, even more, leading them to consume more substances. It is like they are stuck in a deadly loop.

10. Lack Of Motivation


Needless to say, motivation is rare during this time. People suffering from zero addiction are finding it difficult to cope.

The constant negative news and being imprisoned in their own house. Even the work-life is not the same, and patients of drug abuse are already on the most negative side of the spectrum.

Final Note

If someone is already suffering from drug addiction or has a history of relapsing to these substances, they should be put under proper supervision.

They need professional help and support during these difficult times, and if you know someone suffering from this painful addiction, consult a recovery center today.

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