Catherine Reitman Botched Lip Surgery; What Went Wrong?

Catherine Reitman has been a hot topic among fans for a while. And not only for producing and acting in the Netflix series ‘Workin’ Moms’ but for the changes in her lips. It is said that she underwent plastic surgery that went horribly wrong. Keep on reading to know more about Catherine Reitman lips.

Upon close observation, people claim that the upper portion of Catherine Reitman lips looks quite deformed. It is full along the sides as normal but becomes extremely thin in the center beneath the Cupid’s bow. Is it natural or the mistake of a botched surgeon? Let’s find out!

Do You Know Catherine Reitman?

Catherine Reitman

Catherine Marcelle Reitman is a well-known actress, director, producer, and screenwriter holding American-Canadian nationality. She was born on April 28 1981 to French-Canadian actress Genevieve Robert and Canadian film director Ivan Reitman in Toronto, Canada. Her comedy series ‘Workin’ Moms’ has been airing since 2017 and is quite popular.

She portrays Kate Foster alongside Juni Rinandi and Dani Kind. The series portrays the struggles of working moms in balancing out their love life and families. It has received a total of 25 nominations and 4 awards.

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Early Life and Educational Background

Catherine Reitman was brought up with love alongside her siblings Caroline Reitman and Jason Reitman, now a film director, by her parents.

She attended Cate School where she became a part of the school’s drama club and participated actively in most of the plays. After passing high school in 1999, she studied at the University of Southern California and left with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in acting.

Roles in Movies

Catherine Reitman roles in movies

Despite Catherine Reitman’s unusual lips, she has appeared in more than 50 television series and movies.

She made her acting debut as a seven-year-old child star in 1988 when her mother got her a role in a comedy-crime movie ‘Twins’ that also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. This film got a Golden Globe nomination along with 4 awards. Following this, Catherine Reitman appeared in ‘Dave’, ‘Kindergarten Cop’, and ‘Ghostbusters II’.

She made her voicing debut in 1996 by lending her voice to Nerdluck Bupkus in ‘Space Jam’, an animated comedy movie. In 2006, she played Monique in ‘Soup of the Day’ and she appeared in ‘I Love You, Man’ in 2009.

Furthermore, she played leading roles in ‘Slow Learners’, ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’, ‘Frankie Advice’, and ‘The D-Monster’. She also voiced the lead character in ‘Babble-On Begins; The Director’s Cut’ (2016).

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Roles in TV series

Catherine Reitman roles in TV series

Catherine Reitman made her first ever TV series appearance in the episode of My Three Witches of ‘Charmed’ in 2003. She took up single-episode roles in ‘Kath and Kim’, ‘All of Us’, and ‘Judging Amy’.

Catherine Reitman has also lent her voice to The Kid in ‘The Ballad of Mary and Ernie’. Her other famous television dramas include ‘Farmed and Dangerous’, ‘Weeds’, and ‘Super Fun Night’.

Catherine Reitman’s comedy series ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ won four awards while ‘Black-ish’ gathered 62 awards including a Golden Globe.

Awards and Achievements

Catherine Reitman has won a number of awards and nominations throughout her career. She was nominated in 2018 for Best Lead Actress, Comedy, and Best Comedy Series for ‘Workin’ Moms’.

The following year Catherine Reitman was nominated for Best Lead Actress, Comedy, Best Direction in Comedy Program/Series, Best Comedy Series, and ACTRA Toronto Award for outstanding performance.

2020 brought her two Canadian Screen Award Nominations and two Gracie Awards in Comedy.

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Love Life, Relationships, and Marriage

Catherine Reitman is very private when it comes to her love and personal life. She has not mentioned nor been seen with any other men apart from her husband since 2009 named Philip Sternberg.

He is a talented actor, director, producer, and president of Candor Entertainment. He is popular for his appearances in ‘Firefly’, ‘City Guys’, ‘Southland Tales’, and ‘First Flight’. He has written ‘The Super’ and ‘Divorce Corp’ and is also known to have directed nine episodes of his wife Catherine Reitman’s ‘Workin’ Moms’. He has never mentioned having any problems with Catherine Reitman botched lips.

Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg have two children, Jackson and Liam Sternberg, born three years apart in 2013 and 2016, respectively.

Hobbies and Interests

Although Catherine Reitman leads a very busy life based on her entertainment career, she still finds time for her family and hobbies. She likes to travel but hasn’t been able to due to childbirth. Her movies and series have taken her around several American and Canadian cities as well as European countries including Paris, that being her favorite.

Catherine Reitman visits the zoos a lot with her family as she is a keen animal lover, especially bears. Her other interests include watching late-night movies of her favorite actors; Will Smith, Robin Williams, and Tom Hanks.

Botched Lip Surgery

Botched Lip Surgery

Coming towards Catherine Reitman’s lips, the actress has received a lot of negativity for her unusual upper lip. But she has never taken the backlash seriously and was found making fun of her lips in her own series ‘Workin’ Moms’. This was quite surprising for people who even said that Catherine Reitman’s lips made it difficult for them to watch the TV drama.

Catherine Reitman has never shared whether her lips are natural or the outcome of a botched surgery, but fans are posting her before and after photos that appear quite different. It is also speculated that the photos are of a woman named Keara. Hence, nothing is officially confirmed regarding the abnormal lips of Catherine Reitman.

Physical Features and Net Worth

As of her date of birth, Catherine Reitman is 42 years old with a height and body weight of 5 feet 5 inches and 58 kilograms, respectively. She has a smart oblong face, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair.

Catherine Reitman is always seen smiling regardless of what people say about her. She has a net worth estimated at around $1.3 Million.


It is rumored that the actress got lip surgery that went horribly wrong and caused Catherine Reitman lips to swell so she couldn’t close her mouth anymore. Others say her lips are natural. Nevertheless, the celebrity has never shared anything about her unusual upper lip and might still not in the future.

Whatever the case, making fun of her beyond the limit is wrong as every woman is beautiful just in the way she is. That’s it for now!

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