Camila Cabello Weight Gain Story and Critizition She Faced 2023

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Camila Cabello weight gain story prompted a lot of criticism, but the Havana singer stood tall and fought for body positivity.

In recent times Camila Cabello Weight Gain was the topic of huge discussion among the media and her fans.

As the pandemic got over, everything and everybody was at home, not working and going out, so most people got some weight and became a little chubby. Likewise, many celebrities and social media stars also gained some weight.

We all admit that celebrities are always scrutinized from the angle from which their fans do not wish to see any imperfections in their looks and abilities.

So as the famous Cuban singer got some weight, her fans started trolling and bashing her.

But do you know what the most wonderful aspect of this was? Camilla Cabello stands out, and she knows what to do and what to say in this situation when you are bashing out from all around.

What she said was:

“I’m wearing a shirt that displays my tummy and I was not tucking it in.”

” Because I was going around and acting like a normal person who don’t always tuck it in. And I thought to myself that, “Damn,” but then I reminded myself that fighting your body is so last season.”

Let’s dig into how Camila Cabello gained weight and what she went through as a result.

Camila Cabello Weight

Camila Cabello Weight


We all know this beautiful singer who has won everyone’s heart through her songs Havana, Senorita, Bam Bam, Never Be The Same, and many more.

She made her name through hard work and dedication, but soon after the pandemic, her weight became a point of interest for the media and fans.

Before the pandemic scenario, Havana star was in good shape and weight, but she gained some weight during the pandemic and faced little body fluctuations.

It was obvious that she was comfortable with her body and that’s why she wore an outfit that showed off her little big stomach. In this outfit, she was photographed on the beach during the COVID-19 time.

A fire was started on the Internet by her pictures, and people started bashing and body-shaming her. But in the response, the brave lady made a tik-tok video in response to the trollers.

She clarified to her trollers that she is perfectly fine with her body and weight. Weight doesn’t matter to her.

What matters is staying fit and healthy. However, she will lose weight not by getting rid of these negative comments and bashing but only for herself.

Camelo Cabella Body

Camelo Cabella Body


Some people have a body type that is constantly changing. Sometimes they get weight, and after a time, they lose and get in a perfect size.

It’s all about their internal metabolism system. Camelo also seems to have this body type that is fluctuating.

The beautiful Cuban singer knows how to stay fit and healthy, but she believes it should be only for oneself to decide what type of body one wants.

She further believes that it is time that we should move on from the concepts of fatphobic and zero body sizes.

All types of bodies are perfect if one is physically active and healthy. Exercising and working out are good, but it should not be for getting rid of bashing and negative comments. Everything we do should be for ourselves.

Besides her singing talent, people also admire her for her beauty. But, as with other celebrities, when she crossed some traditional beauty boundaries, the same people criticized her, which ultimately was heartbreaking for her.

Her 2019 Instagram Stories & Posts

Her 2019 Instagram Stories & Posts


2019 Instagram Stories & Posts


Camila Cabello is very active on social media, especially on her Instagram. When people trolled her for her weight, she responded through her instagram stories.

In her Instagram posts and stories, she said that the weight gain thing, in the beginning, made her feel terrible because people were continuously bashing her and she was feeling awful. But later she realized that it was not a big issue.

In today’s time, we need to move on from these fatphobic things, and all that is important is becoming healthy and fit.

The main thing is that if someone is comfortable in his body, there is no meaning in teasing or passing negative comments.

But I think the worst thing is that girls these days look for perfection that isn’t even attainable in this world.

Additionally, the Havana singer also expressed that she admits to being a real woman with stretch marks, fats, and curves on her body, and she owns it with pride.

This is something every woman should own because, as a human, everything is natural.

In James Corden’s The Late Show, Don’t Go Yet singer shared her story about being unknowingly photographed.

She said that after her weight gain period, she went out in a bikini in which her stomach was exposed. The paparazzi took her pictures without her knowledge.

She also said that she knows how paparazzi will sell her pictures in the media and everything that will happen. Later, she relaxed and became the voice of body positivity.

Camila Cabello Became Shawn Mendes’s Inspiration

Camila Cabello Became Shawn Mendes's Inspiration


Everyone knows the name of Shawn Mendes and loves his music too. Camila became an inspiration for millions of people, including Shawn Mendes, during the fight for body positivity.

During his interview in November 2020, he praised Camilo by saying that this young woman is strong, clear, and confident about her body. He further added that Cabilo has changed his life and inspired his views.

The way Shawn Mendes stood by Camila was more than just love, and he proved himself to be a great partner.

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