Calendula Oil and Its Top 5 Skin Benefits For 2023

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Calendula Oil Benefits

Are you looking to plant an all-rounder in your garden? Search no more; Calendula should be your choice. The plant brings exceptional looks as well as medical and culinary benefits to your garden. Native to Western Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean, Calendula’s bright flowers make your garden a spot of attraction. Calendula oil is a famous product of this plant, distilled from the flower tops. It has medicinal properties similar to the plant itself. Today, we will discuss its properties and calendula oil benefits.

Let’s skim over the benefits of calendula oil, the ways to plant and use it, and much more.

How to Plant Calendula?

Also known as Pot Marigold, the Calendula plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. It puts out bright yellow or orange flowers up to 2 feet tall, with narrow petals. Although you can purchase dried flowers to obtain all their medicinal benefits, adding the calendula plant to your garden is totally worth it.

calendula oil benefits

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For beginner gardeners, Calendula is an excellent choice because it requires less care and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the type of soil and frequent watering. This plant can even survive frost and drought. Moreover, you can plant it indoors or outdoor, as it can grow both in shade and sun.

Calendula flowers grow fast, so picking up the mature flowers every 2-4 days is necessary. By harvesting, you can allow more flowers to grow. Calendula is an annual plant for severe weather, meaning it lasts up to a year and usually self-seed for the following year. However, in mild climates, it can be perennial and live for more than two years.

How to Prepare Calendula Oil?

Calendula oil is a common way to extract and utilize the medicinal benefits of the plant. The process begins by warming up oil and depositing the calendula flowers in it for several weeks. You can use jojoba oil, olive oil, or carrier oil for the process and stir the flowers daily for a better result. When ready, calendula oil would work impressively for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Storing Calendula Oil

To make sure you get the best out of calendula oil benefits, store them appropriately. You must save the calendula oil products in a place free of moisture, preferably somewhere dark and dry. Keep the oil you’ve prepared in an airtight container. Place it in a dark and cool place to get the most of calendula oil benefits.

Furthermore, if you’ve only harvested the flower petals, you can still store them in an airtight container to prevent staling. When consuming calendula oil products, be sure not to save them for too long. Always consult the expiration date on the packaging.

Calendula Oil Benefits

Once you’ve purchased dried calendula flowers or have grown your own in the garden, it’s time to evaluate whether distilling the oil is worth it. The top 5 calendula oil benefits are as follows:

Skin Moisturizing

The first in our calendula oil benefits list is skin moisturizing. It is rich in linoleic acid that’s exceptional for keeping your skin fresh. Particularly good for those with dry skins, it helps retain water for a longer duration and absorb nutrients necessary for the skin.

By applying calendula oil frequently, your skin would appear smoother, supple, and more nourished.

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

    One of the best calendula oil benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation and swelling are the root cause of various skin problems and diseases. Calendula oil acts as an inhibitor against them.

    It is rich in saponins, triterpenoids, and flavonoids, helping it stopping the release of histamines from your body. It, in turn, blocks the occurrence of redness, pain, inflammation, and allergies appearing on your skin. The oil is safe to use with other anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid if you’re treating, let’s say, a breakout, as it prevents skin from drying out.

  2. A More Supple Skin

    Calendula oil benefits do not stop here. The oil also helps you to have firm and tighter skin due to its nourishing properties. Moreover, constant use of calendula oil brings protection for elastin and collagen in the long run. The oil also possesses anti-aging properties by tackling premature wrinkles and helping your skin glow.

  3. A Healthier Skin

    Calendula oil offers the necessary nutrients to your skin to keep it healthy. Moreover, people have been using it for years as a wound healing remedy. It spurs the healing of C-section scars and prevents reddening and swelling of wounds.

    Calendula oil benefits also include acting as a stimulant for increased blood flow and oxygen for the skin. The skin looks healthier and tackles wounds more quickly due to this increased blood flow that carries the required nutrients.

  4. Protection against Damage

    Throughout the day, your skin is subject to damage from countless external aggressors. The most common is the free radical damage that results from high destructive molecules settling and destroying your skin. But thankfully, calendula oil’s richness in flavonoids offers protection against such damage.

    The flavonoid is an antioxidant that can pair up with such destructive molecules to protect your skin. By neutralizing the molecules before they can settle and damage your skin, calendula oil offers defense against skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging.

Does the Calendula oil have Side Effects?

Although calendula oil’s benefits are numerous, it is not entirely safe to consume in certain situations. People allergic to plants from the Asteraceae family should avoid using this oil. Because it can lead to an allergic reaction on your skin. Furthermore, stop candela oil usage before any surgery. It is more prominent when you take candela by mouth. In combination with certain medications, it can cause drowsiness. – Pregnant women should avoid calendula’s use, either by mouth or topically, as it’s likely unsafe. There’s a rising concern that candela’s use leads to miscarriage during pregnancy. Therefore, to be on the safe side, avoid its use even when breastfeeding.


Candela is an amazing plant to add to your garden, bringing not only great appearance but also medicinal and culinary benefits. You can use it in many ways, such as through creams, tea, and oil. Along with calendula oil benefits, it comes with some side effects. It is always wise to consult your doctor for professional advice before consuming calendula in any form.

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