Brooke Elliott Weight Loss: Here’s All She Did To Shed Pounds

Brooke Elliott has taken the entertainment world by storm with her remarkable weight loss transformation. The Sweet Magnolias actress has garnered attention for her significant change in appearance.

Let’s delve into the details of her weight loss journey, diet plan, workout regimen, and more.

All About Brooke Elliot’s Weight Loss

All About Brooke Elliot’s Weight Loss

The journey of Brooke Elliott weight loss transformation may have been shrouded in mystery, but the results were undeniable. In 2022, as she reprised her role as Dana Sue in the series Sweet Magnolias, fans and admirers couldn’t help but notice the stunning change in her appearance.

Brooke Elliott is a renowned actress who has graced both television screens and musical theaters. With roles in What Women Want, Sweet Magnolias, and acclaimed musicals such as Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, The Pirate Queen, and Taboo, she had always embraced her curves.

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Quick Facts

Full Name Brooke Elliot
Age 48 Years
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Profession American Actress, Singer
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth November 16, 1974
Place of Birth Fridley, Minnesota, United States
Father Robert Elliot
Mother Kathleen Elliot
Siblings Jamie Alexander, Adam Elliott
Relationship Status Unmarried
Height  5 feet, 5 inches
Weight 84 Kg (185 Lbs)
Net Worth $5 Million

Brooke Elliott’s Weight Loss Diet Regimen


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@Brooke Elliott was always proud of her appearance before her weight loss journey. She embraced her identity as a plus-sized actress, a rarity in the entertainment industry. Even after her transformation, she continued to exude confidence.

Thanks to a dedicated approach to diet and exercise, Brooke Elliott managed to shed a remarkable 30 pounds. The visible results of her weight loss have ignited conversations about her journey throughout 2022.

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Brooke Elliott’s Diet Plan

Brooke Elliott's Diet Plan

Brooke Elliott’s diet plan, though straightforward, played a pivotal role in her weight loss. She adopted a calorie deficit, a common strategy in weight loss programs. Her food choices emphasized low-calorie, healthy options over processed foods. This simple yet effective approach led to her impressive 30-pound weight loss.

What is Brooke Elliot’s Weight?

What is Brooke Elliot’s Weight?

At some point, Brooke Elliott faced challenges with her weight, which reached around 185 lbs with a height of approximately 1.65 cm.

However, her commitment to a balanced diet, regular workouts, and a healthy lifestyle led to a remarkable transformation. She successfully shed around 30 pounds, bringing her current weight to approximately 155 lbs.

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What Is Brooke Elliott’s Workout Routine?

Brooke Elliott weight loss journey wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated workout regimen. To achieve her 30-pound weight loss, she wholeheartedly embraced Zumba and Turbo Jam.

These fun and effective exercise routines facilitated significant fat loss. Notably, her demanding schedule didn’t deter her from achieving a lower BMI classification. Formerly classified as obese, Brooke Elliott has now transitioned to the category of ‘overweight,’ a remarkable achievement given her busy career.


Brooke Elliott’s journey is an inspiring testament to her confidence and determination. Through a disciplined approach to diet and exercise, she successfully shed 30 pounds, inspiring many others, particularly plus-sized women. Her weight loss story stands as a remarkable example of dedication and transformation.

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