The 11 Best Weight Loss Apps Free: Path to a Healthier You

If you’re trying to shed those extra pounds and achieve a healthier lifestyle, you’re in luck! With the rapid advancement of technology, weight loss has never been more accessible and achievable.

And the best part? Some of the best weight loss apps are completely free! Whether you’re into meal planning, activity tracking, or cultivating healthy habits, there’s an app out there that suits your needs.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of top-notch free weight loss apps that can guide you on your fitness journey.

How Do The Weight Loss App Work For You?

Weight loss apps are like your personal fitness companion, residing right in your pocket. These apps empower you to monitor your lifestyle habits, from tracking calorie intake to recording your exercise routines.

But they’re not just about numbers; many offer additional features like community forums, barcode scanners, and integration with other health apps or devices. These features keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss goals, making your journey more engaging and enjoyable.

These Top 11 Weight Loss Apps in 2023 will help you achieve your fit and fabulous figure:

1- Activity Tracking with “Fitbit”

Activity Tracking with “Fitbit”


  • Offers automatic activity syncing from wearable devices.
  • Features food and waterlogging.
  • Provides detailed activity data.
  • Allows tracking of additional health data like heart rate and sleep.


  • Requires a Fitbit device for certain data.
  • A subscription is needed for more detailed insights.

If you’re all about staying active, Fitbit is your perfect companion. With a range of fitness trackers and smartwatches, Fitbit ensures you never miss a step in your weight loss journey. Its app syncs seamlessly with your Fitbit device, presenting detailed data on your actions, heart rate, and sleep quality.

You can also manually log other health metrics like weight and stress levels. Fitbit’s community features and challenges keep you motivated, while the premium version offers in-depth insights into your health trends. However, owning a Fitbit device might be necessary to access certain features.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$9.99/month Or $79.99/year 4.3 Yes 4.1

2- Nutrient Tracking with “Cronometer”

Nutrient Tracking with “Cronometer”


  • Tracks an extensive range of nutrients.
  • Monitors biometric data like cholesterol levels, glucose levels, etc.
  • Offers a blog and forum for user interactions.


  • Requires a subscription for advanced features.
  • Potential for calorie counting to impact food relationships.

While calorie counting is important, focusing on nutrient intake can elevate your weight loss journey. Cronometer excels in tracking up to 82 micronutrients, ensuring you meet your daily vitamin and mineral requirements. It offers comprehensive reports and charts, giving insights into your nutritional progress.

Moreover, the app goes beyond tracking calories and biometric data, providing an inclusive platform for community interactions. Cronometer’s detailed approach to nutrient track sets it apart as a valuable tool on your weight loss journey.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$4.16 4.7 Yes 4.5

3- Weight Loss with “Noom”

Weight Loss with “Noom”


  • Offers one-on-one coaching consultation.
  • Provides community groups with coaches.
  • Focuses on behavior modification.
  • Features food and exercise logging.


  • It can be costly, depending on the subscription type.

Noom is your friendly virtual coach, guiding you toward sustainable lifestyle changes. This popular weight loss app personalizes your daily calorie budget based on your factors, such as weight, height, and goals.

With a database of over 3.5 million foods, Noom helps you track your nutrition and exercise. But the standout feature? Virtual health coaching! Noom coaches provide support and help you set achievable weekly goals.

However, it’s important to note that Noom’s coaching resembles email communication, and its effectiveness varies among individuals. Noom may not be suitable for everyone due to its calorie-counting approach.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$70/month Or $209/year 4.7 No 4.2

4- Ultimate Calorie Counter: “MyFitnessPal”

Ultimate Calorie Counter: “MyFitnessPal


  • Offers user-friendly features like Quick Add and a barcode scanner.
  • Syncs with various fitness tracking apps.
  • Provides detailed feedback on intake.
  • Offers graphs and charts of macronutrient intake.


  • Relies on a user-generated nutrition database.
  • It can be time-consuming to adjust serving sizes and enter recipes.

When it comes to calorie counting, MyFitnessPal is a game changer. This popular app integrates calorie tracking and macronutrient monitoring into its strategy for effective weight loss.

MyFitnessPal calculates your daily calorie needs and allows you to log your food intake using a comprehensive nutrition database.

Moreover, it offers detailed insights into your nutritional intake, including pie charts showcasing your fat, carbohydrate, and protein consumption.

Although it’s a powerful tool, remember that relying solely on calorie counting may not suit everyone’s preferences or goals.

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Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$19.99/month Or $79.99/year 4.7 Yes 4.1

5- Informed Choices with “Fooducate”

Informed Choices with “Fooducate”


  • Offers a grading system for healthy choices.
  • Provides food and exercise tracking.
  • Alerts you about less healthy ingredients.
  • Suggests healthier alternatives.


  • Premium features require in-app purchases.
  • Potential for calorie counting to impact food relationships.

Navigating grocery aisles can be challenging, but Fooducate makes it a breeze. This nutrition scanner app lets you scan barcodes for detailed product information, including ingredient lists and nutrient composition. It goes further by highlighting less healthy ingredients often hidden in products.

Fooducate guides you toward healthier choices by suggesting alternatives and offering a unique way to evaluate food products. While some features require purchases, the ability to make informed choices is invaluable for your weight loss journey.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$9.99/month Or $49.99/year 4.7 Yes 4.3

6- “Lose It! App”: Your Meal Logging Companion

“Lose It! App”: Your Meal Logging Companion


  • Features a large food database.
  • Syncs with health apps and trackers.
  • Offers a barcode scanner.
  • Includes the innovative Snap It feature.


  • Doesn’t track vitamins and minerals.
  • Potential for calorie counting to impact food relationships.

Lose It! is all about fostering healthy habits through calorie counting and weight tracking. With a database of over 33 million foods, including restaurant items, Lose It! makes logging meals a breeze. It also introduces the Snap It feature, which lets you track portion sizes by simply taking photos of your meals.

This innovative approach can be a game changer for accurate portion control. Lose It! encourages you to focus on non-scale victories, promoting a more balanced perspective on your journey.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$39.99/month Or $189.99/year 4.8 Yes 4.5

7- Supportive Community with “WW”

Supportive Community with “WW”


  • Offers 24/7 live coaching.
  • Allows social networking with fellow members.
  • Provides food and exercise logging.
  • Hosts weekly in-person workshops on some plans.


  • May be challenging for some to track points.
  • No free version available.

Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW is a community-oriented weight loss program using a points system to guide food choices. Unlike traditional diets, WW doesn’t ban any foods. You receive a daily points allotment and a list of zero-point foods through an online quiz.

The WW app helps you track points and connect with a supportive community through workshops, social networking, and rewards. It’s a holistic weight loss approach emphasizing balanced eating and sustainable habits.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$11.50 – $43/month 4.8 No 4.6

8- Healthier Choices with “FatSecret”

Healthier Choices with “FatSecret”


  • Features a vast food database.
  • Offers monthly calorie averages.
  • Allows sharing of data with healthcare professionals.


  • It can be complex to navigate.
  • Potential for calorie counting to impact food relationships.

Support and community play a pivotal role in weight loss success. Enter FatSecret, an app that places a strong emphasis on community engagement. Its community chat feature lets you connect with like-minded individuals who share your goals.

Beyond that, FatSecret’s database of popular foods and its unique grading system helps you make informed choices.

This app doesn’t just reveal nutritional information; it offers a variety of healthier alternatives, turning your grocery shopping into a journey of discovery.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$6.99/month Or $38.99/year 4.8 Yes 4.6

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9- Meal Planning with “PlateJoy”

Meal Planning with “PlateJoy”


  • Suitable for various dietary needs.
  • Focuses on meal planning and healthy cooking.
  • Offers customizable portion sizes.
  • Great for families.


  • It requires a subscription.

PlateJoy is your answer. This meal-planning app, designed by dietitians, lets you set specific goals like weight loss and choose from different dietary patterns such as keto, dairy-free, and paleo.

It even takes into account individual preferences and household portion sizes. With a custom meal plan and a curated grocery list, PlateJoy ensures that your meals are nutritious and tailored to your needs. Plus, it offers integration with grocery delivery services, simplifying your shopping experience.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$13/month 4.7 No 4.0

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10- Tailored Solutions for Diabetes with “MyNetDiary”

Tailored Solutions for Diabetes with “MyNetDiary”-best weight loss apps free


  • Supports carb counting.
  • Offers blood glucose tracking and reminders.
  • Provides insulin and medication tracking.
  • Features A1C and exercise tracking.


  • A subscription is required for most features.
  • Potential for calorie counting to impact food relationships.

Diabetes and weight loss often go hand in hand, and MyNetDiary’s Diabetes Tracker caters to both needs. This app excels in carb tracking, providing total and net carb counts for each food item logged.

With features like blood glucose tracking, insulin medication logging, and A1C monitoring, it’s a comprehensive tool for managing diabetes.

It also helps you stay active with exercise tracking and supports your weight loss journey. Remember that many features require a subscription, but the tailored solutions for diabetes make it a valuable investment.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free Version? Android Rating
$8.99/month Or $59.99/year 4.7 Yes 4.5

11- Healthy Habits with “Strides”

Healthy Habits with “Strides”-best weight loss apps free


  • Focuses on habit tracking over calorie counting.
  • Offers progress reports for different time frames.
  • Customizable goals and practices.
  • It can be used to track various life goals.


  • Limited availability on Android.
  • A subscription is needed for full access.

Weight loss isn’t just about calories; it’s also about cultivating healthy habits. Strides is your partner in building a positive lifestyle. Unlike calorie-focused apps, Strides lets you track various patterns, from drinking water to sleep management. It even allows you to create an ideal daily routine and tag habits to keep you on track.

This app is perfect for those who prefer a holistic approach to wellness and want to focus on creating long-lasting habits rather than just tracking calories.

Monthly/Yearly Charges iOS Rating Free version? Android Rating
$4.99 – $39.99 4.8 Yes Not Available

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