Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery: Did She Tweak Her Rabbit Teeth?

Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery: Did She Tweak Her Rabbit Teeth?

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“Rumors were swirling in the air regarding Bae Suzy plastic surgery. She has officially addressed the rumors, clarifying that her statement referred to teeth lamination, not other procedures.”

Bae Suzy is undoubtedly a captivating Korean idol who has stolen the hearts of many. However, amidst her stunning beauty, persistent whispers about plastic surgery have surrounded her.

In a surprising turn of events, a recent episode of KBS’s “Invincible Youth Season 2” has sparked discussions about Miss A’s Suzy and the possibility of her undergoing plastic surgery. This revelation came to light during a candid conversation on the show, where Suzy hinted at having altered her appearance.

In this article, we delve into the speculations and scrutinize before-and-after photos to uncover whether there’s truth to the rumors.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bae Su-ji (Bae Suzy)
Age (As of 2023) 28 Years
Profession Actress, Model, Singer
Date of Birth October 10, 1995
Place of Birth Manheung-dong, Gwangju, South Korea
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality South Korean
Father Bae Wan-young
Mother Jeong Hyun-sook

Suzy’s Transformation: How Many Surgeries She Got?

As we examine Bae Suzy’s evolution over the years, intriguing changes seem to have taken place. Let’s dive in to find out if she really underwent the following surgeries.

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  • Her Telltale Nose Job

Bae Suzy Telltale Nose Job

Source: Canva

A remarkable transformation in Suzy’s appearance catches the eye – her nose tip. Comparing her more recent images with her youthful ones, the contrast in definition is undeniable. This noticeable difference leads us to speculate that a nose job might have contributed to this refined change.

  • The Eyelid Enigma

The Eyelid Enigma-bae suzy plastic surgery

Source: canva

Amidst the chatter about plastic surgery, one aspect remains unchanged – Suzy’s eyes. Her double eyelids are evident even in childhood photos, indicating that she possessed this feature long before fame graced her. Hence, it’s safe to say that eyelid surgery is not a procedure she underwent.

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  • The Hairline Transformation

The Hairline Transformation-bae suzy plastic surgery


Suzy’s hairline appears to have undergone a shift, prompting speculation about a potential procedure. The change is distinct – her hairline seems elevated compared to her past look. While this could be attributed to surgical intervention, it’s also possible that non-invasive methods, like laser removal, contributed to the change.

  • The Breast Augmentation

With a figure that turns heads, questions about Suzy’s breast augmentation are not uncommon. Yet, tracing back to her Miss A days in the K-pop realm, her breast size appears unchanged and natural. It seems she has chosen to maintain her natural physique, dismissing the notion of a boob job.

S.No: Surgery types Observations
1. Nose Job The refined proportion of the nose
2. Hairline Transformation Elevated hairline than before

Suzy’s Remarks On Surgical Alteration

Suzy’s Remarks On Surgical Alteration


The conversation unfolded as Jewelry’s Ye Won shared her own experiences with cosmetic procedures. She mentioned that after receiving a recommendation from another celebrity, she opted for a procedure on a specific body part. However, the outcome wasn’t as discreet as she had hoped, and her confidence took a hit.

Suzy chimed in, revealing her own connection to plastic surgery. She alluded to having made adjustments to the same body part, expressing optimism that the effects would improve over time.

Beyond this, Suzy disclosed her struggle with an “appearance complex,” citing thin hair and what she referred to as her “ugly forehead” as sources of insecurity.

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Her Physical Stats

Height 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight 66 Kg (144 Lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown

Did Suzy Clarify The Teeth-Laminating Rumors?

Did Suzy Clarify The Teeth-Laminating Rumors?

Source: canva

Following the episode, Suzy’s statement created a whirlwind of speculation, with netizens discussing the possibility of her admitting to plastic surgery. However, the confusion was short-lived, as a representative for Suzy later clarified the situation.

It turns out that Suzy’s mention of “plastic surgery” referred to a different procedure altogether – teeth lamination.

The representative stated, “What Suzy said in the show was, ‘I got two teeth laminated. I already did it so there’s nothing I can do about it.” This revelation put to rest the plastic surgery rumors that had begun circulating.

Suzy’s charm extends to her signature rabbit teeth, a unique trait she appears to embrace. Our inspection reveals no noticeable alterations to her teeth, including braces or veneers. Suzy takes pride in preserving her distinctive smile.

How Did Netizens’ React To Her Statement?

Netizens had a mixed reaction to Suzy’s initial statement. Some found it surprising that she had even mentioned plastic surgery, while others expressed their own opinions on the matter. Some comments ranged from “That’s Suzy’s most ridiculous comment” to “So your forehead is a problem? My body’s a big problem.”

However, amidst the varying viewpoints, Suzy’s candidness garnered appreciation from those who found her openness refreshing.

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