The Best Treatments That Help with Back Pain 2023

It’s estimated that 16% of the population suffers from back pain. It is one of the leading causes of sick days and can seriously affect individual quality of life.

While almost everyone will experience pain at some point in their lives, if you experience it for an extended period it is worth seeing your doctor and a qualified neurosurgeon.

They can help you understand what is causing the issue and how best to handle it. There are a number of treatment options.

Physical Therapy For Back Pain Treatments

Physical Therapy

This is the first thing that everyone should try. Physical therapy means being shown a variety of exercises to help you deal with what has caused the pain. For example, you may be shown how to adopt a correct posture. Years of incorrect posture can cause significant back pain.

Physical therapy will also identify the limits of your pain tolerance and can provide you with aerobic and strengthening exercises. These should help to ease the pain and improve your posture in the long term.



Another way of dealing with back pain is to learn to meditate. Focusing on something other than the pain in your back can help you to break the cycle of pain and relax your body. Simply relaxing can reduce inflammation and pain, making your back feel better.

Check Your Diet

Check Your Diet

Another effective and perhaps surprising approach to pain is to look at your diet. Foods that are high in sugars will contribute to weight gain. Carrying excess weight will place additional stress on all your muscles and your back.

Re-evaluating your diet, by reducing sugar intake, and avoiding processed foods, will help you to lose weight and reduce the pain.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Adjust Your Lifestyle-back pain

Dealing with severe back pain is a good reminder that you need to evaluate your lifestyle. For starters, if you smoke, it’s time to stop. Perhaps more importantly, you need to evaluate the activities that cause back pain. For example, if mowing the lawn makes your back worse you need to look at your mower. It may be causing you to bend too much. You’ll need to either replace the mower with a taller one or it may be time to pay someone else to mow the lawn.

Identifying the activities that cause you issues and stopping them is essential to help you recover.

Get Regular Injections

Get Regular Injections-back pain

It is possible to get injections to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. These aren’t suited to everyone but they can be beneficial. You’ll need to be referred by a doctor for injections and it should be recognized that these are not a long-term solution. They can simply help you deal with the pain while you make other lifestyle adjustments.

Acupuncture For Back Pain Treatments

Acupuncture-back pain

Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective way to eliminate back pain. However, this is something that needs to be done by a registered professional. The fine needles target specific pressure points to relieve the pressure on your spine and make you feel more comfortable.

Remember, the best solution is different for everyone as it depends on what is causing your back pain and your tolerance levels. That’s why you need to speak to a professional first.



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