B707 Xanax - Are You Getting the Right Pill

B707 Xanax – Are You Getting the Right Pill? 2023

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Some fake pills that are sold as B707 Xanax are fatal. Here is how you can detect fake pills from real ones.

So, B707 Xanax is prescribed to you or your loved one to deal with anxiety. But you know that your chances of getting fake pills are high because of the significant supply of their counterfeit in the market.

You are wary and want to know the way to distinguish between a real and a fake Alprazolam pill.

You have every right to be concerned. After all, B707 Xanax can be deadly if it’s laced with fentanyl. Other than this major risk, a fake Xanax pill can have many minor threats to health.

For example, if the dosage is not right, the pill may not impart the benefits it’s supposed to offer.

So, how can you confirm that the pill you are buying is the one that is prescribed by your physician or not?

Luckily, there are some methods to tell if the pill in your hand is real or fake. Continue reading to find all the methods.

B707 Xanax – Basics

B707 Xanax – Basics

Source: healthline.com


The first thing we should know about B707 – or Blue 707 – Xanax is that it is a tranquilizer. Tranquilizers are the drugs that soothe overactive mind making anxiety go away.

These medicines are usually prescribed to treat the symptoms of anxiety, phobias, and fears. When you take them, they impart a feeling of calmness to your mind.

B707 Xanax belongs to the brand name Xanax which is an over-the-counter pill made of Alprazolam. Every bar of Blue 707 Xanax contains 2mg of the drug alprazolam.

You can use this bar as a whole or you can divide it into two or four parts depending on your prescription.

If you divide it into two parts, each part will contain 1mg of the drug. For the four-part division, every part will represent 0.5mg of the drug.

This chemical depresses the nervous functions to treat the symptoms of anxiety. Xanax belongs to Antianxiety Agents – a class of drugs that is dedicated to anxiety treatment.

Prescription And Side Effects

Prescription And Side Effects

Source: whitesandstreatment.com

More specifically, this drug is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. But it doesn’t come without side effects.

Common issues faced by the users include tired feeling, speech slurring, memory issues, drowsiness, and early morning anxiety.

Just like any other tranquilizer, B707 Xanax comes with some risks. By using it continuously or without prescription – or just as a side effect t – you can experience the symptoms of racing thoughts, suicidal ideations, hostility, hallucinations, convulsion, and pounding heart.

Not to mention, you have to seek emergency help if you experience one of these issues.

Addictive Properties

Addictive Properties

Source: destinationsforteens.com

Although the drug is effective in elevating mood for a short period, it may not help the user in the long run.

The medicine is counted among benzodiazepines. These drugs are addictive in nature. In simpler words, these drugs can cause the body to develop drug tolerance after extended use.

Once this tolerance is developed, you may not feel the calm that you achieved during the first few uses of this drug. To achieve this calm you may want to increase the dose.

This ability to develop tolerance in the body makes B707 Xanax prone to abuse as you may ask your doctor to keep increasing the dose because the last dose stopped working for you.

Dependence And Withdrawal

Dependence And Withdrawal

Source: addictionresource.net

Extended use of this drug may also result in developing drug dependence in the user. In other words, completely withdrawing from its use abruptly may cause health issues for the user.

In acute cases, these symptoms can be fatal. Seizure is one example of potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms.

Other than that, the user can experience sleep issues, increased tension, panic attacks, irritability, and lack of focus.

Note that you are at a higher risk of experiencing these withdrawal symptoms if you are using the drug for more than a few weeks or if your daily dose is higher than 4mg.

In both of these higher-risk cases, you should gradually discontinue the drug by using the tapering method.

In this method, your doctor will gradually reduce the prescribed volume of the drug for the next few weeks before giving you a green signal to completely discontinue it.

Moreover, your journey for drug discontinuation should be supervised by your doctor and should be facilitated with right lifestyle choices.

FDA Warnings

FDA Warnings

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

The Food and Drug Authority warns users to not use this drug in combination with opioid analgesics as well as with cough syrups that contain opioids.

If someone uses the two drugs together, he can experience extreme sleepiness, difficult breathing, coma, or even death.

Also, you have to understand your response to alprazolam before taking this drug. If you are allergic to alprazolam, you should ask for alternatives from your doctor.

Why Can We Find Fake B707 Xanax Pills In The Market?

Why Can We Find Fake B707 Xanax Pills In The Market

Source: azom.com

Unlike some over-the-counter drugs, tranquilizers arrive with a bad reputation because of their potential abuse from the users.

As they can make the user dependent on them and because of their potential side effects, these drugs are only sold on prescription.

At the same time, these pills create a feeling of calmness within the user providing them instant relief from their fears and anxieties.

This promise of relief prompts them to use it even if they fail to attain a prescription because of the mildness of their symptoms.

As a consequence, the demand for these pills can’t be contained by the rules and regulations put forward by the FDA.

And the supply is limited to only cater to the legal and legitimate demand that is defined by the health practitioners.

This mismatch between demand and supply leads to the production and sale of replicas of these drugs through illegitimate channels manifesting in fake B707 Xanax pills.

Why Should You Avoid Fake B707 Xanax Pills?

Now, you must be thinking about what’s wrong if the demand is matched by these unknown producers and suppliers.

Also, the reason that makes these fake pills dangerous may also raise questions in your mind. Xanax replicas are harmful and hazardous to health because of several reasons.

First, the overuse – or abuse – of this drug is unsafe on its own. If you cannot access the legitimate pill because you don’t have a prescription for it, there is a reason it’s not good for you.

When the pill is taken without a prescription, its side effects far outweigh the benefits you can get from it.

The biggest issue among these is addiction. The drug can addict the user within a short period. And the withdrawal effects are severe.

Secondly, the fake drug doesn’t comply with safety standards put forward by the FDA nor are they quality controlled.

You may get a higher or lower dose than what suits you in your particular health condition resulting in more intense side effects or no benefit at all.

The third reason is the most problematic and troublesome. It comes from the monetization needs of the producers.

The drug alprazolam is relatively pricier than another similar drug – Fentanyl – that gives a similar experience.

For these producers, the high attained by Fentanyl is cheaper than the one caused by alprazolam so they prefer the former while producing the fake pill.

Fentanyl And Alprazolam – A Deathly Combo

Fentanyl And Alprazolam – A Deathly Combo

Source: alpinerecoverylodge.com

Although the immediate effect of this opioid is similar to Xanax, the former is way more potent than the latter.

In fact, it is up to 100 times more potent than Xanax. This potency can lead to serious threats to the health and life of the user.

When taken individually and under medical supervision, fentanyl is a helpful drug that performs the same function as alprazolam. However, the dose of this opioid is significantly limited because of its potency.

If taken without supervision and prescription, it can lead to serious side effects. On top of that, a minor overdose of this drug can be fatal.

What’s more concerning is the use of the two tranquilizers together. We have already discussed how FDA warns against combining opioid-containing drugs with alprazolam.

This warning is given because the combination can have intense health consequences. So, if you are regularly taking alprazolam and then you mistakenly take this fentanyl-laced pill, you may experience difficulty in breathing, extreme drowsiness, coma, or even death.

If you take fentanyl with alprazolam or use the two tranquilizers consecutively, you may experience a myriad of symptoms.

You wouldn’t want to test the combo though, because this mix can potentially be fatal. If you are lucky, the symptoms will be limited to difficulty in breathing, a limp body, vomiting, skin turning blue, and convulsions.

In other words, you should take all the precautions to prevent fake B707 Xanax pills – particularly those that are laced with fentanyl – from consuming mistakenly.

But how can you be certain that the pill you have taken is the right one?

How to Tell Fake B707 Xanax Pill from Real?

Fortunately, you can differentiate between the real and fake Xanax pills if you follow the steps given below:

Only buy from registered drugstores. This is the best way to ensure that the pill you have gotten comes from the right manufacturer and is stored in the right conditions.

If you want a higher level of security and want to only purchase from a licensed pharmacy, you can search online for the license or get recommendations from your healthcare provider.

Check the package thoroughly. This is the second step of ascertaining the validity of the pill. If you think its seal is broken or if it’s tampered with or torn, know that the spill within it is suspicious.

Also check the fonts, information, manufacturer’s address, and registration number on the package. All the information should be legible and traceable to prove originality.

Once you have ascertained the originality of the package, proceed to the visual examination of the pill within it.

These pills should be similar to the ones you have used in the past. If the design is changed or it seems lighter or heavier, you shouldn’t use it. Sometimes, the counterfeit pills also come with number stamps.

If you want to make sure that a B707 Xanax pill you have already purchased is not laced with fentanyl, you can use the fentanyl test.

This common urine drug test is simple to use and an accurate indicator of the presence of fentanyl in a drug. What’s even better! It’s easily available.

So, if you want to test the pill you have acquired because of the prescription, you can add an element of surety by running this test just before using the pill.

To run this test, you need some residue from the pill in powder form. Make a solution by dissolving this powder into water.

Now, take the test strip and hold it from the blue side. You have to dip it into the solution for fifteen minutes. Make sure that the bottom line of the strip remains above the solution.

After the time-lapse, you can check the number of lines on the strip. If it has two lines, you can go ahead to use the pill because it doesn’t contain fentanyl. On the other hand, a single line depicts the lacing of fentanyl.

These lines may not appear immediately. If it happens, wait for up to 5 minutes. You may also want to use a bright light to analyze the strip for these lines.

Take Away

Blue 707 Xanax, more commonly known as B707 Xanax, is a tranquilizer that has positive effects on the nerves of the user.

Just like any other tranquilizer, it comes with some side effects and risks. Considering these risks, the users should exercise precaution when using this drug and should only use it when it’s prescribed by the physician.

Even if you are using the drug under a doctor’s prescription, you should be careful in choosing the source of this drug.

Don’t buy it from shady sellers and always inspect the package and pill to rule out the possible fakeness in it.

You wouldn’t want to consume a fake alprazolam pill because these pills come laced with fentanyl.

Although fentanyl is not a problematic drug if taken on its own in a prescribed amount, its combination with alprazolam can be fatal.

This post gives safe methods to ensure that the B707 Xanax pill you are using is real.

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