Amanda Foxon-Hill


The Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 is now publicly available and you can read it here. I have carefully reviewed every section of The Safe Cosmetics Act, H.R. 2359 and it is my firm belief that the bill is fundamentally flawed and could not go through enough revisions to gain Essential Wholesale’s support. For that reason, we oppose H.R. 2359. You can read my point by point opposition here.

Being passionate about science, I can’t help but feel sick when a brand misses the mark with their ingredient choice communication. It usually centres on the whole concept of chemical nasties and the things that the brand has decided to leave out. The fact that anyone would use this as a selling point is, to my mind at least, more about marketing, perception and bandwagon, than about science. And while that isn’t necessarily bad, my feeling is that it can only go one way and that’s check-mate. Anyway, the thing that got my attention this time was a brand called ‘Yes To Carrots’. Sounds nice, looks nice and no doubt does the job of cleansing, caring and preening my body beautifully, but when it comes to ticking my science literacy box, I have to give them a C-.

Who would have guessed that Mork from Ork would have inspired such an interpretation of the scientific study of skin absorption? While researching the topic, it is easy for the reader to be convinced that skin absorbs whatever it touches—just like the Mork & Mindy character and his habit of drinking liquids by sticking his finger in a glass. While this would certainly make wine tasting parties fascinating to observe, the suggestion that skin absorbs whatever is applied to it is an irresponsible exaggeration of the facts.

If you look to the Internet for information about beauty products, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with articles about how all-natural ingredients are superior and for your hair and skin and synthetic ingredients are sending you to an early grave. This has always bugged me because if people just thought about it, they’d soon realize that “natural” does not automatically mean “good”. Snake venom, viruses, and radiation are all natural.

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