Ashley Judd Weight Gain: The Reasons Behind Her Bulging Body and Puffy Face 2023

The internet has become flooded with questions about Ashley Judd’s weight gain. As the fans noticed a significant change in her face and body shape, they started to speculate about her weight gain. However, she remained tight-lipped about these controversies but later revealed on social media that she was on medication for siege migraine, which bloated her face and caused her to gain weight.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is a renowned American Actress and a political activist. Currently, Ashley Judd is 54 years old. She belongs to a family of artists as her mother, Naomi Judd, and sister, Wynonna Judd, was hit singers, and their duo became hit singers duo and won five Grammy Awards.

Ashley has starred in many successful movies that hit the box office, including Kuffs, Ruby in Paradise, A Time to Kill, Bug, Where the Heart Is, Divergent, Big Stone Gap, High Crimes, and A Dog’s Way Home.

Until now, Ashley has spent almost three decades in the industry and besides a great actress and political activist; she is also a humanitarian. She has been involved in women’s rights councils and organizations and supported YouthAIDS.

The senior actress is loved for all of her work, but this time, she is not in the news because of these things but because Ashley Judd gained weight.

Ashley Judd Weight Gain Controversy

Ashley Judd Weight Gain Controversy

The Ashley Judd weight gain controversy is a story that has been making headlines recently. Judd is an actress known for her slender frame for decades, but Judd’s photos taken during her mother’s memorial have sparked speculation that she may have gained weight.

On the memorial, Judd spoke some lines about her mother (country legend Naomi) as a tribute to her work in the music world and her life at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville.

But the people gathered there and also on the internet seem to be more interested in her weight gain than her words. Judd did not bother to comment on the rumors, but after so much controversy about her weight gain, she finally came to social media and posted controversies about her weight gain.

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She began by writing

“These things are essential when I wake up & learn from caring friends that my appearance has been trending on Twitter.”

She then discussed her weight gain controversy and the reasons behind it by writing

“I have been sick with siege migraines for over a year, and that migraine affects one in four households in the US.”

She further wrote

“Earlier this year, my neurologist pain specialist banned me from anything but mild walking exercise. My last siege migraine lasted a grueling four and a half months. Along with medication and the inevitable laziness that gathers around forced inertia, I have experienced some un-fun weight gain.”

Did Ashley Judd Gained Weight?

So Yes! Ashley Judd has gained weight, as her fans noted in her recent pictures and later confirmed by herself on social media too.

How Did Ashley Judd Gained Weight?

Judd’s underlying health issue became the reason for her weight gain. As her doctor suggested, she avoided exercise and workouts during her medication, which led her to increase her weight. Also, the medication and treatment caused her face to be puffy or blotted, through which her fans noted her weight gain.

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How Much Ashley Judd Gained Weight?

Although Ashley did not specify how much weight she has gained, her before and after photographs clearly show that she has gained around 20 lbs.

Ashley Judd Before & After Weight Gain

Ashley Judd Before & After Weight Gain


Ashley before and after

As a result of Judd’s weight gain, her fans noticed a significant change in her face. Before gaining weight, Ashley had an AcroYoga body with prominent jawlines and cheekbones. But now, her face seems puffy or bloated, with some increase in her overall body shape.

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Fifty-four years old Ashley Judd is a beloved actress and activist, and after her weight gain controversy, she came forward and cleared everything to her fans regarding her weight gain and told how it feels to face such things.

After her post regarding her weight gain and medical issues, her fans supported her with great wishes. Now as the actress has completed her treatment, she appears to be following a healthy exercise and yoga regimen.

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