Ari Fletcher Before Surgery, Net Worth,Age, and Boyfriend

Being perfect is more important than being natural these days. Ari Fletcher before surgery, was doing fine with her social media and KYChe hair extension brand.

However, she grabbed the media’s attention again, this time through controversial means. She got a full body makeover from Dr. Plazas from Columbia.

As you can imagine, she became subject to criticism, while some praised her. After the surgery, Ari Fletcher took to her Instagram to clarify herself.

Read further to know all about Ari Fletcher before and after surgery.

Where Does Ari Fletcher Get Her Surgery?

Ari Fletcher

Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas Coronado, a surgeon in Cali, Columbia, is widely famous for plastic surgeries, and many celebrities have been his customers.

Ari Fletcher is also one of them. She got the full body makeover from Dr. Plazas in Columbia. Dr. Plazas also has a great fan following on Instagram.

Getting full-body plastic surgery made Ari Fletcher a hot topic again, like the Kardashians recently. Now, you may be thinking, why is it a big deal that Ari Fletcher got plastic surgery? Hundreds of other people do it, too, every day.

Of course, they do. But they’re not influencers like Ariana Fletcher. Seeing the Kardashians and Ari Fletcher getting a full body makeover to get the “perfect” figure inspires thousands of other young girls to do the same.

The famous video and photo-sharing app, Instagram, has played a huge part in making the young generation believe that having big breasts and big butts is considered the “perfect” figure, which usually makes the youth insecure about their bodies.

Many female influencers we see on Instagram and other apps have done these kinds of surgeries to look good.

It’s also pertinent to mention here that if someone wants to reshape their body via surgery or any other process and it makes them happy, there’s no harm in that.

Nowadays, it has become normal, and people don’t hesitate to talk about it in regular conversations. However, there’s nothing better than nature. Remember, your natural body is perfect the way it is.

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When Did Ari Fletcher Get Her Body Makeover?

According to reports, Ari Fletcher got her surgery from Dr. Plazas Columbia in 2018, and it’s been around four years since then.

Not only the time but from where she flew to Columbia was also revealed in the receipts uploaded by a medical page on Instagram.

If we believe the claims, Ari Fletcher flew from Atlanta, Georgia, to Columbia to get the surgery at Dr. Plazas.

For reference, Dr. Plazas is famous butt lifting and tummy tuck surgeries, and many celebrities like Ari Fletcher have been their customers at one point or another.

Ari Fletcher Before Surgery & After Surgery Photos

Ari Fletcher Before Surgery & After Surgery Photos

How Did Ari Fletcher Respond To Her Surgery News? Did She Deny It?

Did she deny it? No! She never denied getting body surgery. She seemed quite proud of it. Just a year after getting surgery, in 2019, she gave her response.

One of her fans encouraged her by tweeting: “Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing it. “Buy” the body you want.”

Ari Fletcher replied: “I never said I didn’t get surgery. I said my ass is real. I’m going for new titties again once they open.”

Her reply made it clear that she couldn’t care less about people’s opinions about her, and she would do whatever she liked again and again.

Did Ari Fletcher Get A New Surgery In 2020?

Yes, she got a breast surgery in 2020. According to the reports, her breasts were uneven before the surgery, and she did it to make them even.

Moreover, she also got a successful breast lifting surgery and a permanent bra inside her chest.

She took to Instagram to tell her fans about the new surgery and called it “the most painful procedure she’d ever done.” She also got a permanent bra implant and got her tits lifted.

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Ari Fletcher’s Personal & Love Life

Ari Fletcher boyfriend

Ari Fletcher, AKA Ariana Fletcher, is about 27 years old. She was born on the 12th of July 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

She has a huge fan following of 5.8 million on her Instagram account at @therealkylesister. Ariana is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of a hair extension brand, KYChe.

According to some reports, she has been in 5 or 6 different relationships. She came into the limelight when she started dating famous rapper G Herbo, with whom she also has a son, born in 2018.

Before dating Herbo in 2015, she was in a relationship with Freeband Joey in 2012. Fletcher and Herbo dated from 2015 to 2018 for three years.

After Herbo, she got into a relationship with Gervonta Davis, a professional boxer, from 2018 to 2019. During the same time, Ari was dating an American rapper, Young M. A, and a professional basketball player, Antonio Blakeney, from 2018 to 2019.

Her current partner is also a famous rapper, Moneybagg Yo. They have been in a relationship since 2019, as per reports.

She is 5 feet 1 inch in height.

Ariana Fletcher’s Net Worth & Ethnicity

Ari Fletcher is an African-American social media sensation. She has a net worth of around $7 million as of 2023.

The primary contributors to her wealth are brand endorsements, ads, the KYChe hair extension brand, and others.

It is yet unknown whether both of her parents were African-American or not. Because her father’s name and any information are yet unknown, however, her mother’s name is Erin Fletcher.

As per the latest reports, Ari Fletcher and Dionte “Arrogant Tae” Gray are in talks with each other to collaborate on a new business venture soon.

Final Words:

While there’s no harm in getting body surgery, you must remember that once you get a taste of it, it’ll never be enough. Some things are better left untouched. These were the details of Ariana Fletcher’s body and breast surgeries. I hope you like it.

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