Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey: Diet Plan, Workout, Before & After 2023

Angel Strawbridge weight loss is an inspiration to many of us who are reluctant to try our best to shed those last stubborn pounds of fat.

Angel Strawbridge has recently made waves on the internet with her slimmed-down figure.

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We should mention that the fashion influencer didn’t have a plump body, to begin with. But she made an effort and lost up to 15kg weight which is praiseworthy.

Some people know her as the wife of Dick Strawbridge who is a former army officer as well as a TV personality.

But that definition leaves many aspects of Angel’s life in the dark. The larger-than-life influencer is known for her entrepreneurial and fashion talents.

She is also an author, internet influencer, TV personality, interior designer, and producer. Her most pronounced achievement is her reality TV show ‘Escape to the Chateau.’

It’s natural for the wife of a former army officer to be conscious of her fitness. At the same time, her role as a fashion influencer also prompts her to maintain a healthy physique.

Together, these two motivating factors led to her losing 15 kg weight within a few months. She shares the detail about her weight loss.

Let’s learn how Angel Strawbridge weight loss journey unfolded.

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Who is Angel Strawbridge?

Who is Angel Strawbridge

Angel Strawbridge started her career as a vintage collector at the age of 13. In those days, she used to buy vintage clothes and accessories with her pocket money.

Her interest in vintage art led her to open her store that dealt in similar artifacts in East London.

During her high school, she used to hold a monthly event ‘The Angels Vintage Experience’ that promoted her artifacts to interested people.

Her versatile career took a new turn when she graduated as a Chartered Accountant and she arched it into her first regular career as an image consultant.

She married Lieutenant Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge in 2015. Her husband is usually known as Dick Strawbridge.

Angel also appeared in an episode of Dragon’s Den – a BBC series that specializes in funding firms with unique ideas – in 2010 to gather investment for her venture, The Vintage Patisserie.

Her recent dose of fame came from her reality TV show that features a chateau. A chateau is a large French-style house whose primary purpose is to defend rather than become a place of residence.

For Angel and her husband, this move from their two-bed apartment in Essex into a large castle was huge.

They capture the moments of this adventure on the TV show that ran from 2016 to 2021. On the screen, we can see Angel renovating, maintaining, and upgrading the dwelling as well as navigating through life as a family of four.

There are talks of discontinuing the show as the Strawbridge family prepares to embark on a new venture.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey 2022

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

The eighth season of Escape to the Chateau was aired between 24th October and 19th December.

After that, the couple considered leaving this project behind to embark on a new thrilling adventure. During that time, Angel amped up her fitness regime to get in better shape.

Just like any plan and decision of the entrepreneur, Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss quest was deliberate and well-planned.

She followed the notorious 80/20 rule for dieting and fitness. As we can imagine, her active lifestyle put her in the most comfortable position to lose weight.

The estate manager of Chateau de La Motte-Husson, Angel has proved time and again that she doesn’t buckle under pressure. This weight loss journey was another such proof.

Angel Strawbridge Diet Plan

Angel is an advocate of the 80/20 rule of dieting. The rule allows you to enjoy your favorite meals albeit to a limited extent.

If you can’t bear to lose the flexibility of choosing your diet and this reluctance is causing you to miss out on your fitness goals, you should go for the 80/20 rule of dieting.

Basically, this rule makes you commit to healthy and nutrition-packed foods for eighty percent of your meals. For the remaining 20% meals, you can ditch the commitment and follow your heart.

We can see that this pattern is not as robust as many other dieting rules we can follow till now. As expected, it will decrease the quality of weight loss you will witness.

The rate of weight loss Angel witnessed was low during those months when she followed this rule.

But this rate didn’t harm Angel’s quest for achieving her ideal figure because of two reasons. First, by nature, she is resilient.

Secondly, she didn’t have a strict goal to achieve. She had set her eyes on losing only about 30 pounds of weight in those months.

Compared to the time she allowed for the transformation, this goal wasn’t too demanding.

If this 80/20 rule is not what you think to be the best solution for you, feel free to customize it for your benefit. For example, limit your calorie intake even for cheat meals. Or think about limiting the serving size for those 20% meals.

Angel made sure that even with the cheat days her weight loss journey remains on track by making certain food mandatory in her meal plan. The two things she never missed from her dining table were a glass of fruit juice and salad.

She consumed fruit juice with every meal. Now, you might be searching for the reason behind including a glass of juice in every meal.

It’s simple. The juice will fill up your stomach leaving less room for adding calories. At the same time, if you are using fresh fruit juice, it will have a low-calorie count from the start.

Salad acts similarly. The only difference is that, unlike juice that fills the stomach with fluid, this food component adds dietary fiber to the mix.

Angel Strawbridge Workout Plan

You might be surprised to hear that but Angel Strawbridge still needs to work out to remain fit and in shape. She needed it even with the packed schedule she had between her family and her estate management affairs.

Her workout plan spanned over five to six days a week. And she indulged in hour-long training sessions. Most of her training was cardio. She went swimming and cycling on most days.

Note that Angel spent up to an hour doing her workout. This is more than the recommended minimum of 30-minute workout plans most fitness gurus hand out to their followers. What is the reason behind this excessive workout strategy?

Angel focused more on her workouts because she wanted to cancel out the effect of her 80/20 diet rule.

The additional calories she consumed during the cheat meals had to be burned. These 1-hour workout sessions guaranteed that they are burned as quickly as possible.

And don’t forget that, in her 40+ room castle, Angel lives a busy life enjoying her family and the attention of a reality TV series. This means that she has a lot less time to sit down and gain weight than most of us do.

Angel Strawbridge Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Angel Strawbridge Before and After

Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey is an inspiration for most of us. This story is more appealing to you if you struggle with shedding those last five pounds.

It’s because the story doesn’t start with a gal that is borderline obese. On the contrary, this is from a woman who holds a lean body with a few extra pounds to shed.

Look at her photos and videos before weight loss success. You will see her as attractive and agile as she is today.

You will see a more plump figure if you compared it to her recent photos. But the difference isn’t too significant.

What Has Angel Strawbridge Said About His Weight loss?

In her show and other communications with the masses, she remains focused on her family and estate management project.

In between these themes, she also shared her struggles with her weight. Again, note that Angel wasn’t overly fat, to begin with. But she always thrived for improvement and growth.

As such, weight loss was another goal for her. She wanted to get in her best shape to improve her quality of life and also to enjoy her self-identity to the fullest.

There was no overriding demand on her appearance from her career or health angles. This makes Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss even more exciting. She did it all for herself!


Here are some interesting facts about Angel Strawbridge.

How Much Does Angel Strawbridge Weigh?

Previously, Angel weighed between 70 and 75kg. But she took her health more seriously in the recent gap between seasons of Escape to the Chateau. In 2022, Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss has earned her her ideal goal of 57kg in weight.

What is Angel Strawbridge’s Net Worth?

Angel Strawbridge started her career as an image consultant but her interest kept her pulling back into vintage artifacts and their trade. Eventually, she gave in to her passion and started her shop ‘The Vintage Patisserie.’

This interest pulled her into buying a Chateau together with her husband. This purchase and the subsequent renovation of the chateau have made Angel a millionaire with a net worth of 2 million pounds.

Has Angel Adoree been Married Before?

Angel has only married once to her husband Lieutenant Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge in 2015.

How Much Is Chateau de la Motte-Husson Worth Now?

The Strawbridge family purchased the chateau for only £28,000. But Angel has put her renovation skills into the project and has turned it into a £2 million chateau.

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