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Amanda Fuller’s Weight Gain Journey – From Endometriosis to Miracle Pregnancy

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Are you a fan of Amanda Fuller? The fiery actress, widely known for her roles as Kristin Baxter in “Last Man Standing” or Badison Murphy in “Orange Is The New Black,” is one of my favorites too! A woman of many talents, she has starred in a plethora of popular TV shows and movies. But did you know that Amanda has undergone a whirlwind of changes in her life while grappling with a medical condition that has caused her to gain weight uncontrollably? Amanda Fuller weight gain is not because she was lazy or wanted to. No, the real culprit was a pesky hormonal condition that caused her unbearable pain and inflammation.

But wait, that’s not all – Amanda’s life has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. She also had a miracle pregnancy resulting in a son with a rare blood disorder requiring frequent transfusions. It’s been a challenging journey, but Amanda has proven herself to be a fighter and a survivor, balancing her personal and professional life with aplomb.

So, if you’re curious about Amanda Fuller’s incredible story and how she’s managed to overcome the hurdles that have come her way, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, I’ll share the truth behind her weight gain, her recent achievements and challenges as an actress and a mother, and everything else that makes her a force to be reckoned with.
Let’s dive in, shall we?

Fact Value
Full name Amanda Fuller
Date of birth August 27, 1984
Place of birth Sacramento, California, USA
Occupation Actress
Spouse Matthew Bryan Feld
Children 1 son
Height 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)
Popular for Being the second actress to depict Kristin Baxter on FOX’s Last Man Standing

Amanda Fuller Weight Gain Storyamanda fuller weight gain

Amanda Fuller weight gain over the years is not because she was a lazy slob or a gluttonous hedonist. The real reason behind her weight gain is a pesky medical condition that messes up her hormones, causing her to experience a tremendous amount of pain and inflammation. This condition is called endometriosis, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

Endometriosis is a sneaky disease that affects millions of women across the globe. It occurs when the tissue that usually lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of it and sticks to other organs like the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, or bowel. It, in turn, causes many problems, including scarring, adhesions, cysts, and infertility.

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Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges


Amanda’s journey with endometriosis began in her early twenties, and it completely altered the course of her life. She was prescribed medication to manage her condition, which caused her to experience significant weight gain. In addition to this, she also had to deal with chronic illness and chronic fatigue syndrome, making it challenging for her to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Despite her efforts to shed the extra weight, she found that nothing seemed to work. This constant battle with her body left her feeling frustrated and helpless.

Emotional Test

Beyond the physical challenges, Amanda also had to face the emotional toll of her condition. She often felt insecure and ashamed of her appearance, and the adverse treatment she received from others only compounded these feelings. Amanda faced harsh criticism and judgment in the entertainment industry, where unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards prevailed. These experiences led her to struggle with depression and anxiety, as her self-esteem and body image took a hit.

The Lessons Amanda Learned

However, this challenging journey taught Amanda valuable lessons about self-love and acceptance. She recognized that beauty is not confined to a particular size or shape but is instead reflected in qualities like kindness, compassion, courage, and creativity. Despite the challenges she faced, Amanda emerged from her struggles with a newfound sense of confidence and appreciation for her body, inspiring others to embrace their unique beauty as well.

Amanda Fuller’s Miraculous Pregnancy

Amanda Fuller’s Miraculous Pregnancy


Amanda Fuller’s life has been full of surprises and challenges, and her pregnancy was no exception. She defied the odds when she conceived naturally despite being told that her endometriosis would prevent it. Knowing the risks were high, she shared her joy and fear with her fans and revealed that her pregnancy contributed to her weight gain. However, she also gained a new appreciation for life and the miracle of motherhood.

Amanda’s happiness was short-lived when she discovered that her newborn son, Hayes Blue, had a rare blood disorder called hemolytic anemia. This condition causes his red blood cells to break down faster than usual, necessitating frequent blood transfusions to keep him alive. Hemolytic anemia is a severe and life-threatening condition affecting approximately one in 1000 newborns in the United States. It can occur due to various factors such as genetic mutations, infections, medications, or immune reactions.

Amanda was quick to share this news on Instagram, asking for prayers and support for her son. She admired his strength and resilience and her gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and donors who helped him on his journey. She described him as a fighter and a blessing and said he had taught her valuable lessons about love, faith, and hope. Despite Amanda and her family’s challenges, they remain strong and determined to overcome them together.

What Does Amanda Fuller’s Weight Gain Story Teach Us?

Amanda Fuller’s story is truly remarkable! She has endured an incredible journey due to her endometriosis and her son’s rare blood disorder. Despite facing negativity and pressure about her appearance, Amanda refused to give up. She learned to embrace and appreciate her body while still achieving remarkable accomplishments as both an actress and a mother. Amanda has starred in numerous award-winning TV shows and movies, gaining an abundance of loyal fans. In addition, she experienced the miracle of motherhood despite being told it would never happen due to her medical condition. Her son, Hayes Blue, is not only adorable but also incredibly courageous and inspiring. Amanda’s resilience and positivity serve as a shining example for everyone, regardless of their struggles or insecurities. She is truly an inspiration to us all!

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