Action Bronson Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Over 125 Lbs?

Action Bronson, also known as Ariyan Arslani, achieved a remarkable weight loss of around 125 pounds, defying the prevailing trend of weight gain during the lockdown period.

Renowned as a rapper, chef, and TV host, his journey towards wellness is an inspiring tale of determination and perseverance.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ariyan Arslani
Age 39 Years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession American rapper, Songwriter, Chef, Wrestler, and Television presenter
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth December 2, 1983
Place of Birth Queens, New York, United States
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Valeria
Children 3
Height  5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 114 Kg (242 Lbs)
Net Worth $20 Million

What Was The Secret Behind Action Bronson’s Weight Loss?

What Was The Secret Behind Action Bronson’s Weight Loss
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The pivotal catalyst for Action Bronson’s weight loss was the birth of his son. This event spurred him to make substantial changes in his life, marking it as one of his most significant accomplishments. With unwavering determination, he embarked on a transformative path that would redefine his health and well-being.

His daily routine underwent a profound overhaul. Rising at 4 am, he kickstarted his day with a protein shake, setting the tone for his transformative journey. Advocating for clean eating, he emphasized the vitality of adhering to a nutritious and unprocessed diet.

Action Bronson’s diet featured an abundance of vegetables, particularly protein-rich ones like broccoli. His consistent breakfast comprised two eggs and three egg whites, accompanied by sprouted rye bread and avocado. This regimen exemplified his commitment to mindful consumption and balanced nutrition.

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How Did Action Bronson Break Free from Unhealthy Habits?

The catalyst behind Action Bronson’s lean physique was a departure from his ingrained poor eating habits since childhood. Encouraged by the birth of his child, he bid farewell to unhealthy eating practices, eschewing fast food and processed options.

Action Bronson’s Workout Regimen


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Maintaining a daily caloric intake of approximately 2000 calories, he abstained from alcohol, opting for revitalizing fruit juices. His rigorous workout routine, guided by his trainer Josh Wolf, included 45-minute weightlifting sessions and an equivalent duration of cardio workouts.

Through these conscious efforts, he has not only shed weight but also emerged as an inspiring example of perseverance and the power of personal growth.

Who is Action Bronson?


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@Ariyan Arslani, known professionally as Action Bronson, is a versatile American artist born on December 2, 1983. Beyond his prowess as a rapper and songwriter, he has made a name as a chef, wrestler, and television presenter.

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Action Bronson’s Musical Journey and Achievements


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Hailing from Queens, New York, Action Bronson launched his musical journey in January 2011, introducing the mixtape “Bon Appetit ….. Bitch!!!!!” to the world. His diverse career spans independent debut albums, major-label contracts, and self-released mixtapes, showcasing his creative exploration.

Beyond music, Action Bronson extended his dynamic persona to the small screen, hosting captivating talk and variety series. His travel program, “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” highlighted culinary adventures with renowned chefs. In September 2017, he diversified by publishing his inaugural cookbook, “Fuck, That’s Delicious.”

How Old is Action Bronson?

Presently, Action Bronson stands at 39 years old, marking a significant juncture in his life and career. Born on December 2, 1983, he has navigated a diverse artistic journey that encompasses his roles as a rapper, songwriter, chef, wrestler, and television presenter.

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Action Bronson’s Weight Transformation


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Action Bronson weighed 400 pounds at his heaviest. He has since lost over 125 pounds, now weighing around 242 pounds. Through disciplined lifestyle changes, altered eating habits, and a rigorous fitness regimen, Bronson successfully embarked on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Action Bronson Before Weight Loss Action Bronson After Weight Loss Total Loss Of
181 Kg (400 Lbs) 110 Kg (242 Lbs) 56 Kg (125 Lbs)

Action Bronson’s Financial Success

At present, Action Bronson boasts a substantial net worth of $20 million. This financial achievement reflects his multifaceted career as an American rapper, songwriter, chef, wrestler, and television presenter.

His successful musical endeavors, including album releases and major-label deals, significantly contributed to his wealth. Additionally, his television ventures, such as hosting talk/variety shows and travel programs, further bolstered his earnings.

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Action Bronson’s Wife And Family

Action Bronson's Wife And Family

Action Bronson initially revealed his connection with @Valeria in 2017. While the couple maintains a reserved stance concerning their personal affairs, Valeria, the founder of The Mothership Portal, has established a platform fostering a communal space for women to express their creativity.

Alongside this initiative, she holds the status of a licensed social worker, showcasing her dedication to empowering women and facilitating positive social change.


Q: How much Weight did Action Bronson Lose?

Ans: Action Bronson achieved a remarkable weight loss, shedding over 125 pounds.

Q: What Inspired Action Bronson’s Weight Loss Journey?

Ans: The birth of his son served as a pivotal catalyst, inspiring him to make significant lifestyle changes.

Q: What Changes did Action Bronson Make to his Daily Routine?

Ans: He overhauled his daily routine, starting his day at 4 am with a protein shake and advocating for clean eating.

Q: What is Included in Action Bronson’s Revamped Diet?

Ans: His diet features an abundance of vegetables, protein-rich foods like broccoli, and a consistent breakfast of eggs, egg whites, sprouted rye bread, and avocado.

Q: How did Action Bronson Incorporate Exercise into his Weight Loss journey?

Ans: Action Bronson embraced a rigorous workout routine, including 45-minute weightlifting sessions and cardio workouts, guided by his personal trainer, Josh Wolf.

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