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Personal Care Truth doesn’t typically talk about specific products unless we feel there is concern, and want to make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision.

Yesterday, I ran across a YouTube video of Dr. P in a Young Living deposition, which you can watch here. I found it quite interesting, especially since there is a great deal of questions on the internet in regards to Young Living Oils and what their representatives are instructing people to do with the Young Living essential oils.

Essential oils are very volatile and must be handled with care. Kayla Fioravanti wrote a couple weeks ago that was quite disturbing – Warnings dōTERRA & Young Living Won’t Tell You. Kayla starts her post by saying:

The dangerous practices of consuming essential oils and applying them undiluted on the skin have gone viral on the internet, chat rooms and via sale representatives of many dōTERRA and Young Living MLM representatives. Beware of anyone who tells you to ingest essential oils either by putting a few drops in your water or putting them into a capsule. The only cases of death, organ failure and hospitalization in the history of aromatherapy have been caused by ingesting essential oils. It is THAT dangerous.

I don’t know about you but this is reckless advice to give, especially to someone that is not familiar with essential oils and how to use them properly. As most of you know, Kayla is very knowledgeable about aromatherapy. Kayla used to be an expert on PCT and we can’t thank her enough for the time she contributed to providing truthful posts backed by scientific facts. Take the time to read Kayla’s post and let us know what you think.

Do you have questions about what you’ve heard and read? Have you run across something on the internet that concerns you in regards to essential oils? We’d love to hear from you!

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Here is the transcript of Dr. P’s deposition, since the option to embed the video has been disabled.

0:01 perhaps for you from the with talking whole
0:03 Young Living Essential Oils yes and when she first learned only
0:07 my first introduction to Young Living
0:11 I was when back and
0:15 1997 I believe
0:18 I idea a
0:21 I an educational
0:24 I seminar at Purdue University
0:28 and basic laptop the chemistry a little short course call the chemistry is
0:34 essential oils at Purdue University
0:37 and wanna the wanted to the students in that class
0:41 was he I guess Young Living
0:46 reseller and
0:49 or else customer something I don’t know but anyway
0:52 at the end of the class XII had some questions about a Jasmine sample that
0:58 she had purchased from you living
1:00 wanna meet analyzes I have never heard of him leaving
1:03 at this point so
1:06 I took the sample orchard sure I look at every I was working for reliever with
1:12 company at the time I was her senior chemist
1:14 and I took the sample back to my lab in
1:17 analyzed it and found it was loaded listen to it was basically a synthetic
1:22 Jasmine freighters
1:24 and so you know I was a part of this
1:28 list called the idea may list and
1:31 I didn’t think anything of it she just asked me did you get the results I’m
1:37 you know that this time just email list is not like Facebook
1:40 things we have like now I’m and I just say here’s the results and I didn’t even
1:45 say
1:46 really any comments other than here’s the results
1:49 and that you know DPG is the synthetic
1:53 the solvent do you want that’s it used one
1:57 fragrances which was the main component in that particular product
2:02 was the East stockbroking like all and
2:07 as a result of that I
2:10 Young Living then threatened
2:13 to sue a me and labor both
2:17 for I’ll exactly
2:20 for pursue maybe some kernel
2:23 defamation or something but they backed off because
2:29 I they I guess they talk to the president company which is times
2:34 norm sorry I’m her brown
2:37 heater Brown came to me said
2:40 are your results corrector you 100 percent sure about the results
2:44 say yeah coach no question about it he said well and basically screwed on the
2:48 were not
2:49 thing just on do a reunited need to do
2:52 the results are out there are what they are and so
2:56 he said ok the %uh they wanted us to retract and
2:59 be so we wouldn’t do it and nothing ever happened after that
3:04 and so ironically actor that happened
3:08 there was a few maybe two years later Young Living
3:13 carry-on contacted me actually do consulting work for him
3:18 and in
3:21 so I was under like went there under the assumption that
3:26 few he wanted me to console them and help them get his analytical
3:29 capabilities to a better point
3:33 it so we basically had a contract
3:37 where I would go down there for a month
3:41 come home for months go down there for months from see down there you need to
3:44 Utah
3:44 yeah and so I was there I would do
3:48 basically analytical testing work with their equipment
3:52 helping them establish methods and whatnot I am
3:57 the while I was there
4:00 about I don’t know if it was midway through our contractor and I think we
4:04 had like a six month contract or something I don’t
4:06 it’s been so long I don’t know the full details on it but I’m
4:11 somewhere in the middle of the contract I was asked to
4:16 analyze a will a a birch
4:19 sample that a supplier that
4:23 Carey wanted to do business with or was doing business with you had a good
4:27 relationship with
4:28 and it turned out that that sample
4:32 was basically synthetic metals Leslie
4:35 yeah up i’d
4:38 put together a preliminary report on this sample
4:42 basically given my opinion a bit said I think this is
4:45 basically said that this was a late and
4:50 Aydin think that anything we thought I was doing my job helping them
4:55 you know we doubt bed spires so
5:01 after a game that like the next day he called me into a conference room
5:06 with him and some high-level wraps maimed in the owner %uh Valerie a
5:13 in basically asked me to retract
5:16 everything I just said about their oil and say that it was good oil and
5:19 apologize to
5:22 well i’m new the or was it good I knew my results were correct
5:26 so I basically just got up walked out
5:30 and I went immediately
5:34 over to BYU which I was an adjunct faculty
5:39 member there at the time as well and
5:43 dug up a buncha research and research papers
5:47 United further analysis on that sample
5:50 put together this report
5:54 for gave it directly to Gary with basically
5:58 prude conclusively without a shadow of a doubt that that
6:01 sample was synthetic metals Eliza late
6:06 yes a willie sutton just a hand is
6:09 energy before so you did and we can we can make guys are great for
6:15 we can begin yeah basically
6:18 I’m that the times things in advance since then but
6:21 at the time anyway he there is a market
6:25 there still is but there’s a marker pecan muscles Leslie if it’s made
6:30 synthetically there’s a tiny little peek
6:33 in the late eluding minutes at the GC run
6:37 which if that pic is there it it’s a certainty that came from a synthetic
6:41 source
6:43 and Lloyd or i’m for that peak astute and it’s all in that report
6:47 David there’s a letter to report from a guy from by the name of Fry who
6:51 reported all this work for pepsi
6:54 and so I did the house on sample showed it that that was in there
6:59 and I and it has this report and I said
7:03 I’m done with you you know I’m
7:06 you show me that you know bringing me here was a farce basically
7:10 you just want to use my name to promote your products you don’t really want
7:15 accurate information is so
7:18 I gave in that report I said I’m going home
7:21 and I expect my contract to be paid out ball
7:24 even I wasn’t done at the time as long as that’s done
7:27 you’ll never hear from me again so they pay the money
7:32 I’ve never told him I probably about this until this day
7:35 on imma go ahead just more this 402
7:39 yes and Hobbes operate on
7:45 exhibit chooses report titled distinguish between natural birch slash
7:49 leonard
7:50 oils and synthetic metal so little its Leslie
7:54 thank you I’ll as I as I just quickly looked at her she’s handed to me
7:59 I don’t see any mention your both Young Living
8:03 war a Supplier the lot numbers on there is a B stands for our BA
8:08 a lot of them it was loosely Howard
8:11 number BA he got away now it’s be it’s a French words
8:15 the I E L the something like that
8:20 French French company I’m Emily of Emily Wright was basically curious
8:24 right hand at that time and she was a witness to this entire day
8:28 she knows exactly what happened and in that time frame
8:33 okay so so I’m seen here the last page
8:36 second-highest paid rather say that to
8:40 is the chromatogram
8:43 love the tula happy here B 612 229 as whatever me a call their species
8:51 the from per child okay on
8:54 and your testimony this is about 1999
8:58 I think that was two thousand at that point the contract started in nineteen
9:02 I’m
9:02 but it carried over into two thousand so that
9:05 may have actually been out that house is probably don’t
9:09 water okay so
9:12 if I sit by me this right your counsels and
9:15 runs out it looks like it’s I’ll $7.99
9:20 that several million in Galatta in March 2000 that sound about right
9:25 that would’ve been when that was printed out from the driving from the GC
9:29 ok okay com and
9:34 you just indicated a min ago that you
9:37 also discussed this
9:40 reports it to em right is that right I didn’t discuss it with her she saw the
9:46 whole thing go down
9:47 campus I discussed it directly with Gary I can’t remember
9:50 if ever had any discussions with family about it
9:54 but she knew what happened and I guess she was probably the one who
9:58 cut the check in major my contract was painful
10:03 so were you paid in full Dallas painful night you know i i engine on living up
10:08 to that agreement
10:09 basically as it heals I’m done I didn’t I did my part of it
10:14 to assault was going on I just ignore the party
10:18 and just feeling clear when you say you saw what was going on you’re referring
10:21 to this specific example
10:23 both this oil that was from elders
10:26 well it’s just that other I’m part of my consulting work there I thought I was
10:32 trying to help them with better sourcing
10:34 and so I would give them names those suppliers that i knooooow
10:39 that I done analysis work on their product
10:42 to try to help them find cheaper more
10:45 the better deal on products that they were buying every
10:49 I’m given my direct suppliers safe truly oil in
10:53 in Indonesia who were sold to Juliet save the time 25 bucks a kilo
10:59 but they were paying 90 bucks a kilo from our
11:02 our VA it I could get it was the same material
11:06 him but they would never take any my recommendations
11:10 silos I wouldn’t house like while I hear
11:13 in law enacted figure out this the Carey had some kind arrangement with our BA to
11:20 buy
11:20 material %uh a higher price and then maybe he was getting some had a kickback
11:25 or something I can feel you reason why they would not listen to my
11:29 recommendations because you don’t have any
11:31 evidence is that no idea this um
11:35 jurors say
11:38 are gonna miss this way do you have any kind of positive
11:41 views if anything you saw young-looking time further
11:44 I’m initially the
11:48 it was you know a sauce Nelson farm
11:52 things that I was excited about and I was
11:55 excited about the fact that it seem like they wanted
11:59 be there to help them do their quality control right
12:02 but then you know it turned into
12:06 very different scenario did you I’ll never say anything publicly
12:11 that was positive about young lady finger it so well so it was another
12:16 issue the
12:17 the would take statements that I made and
12:21 and misquote me on their products
12:24 say that I said like this the best all I’ve ever seen or some stuff like that
12:30 and it it basically
12:33 the rest they wouldn’t do it directly I don’t know think that like the rats with
12:37 they would let the reps
12:38 take it over so I could never really come back at them for misquoting me cuz
12:42 it was always one other independent reps
12:44 if they’re still out there today years miss closer
12:47 things I sell and have your ass for those be crated
12:50 myra find my do contact the rat directly asking the to take it off
12:54 so this is the Young Living independent distributor correct and your assets
12:58 should be here too
12:59 correct change colours up here I’ve never seen anything directly
13:03 on Young Living website the you know
13:07 the fall spoke with me have you seen anything that was he have a quote from
13:10 you on young women website ur
13:12 any other young with material I know
13:15 you know I wouldn’t I don’t know all their sites
13:19 and I don’t spend a lot of time looking at iso back I don’t know but other
13:22 on
13:29 and more are looking at the whole thing so don’t worry about the slaughter
13:32 %uh
13:37 annual marxist free
13:46 and you of course feel free to take your time looking at
13:49 under direct you to one page but if you look
13:53 at the third page exit 3 as a base after a while
13:58 8296 on is
14:01 it’s a I convention 2005
14:05 Young Living Essential Oils to see that and a letter from carry-on
14:09 okay is that yes just yes yessir
14:12 now is your skin the whole and yet you feel free to take the time to look at
14:16 but
14:17 I want you look at page 32
14:20 the document which is being stubborn the 327 to
14:24 recalls the way
14:34 there’s a little black inset boss there
14:38 and stages so we on the record says
14:42 Young Living Essential oils are the finest I’ve analyzed
14:45 Jerry Yang’s uncompromising attention to quality
14:49 as well as is never-ending pursuit of perfection are what make Young Living
14:52 Essential Oils so very different from many commonly available
14:56 aromatherapy products and then it’s the quote attributed
15:00 easy to I yes see it then that’s
15:03 I have no recollection same indeed you just you
15:07 that will I would have disputed yes
15:11 law because I don’t think I would have ever said anything
15:14 ordered like that is not downplay Sharia make statements like that on analytical
15:19 report students
15:23 to you dispute that at at the time you were looking young Libyans oils they
15:28 were the finest yeah
15:29 allies yes I do speech and
15:33 have you ever asked him would be the correct better take that damn
15:36 I said I’ve never seen it on a on living at it’s always been an independent
15:40 product
15:40 a rat I do contact them immediately hate how I see it last
15:44 take it down com
15:48 what would you agree did Young Living’s essential oils are different from
15:53 commonly available aromatherapy products I haven’t looked at their products a
15:57 long time so I wouldn’t and before
16:00 while the nineties I tell you they were definitely had some major major problems
16:05 there is not just that Jasmine that was said that if there is a
16:08 few other plans sera what I remember their rules
16:13 there’s there were several that problems my questions all the different G
16:17 do you think Young Living’s oils you the time you when you were there
16:20 they were better than commonly available
16:23 there now now when I was there

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