This morning, my daily news channel aired a story on Bill Nye, the Science Guy. What a fabulous way to learn about science. Here is Bill Nye’s YouTube channel. If I had a show like this when I was growing up, maybe I would have been more interested in science as a kid. As an adult, I’m extremely interested in science. The how, when, why, what, where of any and everything, not just cosmetics and personal care products, interest me.

In this day of social media, it seems much easier to run with a story coming across your news feed, as opposed to actually researching it for yourself. I believe in truth, facts and science. Even in politics, I check the sources of a story before regurgitating the information, to the people who will see my feed.

Why do you think some people would rather share a scary story or report? Is it because they don’t want to do the research for themselves? Or, could it be that they don’t know where to look? I know fear sells. Fear seems to be what brings in the TV viewers, the magazine/newspaper subscriptions and the web traffic. Would I love PCT to be the highest ranking blog with the most traffic, in regards to cosmetics and personal care products? You bet I would. Would I want to be there because I provided half-truths, misinformation, hype and fear? Never!

There are a variety of places to go to find credible, science backed information in regards to cosmetic and personal care products. In addition to sites that provide peer-reviewed studies, there are several sites that offer more information on the ingredients themselves. Personal Care Truth has compiled a hefty list, and as always, please let us know if we’ve left anyone out. Here are the tabs for all the sites we’ve included on PCT:

European Union
Natural & Organic
Other Resources
U.S. Department of Health Resources

The Personal Care Truth experts are always here to answer specific questions, so if you have one, please submit it via our contact link. If your question is for a specific expert, please make sure you address your question to him or her.

Personal Care Truth experts come from a wide array of backgrounds in the field of personal care and cosmetics. They are researchers, chemists, writers, formulators, aromatherapists, manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, trade organization leaders and business owners. These different perspectives within the beauty industry provide the best source for truthful information based on scientific fact. Read more about our experts and click through to their bios on our experts page.

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Dene Godfrey has been involved with preservatives for cosmetics since 1981, from both technical and commercial angles and has a degree in chemistry. Dene worked for one of the largest manufacturers of parabens from 1992 – 2002, and currently works for a UK company involved in the distribution of ingredients for cosmetics, health care and food. The Boots Company, 1973 – 92, Dene spent 11 years working with bronopol, although he was also involved in the initial development of Myavert C, now known as Biovert – a well-known “non-preservative”. Latterly was responsible (as Technical Manager) for the operation of the Formulation Laboratory and the Microbiology Laboratory. As Technical Manager when at Nipa Laboratories, Dene was responsible for development and sales of new preservative products, mainly into personal care. Developed the Nipaguard range of preservatives and co-patented a preservative system based on phenoxyethanol and IPBC. In 2002, Dene founded MGS MicroPure (as Technical & Sales Director) to compete with the giants of preservation, establishing the Paratexin brand name in the UK and several other markets (EU/ global). MGS MicroPure ceased trading in 2005. Since 2005, Dene has been employed by a major UK distributor of personal care ingredients, with his focus primarily on preservation systems. Dene’s articles are based solely on his personal opinions, observations and research, and are not intended to represent any official position of the part of his employer. Dene obtained a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the Open University in 1996. He also obtained the Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University in 1997. He has been an active member of the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists since 1992, and has served 4 terms on the SCS Council, and is involved with the SCS Social Committee from 1993 to date; from 2004 – 7 as Social Secretary. Dene has presented papers at many SCS meetings and was President of the SCS (2009/10)

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