• How many are just plain scared to be removed due to the obvious power this “nonprofit” currently has over our government and pending legislation? (if you’re wondering why “nonprofit” is in quotes, read The Revealing Truth of the Money Trail of EWG)

We all want to make sure the personal care products we use are safe, but do we want our government to create a paperwork nightmare that regulates down to nanoparticles when we don’t have the science (ironically from the words of Susan Roll, a founding member of CFSC) to back it? You can listen to Ms. Roll’s live statement from the Colorado hearing by clicking the link above. There may be room for improvement in FDA regulations concerning cosmetics, but The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 in it’s current form is is not the solution.

I urge you all to voice your opinion, write your representatives, sign the petition and oppose The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 in it’s current draft. If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind what’s in your skin care products, check out more articles under ingredients and science here at Personal Care Truth.

This bill will not ensure your body is safer.

It will make the price tag on your personal care and cosmetic products much higher.

It will squash small businesses paving the way in innovation and green cosmetics right out of the industry.

  • We need to be vocal, not scared. We need to tell our stories. We need to stand up to the CFSC and make sure they are not using our businesses as “numbers” to show support of this bill. You may feel the impact in your wallets if you don’t. No matter how green you consider yourself, we all use personal care products daily. This bill will impact everyone.

Perhaps this post will finally get me removed from the CFSC Compact Signers list?

As I step off my soap box, I have one last thought that has been lingering in the back of my mind for months… why is the government targeting the cosmetic industry? We have a proven track record of safety. What you apply to your body doesn’t affect your system in the same way as what you put into your body… if we’re concerned about health issues, cancer and safety, shouldn’t we be scrutinizing diet, fitness and lifestyle choices first? Things that are actually scientifically proven to affect health? We have no legislation in place to cover what we eat or our lifestyle choices… why is the target pointed at the cosmetics industry?


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