In-Cosmetics: Solar Beauty in Barcelona

In just a few weeks, I’ll be traveling to Spain for the In-Cosmetics conference in Barcelona on April 17-19. In-Cosmetics is the leading global business platform for cosmetic ingredients, and will be showcasing a diverse range of innovative ingredients and technologies in the personal care industry. Since Personal Care Truth focuses on educating our readers, I’ll be sharing what I learn at the conference through live posts on PCT during and after the conference.

This year, In-Cosmetics will be focusing on solar beauty, a topic I am particularly interested in learning more about being a surfer who has spent the greater portion of my life in the sun. I’m on a constant quest for the most safe and effective sunscreen and can’t wait to learn more about new developments in this sector of the personal care industry. We get many questions from readers about sun care and I look forward to being able to report back on the most innovative ingredients and breakthrough research being showcased at In-Cosmetics. One particular exhibit of interest is NanoWorld, which will teach about the science behind nanoparticals in sunscreens and their regulatory status around the world.

I’ll be speaking on a press panel the opening day on Reinventing Beauty: Breaking Traditional Dimensions for Growth, where we will debate the findings of the Euromonitor International’s research on the future of the beauty industry including innovation, product positioning and evolving patterns in retail and growth.

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