Synthetics – Safer For You, Safer For The Environment


Is it safe? It is a simple question to ask about an ingredient but harder to quantify. Do we mean safe for the people in the factory to make? Safe for the packers to handle in bulk? Safe to transport? Safe to formulate with? Safe to use on our skin? Safe for our bathroom surfaces? Safe for the soil? For our septic tank? Or the mainstream waterway that it will … [Read more...]

What Does Skin Do?


We see our skin everyday and we always read about it being the largest organ of the body, but what exactly does it do? It must do something if it is an organ. What is the role of skin? Here are seven important physiological roles for skin. 1. Regulation of Body Temperature (Thermoregulation). The skin helps the body maintain its desired temperature of 98.6F or 37C. It does this by dilating … [Read more...]

Truth Seekers – Young Living Deposition

Personal Care Truth doesn't typically talk about specific products unless we feel there is concern, and want to make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision. Yesterday, I ran across a YouTube video of Dr. P in a Young Living deposition, which you can watch here. I found it quite interesting, especially since there is a great deal of questions on the internet in regards to … [Read more...]

The Trouble With Making Your Own Sunscreen


Yes I have gone sunscreen crazy a little over the last week or so but it is for a good reason. It’s hot here in Australialand right now, hot, UV rich and waaaay too long between pay checks to go buy a $20 bottle of SPF 30 something for some people. That and the fact that there are a growing number of people for whom consumer SPF 30 plus sunscreen no longer cuts the mustard – too many chemicals, … [Read more...]

Why Raw Honey Lasts Forever


by Lise M. Andersen Ever wonder why the raw honey you have in your kitchen can sit in the cupboard for months on end (or even years) without going bad? It's because of GOx. GOx is short for glucose oxidase. Protein With a Punch Glucose oxidase is an enzyme that oxidizes glucose into glucolactone which converts oxygen into hydrogen peroxide in the process. What this means is: it acts … [Read more...]

Ascorbic Acid / Vitamin C


It is a sad fact of life that not many of the fancy sounding ingredients that cosmetic companies add to their formulations add much to the benefits those products have for your skin.  A good moisturiser is a pretty handy tool for dealing with dry skin, but how much of the good it does you comes from the things that the pack talks about is usually pretty minimal.  But there are a few things that do … [Read more...]

I Use Grapefruit Seed Extract As My Preservative Because It Is Natural. But Is It?

Grapefruit Seed Extract is an interesting beast and one that I became aware of in the early days of my life as a cosmetic chemist. I wasn’t aware back then in 1998 of the issue that preservation would pose for brand owners as the natural revolution (or evolution) was only just beginning to hit the mainstream but these days I can’t get through a week without someone enquiring after ‘safe and … [Read more...]

Has Manuka Honey Really Been FDA Approved?

honey on honey dipper

by Katherine Corkill Manuka Honey....Could This Be The Next Miracle Ingredient In Skincare? As my company continues to grow, over this past year the product and ingredient sales pitches are becoming an everyday occurrence it seems.  No matter the sales pitch they gave, it always appeared to be the next best thing since the Wonderbra. Manuka Honey, and they were touting how this amazing … [Read more...]

Which is Safer – Phenoxyethanol or Water?

Dropper over essential oil bottle

by Dene Godfrey I would like to start this discussion by introducing the concept of “margin of safety” (MoS). This is related to the concept of “the dose makes the poison”, but it allows a numerical value to be assigned, which places the risk in a very clear context and permits a very clear picture of the true dangers in use of an ingredient. The European Commission’s independent scientific … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Oleic Acid and Vegetable Oils


by Amanda Foxon-Hill It was during a conversation a week ago that I became aware of a potential…. let’s say ‘situation’ can occur with Oleic Acid.  Oleic acid is commonly found in vegetable oils and is a major component in each of the following oils where it may account for up to 80% of the fatty acids present: Sunflower Olive Pecan Canola Macadamia Soybean The situation is … [Read more...]