Ask the Experts – MSDS

Question: I am not sure how to interpret the information supplied on ingredient MSDS Data Sheets. Could one of the experts offer guidance on how we should be using/deciphering this information? Merilyn   Answers: What alot of people do not understand is that an MSDS is not meant for consumers and customers. Some people become concerned when they see on an MSDS that it is toxic … [Read more...]

Ask the Experts – Saponification

Question: Hi! I want to ask an expert this: Does the alkaline environment or the saponification process itself of handmade soaps destroys any benefit from additives such as essential oils, herbs, oils infused with herbs components, honey, juices etc.? I have read somewhere that squalene for example from olive oil can resist saponification or alkalinity (and maybe other "unsaponifiables" … [Read more...]

Ask the Experts – Preserving

Question: Hi. Greeting from London, UK. What an informative site, thank you. I'm male and have just got my dermatitis under control. I got interested in what caused my D and it in the skincare products that I use. I've been on a mad research frenzy finding out about the cosmetic industry. I'm a bit horrified by the number of hazardous chemicals used and the fact that my D cleared up … [Read more...]

Ask the Experts: Skin Permattivity

Question: Dene, I enjoyed you article on skin. The question I have is this: is the porosity of the skin, or maybe more correctly, is the permativity of the skin uniform across the body. I suspect that it isn't (I've had contact dermatitis from poison ivy all over my body, but never on the front of my hands, and that goes for everyone else I know) but would love to see some additional … [Read more...]

Ask the Experts: Petrochemicals

Question: Hello's not the article, it's the comments. Or rather a comment, third one down. Any additional information you  can provide regarding commercial/mainstream perfumes, how they are made, what  they are made of, what tests are done, etc. would be greatly appreciated. {3rd comment from link is below} You do realize that these "scents" are in fact toxic petrochemi­cals. Using … [Read more...]

Ask the Experts: Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate

Question: Hi, I manufacture and sell hair care and use sodium hydroxymethylglycinate and I am often up against companies that claim this ingredient is extrememly bad and should not be used as it it is a formaldahyde and your explanation is fantastic. I would like to be able to use this explanation with my staff there is 3 staff members and from this allow them to explain to stores that … [Read more...]

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Question: Hi, I have a general question relating to Vitamin E, which has been confusing to me. Do you happen to know the difference between Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Acetate? I read somewhere that Tocopherol isn’t as bad as Tocopheryl Acetate in terms of the possibility of it being contaminated with Hydroquinone. Are either of these ingredients ones to try to avoid when going … [Read more...]

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Last month, we ran a question from a Personal Care Truth reader. Several of our experts replied with their answers, and we felt it would be better to have an individual post for each one. Question: 1. Other than correcting the vast amount of misinformation regarding cosmetics, what is the agenda of PCTS - and by this I mean why do you care that people continue to safely use parabens … [Read more...]

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Questions: 1. What purpose does this natural scare "movement" have in demonizing parabens, SLS, petroleum, aluminum etc.? It is simply the almighty dollar? 2. It is my understanding that many of these ingredients are indeed cheap and that is why they are used, not because they are better for you or that there isn't a safer option. So, that's great for me - and American with a little … [Read more...]

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Question: This may just be my cold speaking, but I'd like to hear more about sugar as part of an alternative preservative system. I always thought sugar was food for microbes. Anyhow, I remain very, very, very loyal to my conventional preservatives. Jen   Answer: Sugar (and many other substances) may be used as part of an alternative preservation system. Whilst sugar is … [Read more...]