What Does Skin Do?

We see our skin everyday and we always read about it being the largest organ of the body, but what exactly does it do? It must do something if it is an organ. What is the role of skin? Here are seven important physiological roles for skin. 1. Regulation of Body Temperature (Thermoregulation). The … Read Full Article

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What Are Pores?

by Amanda Foxon-Hill In the cosmetic world we talk about Pores often whether it be to give them a deep cleanse, to avoid clogging them or to shrink them into obscurity (without resorting to Photoshop).  When I was teaching this weekend I had to stop and … Read Full Article


Tonicity’s Effects on Cells

I enjoy writing articles periodically about more serious science topics that play into developing a better understanding of cosmetics. This one is on tonicity. Tonicity refers to the affect of a solution on a cell. A solution  is a mixture of two or more … Read Full Article

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In-Cosmetics: Solar Beauty in Barcelona

In just a few weeks, I’ll be traveling to Spain for the In-Cosmetics conference in Barcelona on April 17-19. In-Cosmetics is the leading global business platform for cosmetic ingredients, and will be showcasing a diverse range of innovative ingredients and … Read Full Article

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